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  1. Now now casper , tell the truth , She banned you didn't she lol. Oiy Casper OUT NOW is that how she put it Your Banned lol
  2. on a serious note though , that might be a way forward , shows duty of care doesn't it , puts customers at ease too as by the time this is over none of will trust anything will we .
  3. I started on a diet in January and it was going well , my hobby is cooking so diets kinda gone , was booze free from Jan but the Ports back out the cupboard , walking dog lots now in woods near me so i don't see anyone out " not the virus " the dogs teeth scare people shitless and they jump over hadges to escape , Peirs morgan makes me laugh as i've never watched him "out working normally at his time " But do remember STAY IN , SAVE THE NHS , SAVE LIVES worked for Boris didn't it
  4. That's useful when weddings are banned shops shut too . Be open next spring if they are lucky Have to have two Etypes now to comply with social distancing rules , bride and groom in separate cars . Interesting honey moon night at two meters
  5. Chicken No seriously well done pal , sooner we all get it done and starve this Chinese virus out the better . Its made in china so it cant last long can it
  6. Casper in my head a 308CC auto diesel isn't worth the effort of a normal valuation reply , but we buy any car have stopped giving valuations now and so has our local Evans H place so getting rid of the undesirable heaps of poop has now got to rely on the value they are actually worth . 308 HDI SE FAP convertible auto , black , two Service stamps , last serviced 37400 miles , MOT has low pads all round , rear tyres nearing legal limit , 47k on clock , declared DPF fault with anti pollution light on and in limp mode , Bearing in mind we couldn't touch the car even if I could do the deal safely then couldn't get parts to fix it till probably August at best , £20 wotrth of Disinfectant and steam to just get inside the bloody thing i'm really thinking £50 and scrap the Fing heap That's going to be a difficult time isn't it . Excuse me dear customer while we steam clean your car and disinfect it for appraisal , by the way that's £100 +vat for the privilege of cleaning your car
  7. That's the same number I had in mind casper but then again it just home a problem , How on earth can we take a PX off someone safley "we can't can we " Even if they dumped onsite , put the keys in a Dettol cloth and left it , be weeks before we could touch it . I agree with you there pal , imagine the shite after this lot , no MOT for 6 month is going to bring some proper smiles to the deals . But we didn't need to MOT it did we LOL no you didnt but it's completely bollocoxed now ist it my dear customer who wants to palm it off on someone else
  8. I personally don't get the difference between Delivery and handover if the customer arrives to collect a car . **Delivery **, you arrive with a truck/trailer and hand over at a distance , Q how does the paper work here differ from collection .how does the actual car differ from collection . Collection : Customer arrives not at the showroom but maybe the car park . Cant test drive car , cant touch paper work , uses bank transfer to pay , picks keys off the windscreen and drive off so its essentially the same as being at their House isn't it . whats 50 miles either way going to make a difference ? Is any of these systems actually essential journeys NO not in my mind anyway Even if its an essential worker its the same isn't it , HOW on gods earth can a nurse just get in a car they have bought from a stranger without knowing its biologically clean and drive it to hospital to work with patients? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have an email just now , Hi interested in your Sportage and i have a px too . I have explained that its impossible to evaluate a px at a distance or hand over a car safely at a distance . She said but i need a car as this car i'm trying to get rid of has faults and its not reliable turns out DPF antipollution lights on and in limp mode 308cc 2.0diesel auto 59 plate car 47k on clock , she only wants £3,500 it "values at 2k clean " in good times and working , just about the most undesirable heap of shite on earth in my head Told her we don't take faulty cars as PX as we cant get parts to fix it . Lets see where she takes that
  9. Haha , the wife wouldn't let have a barbie girl anyway
  10. No where to go , Nothing to see , No one to talk to , Cant even have a barbie on the garden with friends . We call it smiling at them , he raises his lip if anyone comes near my wife , they instantly retreat
  11. I wouldn't sell 24/7 a car anyway Casper if we were shut or not ,
  12. Think i went in or did I ? , Its an essential trip I check to see if we are open or not . Did i put closed on the door or not ?. Cant remember locking the door after i put a PX in front of the door now , Then did I lock the PX or not? lol Need another essential trip now in the morning to repeat the process . Might take the dog with me this time too , needs a walk he does . No body there so I cant be breaking any rules can I ? No one comes near you anyway if you walk a German Shepard , Even in normal times they cross the road when they see him
  13. How does this work then , 24/7 calls me and asks if i can deal on a car for their customer , she passed finance , deals sorted and wants to collect . They wont pay out till customer gets to site with the car as they have been doing deals were they pay out and customer goes to collect but the dealer isn't there because they are closed for the virus . Makes me wonder if we are shut or not .
  14. Could be a new business idea . Condom for the head instead of !!!!! Dont breathe Just !!!!!! wow tell I'm bored cant you I'm an 18 hr working day guy normally and this time off is driving me nuts already
  15. Could be Casper , standing outside having a hard time seeing if they are open or not