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  1. Yes salt the system of the green slip works twice for sure and more too . . Only thing is , you wont get any tax back if the cars in trade . Let two payments go out if you pay DD as they will switch your account off if you abuse it .
  2. NO end of , buy mr might be a scammer
  3. Same notice here , DONT BUY ASDA FUEL , ITS RUBBISH , same as Sainsbury and Morrison's fuel "rubbish " I've got a highly modified Bike and it wont get out the forecourt on Morrison's petrol , pops and farts bangs and splutters it does . Got a guy comes for service with an L200 , he does moon miles per year , so 2 maybe 3 times a year its in for service , New Fuel filter every time as its blocked , Because the firm he works for has a Morrison's fuel account . found fuel rail issues once and it was the filter . Another Hyundia i10 customer took her car to ASDA from us EML light on as it left the place , she bought it back , we checked it out turned the light off told her to fill it up with Shell or BP round the corner and it was fine afterwards never a problem since . . There will be stories the other way I know , but I wont go near them .
  4. Very generous I did work out how much it costs to fuel cars with £15 in every one , and its eye watering , its actually a wage on the number of cars we sell per month . No one appreciates it either to be honest do they , put a tenner in and they want twenty , put twenty in and they want it full up . Cant win Same with buying warranties , Just money spent in a drain in my view
  5. My weirdo sister in law had a kangoo thing , kept locking her IN the bloody car LOL couldn't get her out , I always blessed the car as was the best place for her We never did find the problem , must admit to not looking very hard though , we howled whenever it happened as the silly thing wouldn't start either lol even better , stuck in the car and cant move it either .
  6. Offering 22% of wages somehow on paye Self Employed can claim 22% of last 3 months profits to a max of £1850 i think it said . Not actually worth the paper work time this is it .
  7. Surely both you and he needs proof or this will just turn into one big I'm having two weeks off boss .
  8. Seems a little daft this time round . Work together , go to the pub till 10pm But its illegal to have my 90 yr old mum round for dinner twice a week . Work with my son and daughter but cant see them at their home . Sons building a wall so I'm the builder apparently .
  9. Think I have the same one Tony HAHA not thought of that idea
  10. Looks like we've got to wear the Bl@@dy things now too . 6 Months its just said Might have to move OUTSIDE I think . Any thoughts Ladies and Gents ?
  11. Well today has been a day of ! Duya swap cars mate ? Seriously I've had 4 enquires today wanting to swap bl@@dy cars . ! ;; Jus bort this car mate two weeks agu n dunt like the colour wudya swap it for the ST u ave . NO 2::PX to clear Smart Car , Lady asks will i swap her 73,000 mile KA because it wont pass the MOT in a week , Actually done 113,000 miles and she tried blowing me out of the water telling me she knew better . LADY ITS a NO 3::Got a Mondeo would you consider swapping for that SEAT , No My friend its 4 yrs older than the SEAT , Ok just asking cos I haven't got any money , Hahah NO 4 :: Hi Pal seen the car you have for sale , I've got 3 cars so would swap you , ME ; But your cars are a 53 plate mini , 52 Plate Astra , and an 11plate 178,000 Skoda estate , and you want the SEAT Cupra on a 16 plate , Yes Pal are you up for a deal then , NOT without a £15,295 debit card as well my friend . So that was a NO I've even looked at some sites thinking I'm part of a swap club somewhere LOL
  12. Different world now pal , your decades behind . He's no bull talker , its how it was back in the day . Harder in some respect and easier in other respects . But its always changing and always will .
  13. Another guy just rang said "ay up pal got my car going in this week for work then selling it , anyway I can wait till next wednesday to collect your car I've seen" . Transpires he wants 14k on Finance too , so I said yes my friend I'll send you the deal , BOOM he auto accepts too . sends me £1,890 online deposit and I await to meet him next week . Two in one day Just got to replace the bloody cars now though oh well soon be Monday . He was treated like that he said , covered in tattoos all over , but a really nice young lad when I met him . cant judge a book as they say .
  14. Now that was his opening comment this morning at 9.30 am What do you have you need valuing then i ask . Its a VXR Mate , mi mates wanting to buy it off me but want to know what he's got to pay me for it , fair like money so thought id ask a trader , mmmmm So your looking at buying a car I'm selling then was my approach . Two traders apparently told him to take a hike and value it himself . Might buy one mate depends on deal n what I get So I said ok , got a little time with coffee in hand , took the details of the VXR and gave him a retail figure minus £200 LOL heard his mate say "ok bud I'll tek off yer at that money then " So my next question was now you've sold your car what you looking for to replace it then . Be bak later mate he said , so I thought oh well my kind deed for the day 30 mins later i receive a credit checker , High High High eligibility on all levels , this was on a 20 k car .So i rang the number back and it was the same guy with the VXR Corsa . Got the money off mi mate he goes like this motor can I put 2k deposit , so i sent him the deal BOOM auto accept and hes just left with it . Worth the effort after all .
  15. Jerry can and a syphon out the sender hatch lol or trade plates and test it works till its nearly gone
  16. Just put £20 extra on the price , then you wont come over as a rather tight Guy Then £5 extra above your £15 x 20 per month = another £1,200 added to your £3,600 = £4,800 so your even better off then x 5 years = £24,000 or 25 yrs = £120,000 .
  17. Fastest come backs you ever heard Casper . Ruthless , direct to the point with no prisoners . She is ruthless . But great at sales too , kind understanding , remembers deals and names .
  18. Just about heard all these except the flipping these for a profit , He would leave sharpish oh yes , Zero toleration for fools in my world . These idiots do not realise there are PLENTY of other customers , HEY Listen " we don't need you go away " Want to hear some of the garbage when my daughter gets one , Wrong move on their part is that one hahahahahah
  19. Seems its dependant on what BCA it is in my opinion . One says its got to have an assured report to drive it , then it turns up being driven anyway without a report . Some say its only 3 at a time to get it on a lorry , we've had three cars on three lorries last week on same day all from same BCA but one went to my house then rang me to say he was stuck in the culdesac with a full double decker transporter , who'd turn into a little close with a lorry that big . Don't be in a hurry if you do get them delivered either , what a joke , 0 to 10 days they say ,We bought 30 cars in three weeks then only 12 came inside 10 days , Had delivery charge refunded for the rest " best part of £1,200 " , still waiting for paper work for some others ,Lost service history and spare key on one , sent us £500 back then it turned up two days later . Another turned up with a whacking dent in the bonnet from the transporter , driver said not me mate , who did it then the bonnet fairy , BCA gave us £1,080 +VAT towards fixing it . Total loones at present BCA are, don't know if they are turning left or right ,
  20. They don't understand though the concept we have to earn a profit do they . I ask what would happen to their wages if their boss at work failed to make a profit I'm pretty sure they don't have a clue how it all works half the time .
  21. This young guy just arrived from over 100 miles away , no call , just turned up . rang the number on our door , " Hi I'm outside come to see the Golf you have " So we lets him in , there's the car , he wants to test drive it . Need a deal setting up first my friend I say , as hes mentioned a PX outside . 56 Plate 112,000 miles Zetec S in white , Bit Rare he goes so don't look at yer values on this one , I want decent money for it . " Wont be buying the Golf then one thinks " HPI /Experian reveals his car was born BLUE then changed to WHITE in 2010 , Its also got 14 previous owners , all odd tyres at 2mm , MATT Paint , Wrapped Bonnet , Kerbed wheels No History , says hes had 3 years but he'd had it March 2020 . What do want for it then i says 3k mate he goes I printed CAP and autotrader out for him £270 & £295 came out , so how do you value it 3k then , Cos i need that for the deposit on finance . Its not how it works though , tried explaining but he didn't actually get it , had zero concept that his car had a value based on ,condition , service history ,Provenance age and miles . He argued the fact that he wanted 3k for it based on the requirement of a deposit to get the payments down to what he could afford . Plus he had driven 100 + miles to get the golf . But you cant afford it I say based on what i can give you for the Fiesta . Its not rare , its been to friendly with to many owners , its not been serviced , its changed colour , it wants scrapping . Go sell it yourself . "Tried mate no one rang bout it " mmmmm wonder why Whats best you can do on my car then he asks now realising the reality of the valuation system . £50 i say his mate says that's what that other guy said Hes gone to sell it himself , rare cars those old school Zetec S 's , be zero tread on tyres now as he wheel spun down the road They have NO Clue nowdays at all , I remember being 11 yrs old and knowing cars had values based on condition .
  22. Oh Dear . Save your money , you will need it for a new engine soon
  23. Doesn't affect work places though does it . 7 at work but only 6 at home, bizzare rules .
  24. Just an excuse to half open and keep selling online , whos going to travel to LOOK at a car then bid online day after or later in the day .