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    He’s on CAG now....
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  3. Customers look online at the MOT history, they will want to know what they are potentially purchasing (advisories etc), they will want to see the MOT completed and preferably advisory free. Always MOT and prep the car first, when it then goes on sale it can be driven away immediately. IMO
  4. I have the BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes check by VIN sites but does anyone know if there is a Porsche site ? Cheers
  5. Personally, I don't like fake backgrounds, I think they just look false. It does look disproportionate IMO. Surely you can find a better natural location ?
  6. Give them the name of who you sold it too. Just pass the buck on If you sold it to say AJ Motors of Blah, that's all you can do. Send a copy of the sales receipt.
  7. Just state the name and address who you sold it too.
  8. Okay, very funny But if I may be pedantic........ Goats and sheep are certainly considered cattle as are anything with a HEAD. The word cattle, capital, and captain all have the Latin root of “caput” which means head or top.
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    I was speaking to the boss of the tyre centre I use the other week and he said BMW alloys are by far the worst for cracking.....
  10. I just keep referring them back to my video appraisal which fully explains my “purchasing process”. I reiterate, “As explained in the video, I only appoint people who are prepared to confirm their intent. It’s completely fair and designed to stop tyre kickers and time wasters Mr Customer.....” Genuine buyers don’t have a problem paying a refundable deposit. Mark, I’m a sheep dog, I keep pointing the cattle in the right direction...
  11. No quibble refundable deposit based on accuracy sorts out the chaff. It’s not unreasonable to ask for confirmation of intent, because no one with actual intent refuses... The only people who refuse are the wasters, because they know they’re a waster and will refuse. It’s the “Poker call the bluff scenario” Just listen to the squirming excuses not to buy or commit.
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    BMW wheels are generally poor quality, they crack too easily.....
  13. When you've done this job for years, your timewaster instinct and tolerance becomes very tuned. When you are starting / learning, you think everyone is genuine, but time after time you get worn down by people who simply lie to you, or simply are not actually wanting to buy (lookers).... When you have had this happen to you a few times along with all the other scenarios, you become very weary. The one thing that is absolutely guaranteed is that customers are liars, they will lie to you continually and are full of BS until they produce the actual ££££'s. No shows are the worst, waiting for the scumbag to arrive on the Sunday, when you've changed all your plans for them and then they don't show, they've turned their cowardly phone off.... You've done all the prep, changed your plans on the basis of someone who's just called and says i'M ON MY WAY......... You soon become very wise to this..
  14. BHM fantasising about a bit of male Roman African Christian..... whatever tweaks your twizzler, it’s all the same in the dark....
  15. How you work is your business, customers need managing though. Tell them to leave work a couple of hours early, if they want the car they will work around you. If you are happy to be flexible, then no problem.
  16. It’s been two years since I’ve had my unit now, I’m still a doorstepper at heart, that won’t change. I just have somewhere to store and meet my customers
  17. I would be a lot more flexible if I didn't have 6 & 5 year old boys and a much younger wife. I'm 51 and wanna watch them grow, there's nothing more important than spending quality time with my family. That's why I work wisely and selfishly. The idea I should change my family plans for some runt who just wants to "av a look" simply isn't going happen, especially when they haven't even bothered to read the advert, visited my website and watch the full video appraisal.
  18. I point blank refuse to appoint anyone past 4pm, I just explain the them its far too intrusional on my family life, I like to sit down and have tea with my children, play with them, read to them etc. If they wish to purchase the car, they have to collect strictly by appointment between 7-4pm.
  19. There's such a variance, I was thinking 8k maybe 8.5k for mine ?