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  1. Update, could not do lockdown this morning, cctv showed none essential business near me still working so did it this evening, they will be reported when the trading standards/council have the legislation in place. Unfair trading i call it, as well as the obvious risk to life, the competion just round corner are sat at home, he is taking there money, i was in a queue this morning at lidl, 40 minute queue, 2 metre apart, was one of his customers in that queue ? anyway, business in lockdown now .
  2. Sat listening to some smiths records there is = "meet is murder" and "there is a lad that never goes out" there is also "I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a mask to wear.” and "Stockpilers of the World Unite" my favourite is "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want from Tesco "
  3. mid management ? legal cover probably already got it with house insurance ? insurance will rocket next year, insurance companys put there money on the market, the markets crashed, as for future trading, crystal ball i have not, sorry.
  4. a floor mat with a hole in it [ arnold clark!] and a dead battery
  5. only you can answer that can you remember going to work this morning ?
  6. Visit there website and it just keeps going back to home page, so much for taking orders ? ah ! but, i read the statement again and it says = so, they are not taking orders ?
  7. i agree, and they can furlough there staff, furlough, that's a new word we have learnt this week, i thought it was to do with horse racing [ furlong ? ] apparently, a furlong is 660 feet or 40 rods [ what drain rods ? ] or ten chains first one to answer with what is 80% of 40 rods wins a great, sought after prize ! a toilet roll
  8. This is going to be happening no matter what you are selling be it cars or houses, you could try turning it round and saying that you question the persons morals and does he realise that if you do accept the offer, then the business closes, 6? people are put on the dole, and if you did the same to the company he works for then he will be in the same dole queue ? forget that, just tell him to ................................ off, but, store his email address, even better if he enquires via ebay, store his username for future payback for when he is selling something
  9. Five days ago, i sold my last car, monday, i was days off self isolating anyway, i saw, on monday, that the pm was going to be on at 8.30, so for him to be on at that time i knew this was going to be a big one, on closing monday night, i half heartedly put my business into lockdown, leaving some handbrakes off, putting the cheapest car in front of the more expensive for safety,but not doing anything drastic, hoping for the best, thinking, like you all probably have, there may be some cheap cars out there to put to one side for a month [ now you can't even buy them ]. At just gone 8.30, my arse fell out [ sorry, that means gobsmacked ! ] realising straight away that non essential, means me ! All this week has been spent following the news, catching up on gov websites [ changing hourly so constantly refreshing] and coming on here to see other peoples plans. Fast forward to tonight, friday, and reflecting on the week, the government has worked so dam hard to keep some hope up, and money in peoples pockets, whilst still reminding us to isolate, all credit to them, they must be shattered, and of course the nhs. Tonight, a thing i did half heartedly on monday, i have wrote down a plan for a full lockdown on my business, there will be a visit tomorrow to put this plan into action, it covers security, vermin, full lock up of all tools where i can, handbrakes off, batteries off [ except the later stuff, dont want ecu's loosing the plot] and taking essential paperwork home,even draining compressor, it's like xmas, but at least with xmas, you knew when you were back in ! Have to look into maybe post redirection too, a relation was going to come and help me but latest is do not socialise, well, five days hey ? very very strange days, stay safe people
  10. Very good, covered a great deal, makes you consider if your own plans match, [ a few less million here ! ] looked in the past month, this month, how things have been changing hourly this week, and, thankyou for asking about the future, looking forward to the upcoming ones.
  11. breaking = online car dealer Cazoo announced it has ceased car deliveries temporarily after initially continuing to take cars out to buyers. Cazoo said it had set itself three guiding principles early in the COVID-19 crisis: keep employees safe and health; serve customers to the highest standards possible; and do whatever it can to stop or slow spread of the virus. “We have now reached the point where we can no longer operate as normal for the time being and meet those three guiding principles. We will continue to take orders and resume deliveries when it is safe to do so for all concerned after the lockdown is lifted,” said London-based Cazoo’s statement.
  12. i strongly recommend you watch martin lewis on catch up from last night, heres why, your handed in notice can be withdrawn, your company can pay you 80% furlough, yes i know it sounds daft, but watch what he says , employers are put at ease with this, please watch, all the best.
  13. Think if you check your lease, you are obliged to pay ! Bill currently going through parliament, will mean no business can be forced out of their premises until at least 30 June 2020, even if they miss payment(s) of rent. None payment of rent could incur daily interest charges. any business reading this MUST not withhold there rent until speaking to there landlord ! ps This is a multi billion dollar company. No excuse not to pay rent. They should have a supply of cash or borrow based on future earnings. Landlords should evict them!