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  1. Experian auto check via Autotrader will tell you , or CAP live valuation . Both tell you when last keeper was .
  2. Hi PM us the reg and I'll ask a good friend of mine who is into Transporters to make camper vans of . He pays wild money i reckon he would have it if he isn't stocked up , I've just sold 3 for him so he may well be up for it . Don't want to step on Mr C though if its going that way , Forum politeness and all , its not for me so no worries if its going elsewhere.
  3. Write to all the other customers now and admit your a silly boy , bet they thought what the f### is he on about when your wobbling on about the floor missing Took some owning upto though I'll give you 10/10 for that
  4. Hi 100k of other peoples money would be my concern £3,000 a month for just the rent needs to be thought of as nearly double that , More advertising More costs of prep VAT element if your not already More petrol costs Then repayment of costs of the money people invested . May well be a clear case of working extra to pay other people . work your figures out very well , be honest with yourself , if your going to work harder the rewards should be higher for you .
  5. Whole V5 , even our UK MOT is useless to him as it will need an Irish version of the MOT . V5 is all that's required for Southern Ireland , we do a few a year into there and never been asked for a Conformity cert , all info he needs is on the V5 Tell him to tax it for a month if he wants to drive it away though
  6. That's me almost every bloody time
  7. Might be double sided tape , if its what we use as tape you will need a hand grenade to remove it .
  8. Tax it , put it your name , wait for new V5 to arrive back , put plate on retention , assign the car with original plate , wait for new V5 to arrive , put car back in trade Simples
  9. Bit like a restaurant meal out isn't it when they open up ,Sat In a Plastic tent or behind a screen then served by somebody who you don't if they washed their hands serving you in a mask they've had on all week, probably paying for it up front by bank transfer , then asked to leave asap when you put your fork down . Not for me sorry . Feel sorry for them I really do , But not my idea of fun
  10. Very True . people getting worried about 3ft or 6ft as to if your get the virus is daft really , turn away , not face to face , wash your hands , Test drives are still contentious in my mind , I'm getting away without test drives quite nicely . people understand . ONE Metre still doesn't let you take test drives out does it . Suppose you both mask up , gloves on , but do we really need too . With you on the new drivers and first cars , sooner the better , but we have sold the first timers cars so they can keep practising driving till they can take a test ,
  11. Talking Finance One garage i came across has changed name , took 50 k Bounce loan on two garages , so 100k, changed name and is adamant its not going to get clawed back . how these people sleep is astonishing Regards being in debt to some of the above figure is eye watering , Not my way . Young guy over the road where i live in 300k house , two range rovers on lease his and hers , both white . two kids about 12 /14 , now redundant due to the virus mess and is for sale with cars gone , one old £2,000 Mondeo on the drive , how life can change overnight . I might put an offer on the house as they have spent huge money on it recently .
  12. Plus you lost the sale too , major incompetence at VW Dealer .
  13. Reading that it would seem to answer itself to me . Would I join ? Doubt it .
  14. Charging admin fees for selective customers is not a good idea with trading standards or the FCA . Need to think of a charge for ZUTO but they do ask you or record if YOU charge admin so they can invoice that to the customer , Dodgy ground in my view selecting who you charge . like the idea of not charging IF customer takes finance with the trader as I'm sure that's dodgy really under some rule or another .
  15. Nothing wrong with a profit and that's what to say to them . No BS , i have to make a profit because the tax man expects me too , or it looks dodgy . car retails at 5 k and with the prep , new wing , and a small profit to show the tax / VAT man its got to be £4,795 and that's doing you a huge favour because that leaves me £150 profit for the handling , you cant begrudge me a drink surely . Its all in the way you explain the the deal and not the number at the end .