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  1. As we are unclear and the press are quoting car dealerships in the same paragraph as car showrooms I have gone to the very top in government and asked the question. There will be some very red faces if it is showrooms only, and I might get asslnated, so if you never see me again, love you all.
  2. Told you, it's a new world aldi has got traffic lights ! red, no entry amber get the wheels spinning on your trolley, green go !
  3. All businesses have to limit customers from the local paper shop to IKEA, it's the new world we will have to get used to unfortunately Well anyone can walk in and buy so yes? Well the new guidance is quite clear and comprehensive, as was the old, who can open, when they can open, and how to run a business that complies with the regulations, if he does not know this or studied the latest guidance should he be running the company?
  4. Auctions are open 15th June, with all the obvious restrictions, discouraging touching stock (no bonnet lifting no door opening ?) Amount of people allowed in dependant on floor space minus the floor space a vehicle takes up, no doubt the cafe will be takeaway only, marshalls to stop rule breaking and control in/out customers, so have fun balancing a pot of tea in one hand keeping 2 metres from jo public, not being allowed to look under bonnet but there is one good thing with the distancing, you can see who is bidding against you ? That's if you can get in to begin with "SORRY MATE WE ARE FULL"
  5. If the pissing press (bbc and sky news), stopped banging on about this Cummings malarkey and concentrated on the biggest news this year that small retailers up and down the country can go back and earn some money then everything would be clearer, for the general public ! Question, you can open a car showroom yes? But if you are a car dealer you cannot go in ?
  6. Yes and no, from the purchasers point of view, would they click n collect a used car, my opinion is no, and, i believe the view of many other "used" car dealers think similar, a new car yes, but a used car is a whole different ball game, as for other people not closing, they are putting every one at risk, and they are taking proper law abiding traders food from there table.
  7. and yet boris by opening garden centres and outdoor markets says your less likely to catch the virus, well er, hellow boris what about open car sites ?
  8. As i say, that is exactly as i read it ! clear as mud again ! can WE SELL CARS OR NOT BORIS ? Sorry but you're wrong, click n collect was only allowed by the government guidance at car dealers from 13 may on..........not before .
  9. well i love him anyway a true character, getting few and far between nowadays
  10. nope, sorry, i hate to be the stickler? for this, but it is car showrooms that have been given the green light, car dealerships, are classed as "shops and branches" as also are auction houses "shops and branches" none essential so 15th june, one for LAWGISTICS i beleive ! once again, clear as mud government have released a very informative piece tonight , go to bbc news and click the link to "new guidance has been published" tells you all about test drives and some very good information for car dealerships .
  11. boris at 17.10 on the government briefing = "we will set out what moving to step two means for other areas such as none essential retail and more social contact other the next week"
  12. Having read the governments "our plan to rebuild" i see it as 4th july earliest, i think a lot of people are reading into the restrictions and think it applies to them, it does not, lets look at car showrooms, particularly picked out as well as car auctions to be closed to visitors . do you actually run a car showroom ? or do you do car sales [ a none essential business ? ] car showrooms if run properly can easily abide to the rules although, as i have said earlier on in the month if you restrict the amount of customers in, and that customer spends a hour or two with you, how many actual customers can you get in a day, compared to lets say a supermarket? so, bottom line, will you make money? this bit from the governments "plan to rebuild" =● Opening non-essential retail when and where it is safe to do so, and subject to those retailers being able to follow the new COVID-19 Secure guidelines. The intention is for this to happen in phases from 1 June; the Government will issue further guidance shortly on the approach that will be taken to phasing, including which businesses will be covered in each phase and the timeframes involved. All other sectors that are currently closed, including hospitality and personal care, are not able to re-open at this point because the risk of transmission in these environments is higher. The opening of such sectors is likely to take place in phases during step three, as set out below. as you see, the word, phases, can a physical car auction follow the covid 19 guidelines ? no, can a indoor car warehouse, full of cars abide ? mmmm, make your own mind up, can a used car forecourt with doors locked and constantly being cleaned abide ? mmmm from what i understand, and do not quote me on this, they are meeting right now, and letting us know monday [thursday ? ] which can open, and which is to stay close "phasing"
  13. nice to see a mp has added his concerns in a open letter to the business secretary [ tim finn]
  14. Wow, just wow, best ever ? legend, really enjoyed that thanks james thanks tom