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  1. Please introduce yourself.. I saw your other post, in the UK you can't just turn a piece of land into a retail car site without permission. Where in the world are you from and how long have you been a car dealer, and why do you think its relevant to us in the UK ?
  2. Too add... What you should have done is bought the car yourself from your business at cost, disassociating it from your business and then sold it privately. As a business, you cannot play at car dealer, just like I cannot play at being a builder through my business.... Consumers have rights.
  3. The car came to you through your business as a payment. You then sold it in writing invoicing through your business, it is irrelevant you are a builder.... This is what's goosed you.... If the car wasn't associated to your business and you sold it privately then I'd be telling you to to tell him to jog on, but you've made a fundamental error with using your business invoice to sell it and stating its "sold as seen".. Look at it this way... If I took in a load of used cement mixers and building material as part of a deal through my business and then retailed it to a layman through my business "sold as seen" without warranty blah..... Do you think I can legally do that ?
  4. The thing is within 30 days, its up to you to prove the faults weren't present at the point of sale, the ownership lies on you.... it isn't the other way around... And you can't prove that. When you play at Car Dealer you cannot retail a vehicle to a consumer (a layman) and dissolve their consumer rights. You stated "sold as seen" on an invoice which is breaking the law. Don't dig yourself a very big hole, refund him, get him out of your life and sell it privately with no link to your business. That is "best advise".
  5. I get quite a few driven to me from Bristol and all the drivers are grey and in they're 60 & 70's.... But, I also remember when I started as a valeter i often got sent out to collect cars and pick up parts, too this day I don't know how I didn't manage to write one off..... Loved the XR2's XR2i, my boss had an original M635 CSI which I drove a few times.....
  6. Some are driven, some are transported, some are outsourced and some are in house. It all depends on the logistics.
  7. TV, did you miss.... The invoice for the car stated ‘sold as seen without guarantee or warranty’, you cannot write that on a business invoice. You cannot dissolve a consumers rights.
  8. When you purchase a used item from a business, you expect it to be fit for purpose and described honestly. Some Timing Chain's wear badly BMW's for example, there may not be a scheduled change like a belt, but wear is wear.... There's isn't a definitive answer, you could have a slight rattle on start up and it'll still last a lifetime, it could equally break and destroy the engine.... A rattling chain isn't a "fault" its a car showing some wear, that's how I see it.... Used vehicles are sold with used parts, used tyres, etc....... Just get him out of your life and stick to the building trade
  9. How could he drive it without any keys ??? Did he say £1600 for a friggin key ??
  10. This 100%. OP, (welcome to the motor trade) You sold an item acquired through your business and then sold it to a member of the public with an invoice is from your business, therefore you cannot dissolve his consumers rights. Buy it back, get him out of your life and then sell it privately.
  11. The OP post said the sill, not sure if its linked to the chassis ? It's irrelevant anyway, because the buyer paid for it to be inspected and purchased on the basis of that professional inspection.
  12. Let me get this right...... this remorseful buyer wants to reject after paying to have it professionally independently inspected by Alfa themselves ? He also wants to do this even though its past 30 days just because hes just noticed a dent ? Is this a wind up ????
  13. Rudeness bugs me, along with bad manners and discourtesy which are at the top of my list of pet hates. It takes nothing to be polite and show respect. OP joins our forum and without even a simple polite intro just sates ...."Just some advice" and the expects ...... It's as rude as the solitary email saying "last price" "give you £.." "would you take".... blah.....
  14. Just some advice back..... Your BMW is way past the manufacturers warranty. Take ownership for the repair, don't bleat, just take it to your local BMW Specialist and pay the bill for a new chain. Don't look for excuses to not take ownership.
  15. About our price indicator We've compared the seller's asking price to our Auto Trader Valuation and rated this car a High price compared to similar cars on the market. Our price labels are intended to help you understand if the car has been priced fairly so you can make an informed decision. Price rating categories Low priceMuch lower than the market price Great priceSlightly below market price Good priceClose to market price Fair priceSlightly above market price High priceAbove the market price High-priced cars may be in exceedingly good condition, or the seller may offer additional benefits like a warranty, which could be why it’s priced above market. We recommend you check the description or ask the seller for more info. Cars with no price rating Brand new or nearly new Rare or classic Listed by private sellers Priced below £1,500 Priced above £50,000 Over 15 years old Cat C/D/S/N Imported How we do the maths Every day we combine and analyse data from millions of vehicles. We use this data to work out a car's current market price, taking into account things like make, model, year, mileage, fuel type and optional extras. The following is not included in our calculations, but may affect the car's price: The car's condition The car's colour Regional supply and demand Special modifications Additional services, warranties, admin
  16. I received an email yesterday saying my double stock offer had been activated. I received an email yesterday saying my double stock offer had been activated.
  17. I know I know..... Why pay for pondlife when FB is free, and to be fair to FB, the real enquirers who can actually write their own sentences tend to be easy to deal with... That's my thoughts
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    Like Benji..... He's still here annoying everyone
  19. Thing is, I'm seriously contemplating not renewing.... Who seriously now only looks on eBay to buy a car, without even looking on AT ? Attracting Gumtree's pondlife isn't appealing to me (I want customers who can read) and follow simple instructions....... I'm gonna wait until renewal and see what happens, now if they chucked in Motors I could be tempted, but only if its dead cheap.....
  20. I'm not even getting any offers, thus my post "where's all the lasta price" brigade gone....... It's oh so quiet, sssshhhhhh shhhhhhh
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    Spooky, I’ve just looked it’s been removed...