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  1. Oh I see, the term silver top is new to me but if I get a ropey 2.0 petrol Pug/Citroen I’ll try selling ‘as is’. Without wishing to sound like Alf Garnett on a racist rant, on the odd occasion I get an African sounding voice on the phone they’re either in Brum or London (180/250 miles from me) and trying to take the piss with the most ridiculous offers. I’ve spent £50 on a kit, a couple of hours for the mechanic & I’ll £1000 the car if we ever get back to normal - it’s an automatic so will be a nice user for some old boy.
  2. Thanks all. We’ve decided to order a timing kit for next week - only about £50+VAT so when we’re in there investigating the noise we might as well just do the £50 job. These old bangers are a lot cheaper to maintain than some of the newer stuff!! The mind boggles. Why on earth do Africans like 2.0 petrol PSA products?
  3. An older 2.0 16v Citroen/Peugeot PETROL, 130bhp, an engine-speed related bearing whirring sound at the cambelt end (removed the alternator belt & the sound was unchanged). We’ll investigate further next week but my guess is cambelt pulley bearings rough so a kit change would cure it, however a suggestion was made of a noisy dephaser pulley, which I’ve only ever heard on Renaults & they used to just ’crunch’ for a few seconds. Basically is it possible for a dephaser pulley to constantly make a bearing sound? We’re spending a couple of hours a day slowly working through the leftovers in the hope of getting everything ship shape & advertised on our eventual return.
  4. +1. Give him a phone & he’ll tell you straight away if the job’s a go-er or not.
  5. BHM


    Are you a doctor?
  6. I’d set my alarm to see it live. I hope you’re right on both scores.
  7. You’re right. Besides which most of the peacock stories are a snore-fest anyway. One of my best profits ever on a single deal was a Nissan Serena camper. Those two words, Nissan + Serena, immediately tell you the story is as boring as f***. I’ll get my coat.......
  8. If you’re clearly a trader (proper adverts, other sales cars at your premises, look like you know what you are doing etc.) it won’t be an issue AS LONG AS IT’S ‘IN TRADE’, YOU'VE BEEN SMART ENOUGH TO PRE-COMPLETE THE V62 & TAKE THE CUSTOMER TO THE POST OFFICE. If you’re just starting out & you only have this one car that you’ll be selling from your front door I’d suggest you apply for the log book now. If it’s not ‘in trade’ I’d suggest you apply for the log book now regardless of your set-up. Punters don’t usually buy cars that they then have to park up for 6 to 8 weeks because they can’t tax it.
  9. Uhh? I wonder if that’s the reason that old woman ran away screaming from me the other day.
  10. That wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. The big supermarkets are absolutely ruthless, as anyone who knows a small company who’s tried to get ‘on board’ will know. Recently I was told some of the producers of the goods positioned in the shelves at the aisle ends are charged handsomely for the privilege. They’ll squeeze the pips on small suppliers until they squeal, the bargain-type shops that giveaway flyers tell their suppliers that their goods will be in the flyers & tell the same supplier they’re also paying for the privilege (+ also telling them to discount the items). I know of someone who is in the supply chain of non-food products (I’m deliberately keeping this vague). You think we’ve got it bad in the car game? Everyone wants a slice from that pie, they’re making pennies per item that’s produced in large factories & then the retailers, apart from beating them down every so often for a promotion then will stoop to almost anything to wring one penny per item out of the deal. Forget the smiley faces on the adverts, all ‘customer service is king’ B/S and the current adverts selflessly opening at additional cost to themselves to feed the nation. It’s the suppliers who take the punches in their game.
  11. I’ve been walking 5 - 7 miles most days. I’ve been thinking on/off of a bike for a year now but the driving standards today are piss poor & lets be honest, 50% wouldn’t give a toss if they knocked you off. They’d also be happy to drive away & leave you for dead in the gutter with your head split open on the kerbstone.