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  1. Well mine's arrived, 2012 12 T30 Shuttle S 84ps SWB 9 Seater, 170k, local car family owned, no VAT........ No history, needs a bit of tidying but drives lovely...... I'm thinking new MOT, new Cambelt and a full service and a quick flip. Looking on AT the prices look really strong, nowhere near CAP, anyone like to have a punt at a sensible retail value ?
  2. Oh dear, I’ve just bought a T30 Shittle, can’t wait for the phone calls
  3. When selling an old banger it is going to have faults. You just have to over yourself by stating them clearly in the advert and on the PDI / purchase invoice. The customer signs and agrees the faults were present at the point of sale, they are then excluded from being covered by the CRA. In all sales scenarios protect yourself, your business and the consumer. If they’re a pain on collection, they’ll be worse post sale. Don’t sell them the car, don’t sell yourself trouble. There is nothing wrong with doing the above, but the car MUST still be roadworthy. If the car is unroadworthy it must be sold as unroadworthy and trailored away. Don’t compromise the above and never sell a car as “sold as seen”. Buy some Lawgstics PDI and invoice pads. Good luck.
  4. Yes, the wife regularly changes my cambelt...... I just need to get the timing right...
  5. The email came to me on on 1st of October. The offer starts on the 29th to the 24th Jan.
  6. I’m with you.... yes absolutely its an age experience thing for me, I don't need to be a bitch to the job, I make it work for me wisely and on my terms. The negativeness and criticism I get is from those who just don’t understand my approach simply don't understand. I’m happy to say no to people who just want to “Av a look” none of these types have read the advert let alone watched the vid. Genuine buyers get their time wasted by shite sellers all the time. I just tap into accuracy and sell on the basis of trust.... You gain buyers who wouldn’t normally travel, that’s the key to a much easier life. Deposit upfront (fully refundable) based on accuracy is perfectly reasonable for genuine buyers. Those are the customers I deal with.
  7. The thought of someone wasting my time boils my blood, I have zero tolerances for these idiots. They either confirm their intent upfront or go and waste someone else’s time.
  8. Confirmed buyers only, deposit upfront confirms your intent to buy based on accuracy.
  9. If you are running a site, and open to the public I cannot see the benefit of not offering finance. They will expect it and you will have to deal with those types of billies. The only way to know is to do it
  10. Ditto, I have a super cheap MaxiDiag Elite which clears stuff.. The guys next door to me have a Snap-on thingy which is a bit more in-depth.... but some problems still need to go to a steeler for me to be bent over....
  11. I had a FB ongoing inquiry from Mel about my Freelander, I have asked her repeatedly to call me to discuss, no call...... The last question I got before the abuse was "whats the dif between and HSE and an XS" I simply told her / him / it to do their own research.... cretins
  12. I used to get the "lasta prica" continually via eBay, but for me eBay has now died. AT works.
  13. Run it into the ground the scrap it... makes perfect sense
  14. Best month of the year so far with 14 sold, two were petrol.
  15. Serious point this... I cannot remember the last time a jolly foreigner has rung or emailed asking this for a long time...... neither am I getting "will you take £xxxx"..... are they all now on PCP's.....
  16. DISCLAIMER..... Please don't attempt to read my post / advert, just cherry pick certain parts of it and then make huge assumptions about me..... You are not a moron TG, you've got balls.