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  1. They charge £75 +VAT for any customer they send us that goes on to pay out (paid by Direct Debit) and they give us £325+ VAT for any customer we send them that pays out but the more we send them the more we earn per deal but that £75+VAT they charge us never changes regardless of the amount we do.
  2. £325 +VAT a deal and then if you do 5 or more it goes up and 10 or more it goes up again etc..
  3. Is a tough one.. customers aren't everywhere at the moment so we have signed up and have been for a while as it certainly helps keeps the stock moving BUT it is usually the stock we would shift anyway that the enquirers come in on. We do all our finance through them now though as they pay upwards of £350 on every deal and we wont be affected by the changes with rates and comms payments next year as they decide all the rates for the customer and our commission doesn't change regardless.
  4. There certain banks and lenders that can help you out i believe, its called "Murabaha" where the lender buys the product and then sells it to the customer at a price above what was originally paid.
  5. valve clearances will cause knock sensor issues especially on these K20's. Worth checking for sure
  6. Cannon 1500D - perfect all-rounder, changeable lenses if required and wifi enabled so super simple to get the photos on your phone or laptop
  7. Best of luck in your new business venture
  8. Organic customers yes I agree but customers we never would have had without them, it's a small win to pinch the deal as it certainly doesn't last very long (we tried ) and we got taken off their search and no more customers. We still sell our finance through prime lenders but stuff that falls out of them goes to Zuto to broker and we still see decent comms for those deals. Wasnt calling anyone daft so apologies if that's how it read, the beauty of the industry I guess that everyone does things differently.
  9. Baffled.. such a narrow-minded approach to sales in my eyes. Why wouldn't you want a relationship with companies that have endless amounts of pre-approved customers who are ready to buy? I'm not sure about others but we are in the market of selling cars, as much as people may not like it brokers help us to do that, quite easily and quite often at minimal cost, and yeh I'm sure they are devastated when you pull your 15 cars from the stock search
  10. They do we get paid a lump sum of comms every month for the previous months deals we have sent them. They don't give you anything if they have sent the customer to you though and sometimes charge us but the price they charge is the cheapest bit of advertising we do for a paid out deal so well pay it every time quite happily. £90 for a pre-approved customer ready to buy and all we have to do is show them around the car (if they even want to test drive) and send an invoice. Far easier than skimming the crap inquiries that come via AT, Ebay etc..
  11. We have done quite a few with them now, comms is dependent on lend amount but quite decent and the ease of it all is a bonus, send customer, send invoice .. await commission.
  12. Zuto are quite good for start up's if you fit their criteria.
  13. Morning All, Not sure if anyone has ever dipped their toe before but we had an email a few weeks back in regards to an opportunity to get the company name on a race car, the series is quite a high profile one. I guess it's hard to quantify a return of investment but i guess any exposure is good exposure ? Just wondered if anyone had done similar before and what they thought of it. Cheers
  14. There was a thread the other day about flaky customer's and people saying they will buy and then don't, but when the shoes on the other foot it's ok to agree a sale but then not go through with it if it works better for you BUT if it works better for the customer (they've found a cheaper, better spec'd car) then that's wrong ?? baffled by the thought process on this one to be honest !!