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  1. Police don't get Covid Only got to look in a police car , No Masks
  2. It will come to you , dont panic , just have to imagine every day is a school day I've been selling for best part or 50 yrs Salt and its always fun in my head , Customers change but their questions and expectations don't , Just learn to tell the truth and be firm , Don't let them rip your heart out , because they will have a go , no morals in the buying public , most rude set of people on earth , but you will learn the retorts that shoot them down , I do actually get off on dealing with the public though , one big competition and I don't lose Stick at it you will be fine
  3. But we don't buy seats here pal . think your on the wrong site LOL WE sell cars
  4. Yes salt the system of the green slip works twice for sure and more too . . Only thing is , you wont get any tax back if the cars in trade . Let two payments go out if you pay DD as they will switch your account off if you abuse it .
  5. NO end of , buy mr might be a scammer
  6. Same notice here , DONT BUY ASDA FUEL , ITS RUBBISH , same as Sainsbury and Morrison's fuel "rubbish " I've got a highly modified Bike and it wont get out the forecourt on Morrison's petrol , pops and farts bangs and splutters it does . Got a guy comes for service with an L200 , he does moon miles per year , so 2 maybe 3 times a year its in for service , New Fuel filter every time as its blocked , Because the firm he works for has a Morrison's fuel account . found fuel rail issues once and it was the filter . Another Hyundia i10 customer took her car to ASDA from us EML light on as it left the place , she bought it back , we checked it out turned the light off told her to fill it up with Shell or BP round the corner and it was fine afterwards never a problem since . . There will be stories the other way I know , but I wont go near them .
  7. Very generous I did work out how much it costs to fuel cars with £15 in every one , and its eye watering , its actually a wage on the number of cars we sell per month . No one appreciates it either to be honest do they , put a tenner in and they want twenty , put twenty in and they want it full up . Cant win Same with buying warranties , Just money spent in a drain in my view
  8. My weirdo sister in law had a kangoo thing , kept locking her IN the bloody car LOL couldn't get her out , I always blessed the car as was the best place for her We never did find the problem , must admit to not looking very hard though , we howled whenever it happened as the silly thing wouldn't start either lol even better , stuck in the car and cant move it either .
  9. Offering 22% of wages somehow on paye Self Employed can claim 22% of last 3 months profits to a max of £1850 i think it said . Not actually worth the paper work time this is it .
  10. Surely both you and he needs proof or this will just turn into one big I'm having two weeks off boss .
  11. Seems a little daft this time round . Work together , go to the pub till 10pm But its illegal to have my 90 yr old mum round for dinner twice a week . Work with my son and daughter but cant see them at their home . Sons building a wall so I'm the builder apparently .
  12. Think I have the same one Tony HAHA not thought of that idea
  13. Looks like we've got to wear the Bl@@dy things now too . 6 Months its just said Might have to move OUTSIDE I think . Any thoughts Ladies and Gents ?
  14. Well today has been a day of ! Duya swap cars mate ? Seriously I've had 4 enquires today wanting to swap bl@@dy cars . ! ;; Jus bort this car mate two weeks agu n dunt like the colour wudya swap it for the ST u ave . NO 2::PX to clear Smart Car , Lady asks will i swap her 73,000 mile KA because it wont pass the MOT in a week , Actually done 113,000 miles and she tried blowing me out of the water telling me she knew better . LADY ITS a NO 3::Got a Mondeo would you consider swapping for that SEAT , No My friend its 4 yrs older than the SEAT , Ok just asking cos I haven't got any money , Hahah NO 4 :: Hi Pal seen the car you have for sale , I've got 3 cars so would swap you , ME ; But your cars are a 53 plate mini , 52 Plate Astra , and an 11plate 178,000 Skoda estate , and you want the SEAT Cupra on a 16 plate , Yes Pal are you up for a deal then , NOT without a £15,295 debit card as well my friend . So that was a NO I've even looked at some sites thinking I'm part of a swap club somewhere LOL