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  1. Just catching up on the podcasts and listened to the 10 month warranty one, amazing that i think as a trader is it just me that gets these people? No! so many good bits in that podcast ! The piece about deposits, david if I may, it's not really being pushy asking for a deposit, if I can offer some advice ? Asking for a deposit is reminding the customer that the car is out there with a for sale board in it and possibly also advertised ! Ask / remind the customer how they first saw it ? And that's how the next person might ! I have had daughters in tears when daddies come back 6 hour later, after " looking at some others" and seriously it wasn't nice poor lass! The sold board they thought was a joke, I had to show them the sold invoice! If they say they have only got twenty pounds in there wallet, take it for 24 hour, if they refuse,you certainly know where you stand Thanks again by the way
  2. I am just really pleased the government's not put the burden on us to ensure that customers comply, I thought it might have gone that way . Would I serve a customer wanting to spend "a few thousand quid" but refuses to wear a face covering in a enclosed public place ? Where I work ? Where other customers are / may enter ? NO !
  3. Yes, it is a enclosed public place ! Customers must wear face coverings ! Unless exempt. Outside no, inside yes. On the question of who is going to question someone if they come into a showroom? Er, you ! . Alleviate the problem by a simple sign "face coverings to be worn"
  4. No vat cut, no scrappage, no 500 pound, no real help here for me that I can see of course ! I forgot ! Got a meal deal
  5. Penny for every pound it was, I thought it still was till the judge told me otherwise
  6. Vat cut? Or give every adult £500 in there sky rocket ? ( only to be used face to face, no internet purchases).
  7. It is held by two screws, these may be hidden under plastic covers, either yellow or black in colour, then you'll see the screws, turn them to the left with a suitable instrument, usually a "screw driver" will suffice, remember, lefty for Lucy, right for tighty
  8. Talk of reducing the social distance this coming week, so all who including me, have wasted money on making / buying 2 metre gaps signage But, here, it is staying, and customers will have to abide until it is zero distance, at just over 3 foot it is too near spitting distance! I think at one metre your just saying back to normal, I think a bad move, as it is this week I have had to remind people about the gap and the worst thing is reminding people to stop touching things! Nearly run out of anti viral spray already! But we do need to get driving instructors and examiners back somehow, I do a lot of business with daddies little twinkle, and it can be a quite easy sale. Test drives ? At 1 metre are you now willing to go out with them ? Or do you put them in the back.? No way will I be going in back by the way, I like to be near the wheel for customers that can't judge where the kerb is ! Been inferred this week l may be going over cautious, reminded them it is my business, run by me, my way, if you do not want to buy at a covid secure business, erm, go away
  9. As already said, these loans have not just gone to car dealers, butcher's bakers and candlestick makers have all jumped on the bandwagon though questionable they got the full 50k as its 25 per cent of turnover, so car dealers can be feeding these people ?
  10. Neighbours ? Who would provide the warranty ? I have got in my head a mx5 with rotted out sills, smokey valve stem oil seals and a slipping clutch at £500 ? And hoping to get £2495 ?Am l wrong ?
  11. When I read that the government want " a greener future " out of the recession, then any chance of scrappage on petrol or diesel is not happening, so the word is "greener future " sorry chaps
  12. Absolutely impossible to answer, you need to break the question down into smaller sections of what you are unsure on eg security rates water etc, and to be honest hse advice is better found at hse, a lot of it is common sense (HSE).