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  1. On Monday, after much haggling I accepted £4100 for an 18,000 mile Hyundai i10 Auto that I would normally have got screen price for. Traded out 2 p/ex shitters for a combined total of £400. And that is my week. And everyone please all stay safe especially when dealing customers. I spoke on the phone at length, with my cousin in Italy yesterday. The conversation left me cold. His only advice to all in the UK is, do not ignore the medical advice, it is not exagerated, and do not under any circumstance underestimate this virus. It is frightening how easily and quickly it spreads. Going home and opening a few cold ones now.
  2. I have been open today, but will close at 4.00, and I must admit, in view of whats happening, I do feel pretty stupid opening up and sitting here on my own staring at a forecourt of cars and no customers. Just the odd casual looker the past 2 weeks. No phone or email enquiries either for almost 10-12 days. (except for CG fake ones, you would think they would do the decent thing and stop sending them now. We all know their game anyway). I am sure 99.9% of peoples priorities do not involve buying a car at present, other than out of necessity. I noticed BCA Blackbushe are showing over 2500 cars and Bedford over 1500 cars for Mondays sale. These are unprecedented numbers. Wonder what the numbers will be up to by the end of week! Interestingly, there is no Covid news for any plans they may have, on their website that I could see, which I think is unusual for such a huge company. Playing their cards close to their chest. No buyer fee incentives, delivery incetives, whether they are closing at all, or going just online etc
  3. I agree its a decent gesture, but lets not forget that their hand has been forced due to the high amount of cancellations that were coming through. Even they cant be that pig headed that they let their customers all leave. However its not really Free. Carefully thought out by AT, its the same as giving a 50%discount as you will still be tied to the 30 day cancellation notice once the offer ends. Lets hope for everyone that the free offer is extended
  4. Already theres panic buying and panic selling, whether its food or stock markets. It will be people and the media that will be the architects of any chaos that follows more than the virus. And if there is world slump in the economy, it's the cash rich corporations that will benefit, buying up investments at low prices, and if I may add, that this is nothing new and has always historically been the case. Lets all hope it all fizzles out over the coming weeks/months.
  5. 30+ years in the trade may have sucked the laughter and humour out of me, but their statement and projections did make me genuinely laugh out. Its just bullshit PR for the investors. Overly ambitious and very naive. It will be interesting to read what excuses they will offer to investors in a year or 2, when it becomes apparent the financial projections are not going quite to plan.
  6. The rep is asking you to do what they will not do themselves-----ADVERTISE-----. Great branding, but won't market themselves, and this is why we dropped them in Jan 2019 after many years on and off with them. It promises a lot and delivers nothing. Just a hanful of deals a year, and if anything it does sometimes attract the type of punter who thinks all the cars have been AA checked. You know the types...unrealistic expectations. And the standard of their 'Dealer Promise' is laughable. I think most dealers own standards far exceed the AA's.
  7. That odd, because we have had the £2k limit for cheapies for about the last year. They just added it one day. No fancy package or anything here, just the standard.
  8. I took all the high price markers off AT on the 5th Dec, but I know what you mean, its not an uncommon ocurrance to have to 'adjust' the online price in a hurry, and often when the customer is still on the premises viewing the hanger price in the window, I'm sure all the boys with open forecourts will know where i'm coming from
  9. We sold one on Saturday for 3900 to passing customer. AT the wankers, reckoned it at 2800 retail.
  10. I imagine a lot of dealers (myself included) waited and then cancelled autotrader on the day double stock offer expired in January. We will soon see if the numbers of cars for sale on AT drop dramatically after this weekend which will be after the 30 notice period. Although the car numbers for sale have already dropped from around 495k to 450k during Jan. I think that a fair amount of dealers will have signed up for the 2 months of half price stock offer on 24th Jan, and may have intentions of handing in their 30 day cancellation notice once this offer expires in March. We'll see how the numbers of cars for sale looks in the last week of April, which will at least give us an indication whether everyone is voting with their feet. As you said TV, they only care about the share price and the only language they understand is pounds and pence. Unfortunately not everyone is in a position to cancel AT, as many many business have sprung up the past 10 years who's complete business model pretty much relies on advertising with AT.
  11. Spot on David. I agree with you. In fact Mr C Penny from Autotrader actually replied to me on car sales FB that the price markers are here to stay, and if you don't like or agree with them, simply leave.....So I took his advice and actually gave in my notice after 22+ years. Maybe if everyone did this they may sit up and take notice. As for the tide turning, this has definately been happening with us the past year or 2. Less and less from autotrader and more and more through google, organic searches etc. Fortunately we also have passing trade and repeat, but the passing trade is a big percentage of sales for us as there has been a site here for donkeys years which most locals know about. I beleive that this is the precise reason autotrader have introduced the price markers. Its to capture and retain all the younger generation (18-28) that they have been losing the past few years, by appealing to them and demonstrating with use of the price markers that somehow autotrader are 'The Go To Place' and are 'on their side guiding them through their car buying journey'.....All at the trades expense of course!
  12. I still remember the car to this day. 1 vicar owner from new. The drivers carpet was loose when hoovering it. Lifted it up and there was a packet of condoms squashed underneath. He clearly wasn’t going on his afternoon teatime visits unprepared.
  13. Nice intro Halfpenny and welcome. Early nineties and preparing an old Maestro to send down the block with a few other cars I had ready. Big rust hole in the sill, and running out of time to fix it properly, and had no wire/fibre glass to bridge the hole. My eyes rested on an out of date Glass's guide, which was then carefully rammed into the offending hole. Perfect fit!! Skim of p38, brush of underseal and jobs a good un!! At 3.30am the following night i suddenly woke up, remembering the glass's guide has my business name stamped on the spine of the pages....
  14. What a pathetic excuse of an invoice/estimate. This bloke is trying is trying to have your pants down. Try calling Smiths Ford to ask if they object to a second opinion as you might have a mate passing through that area. I'll bet the car isn't even at their premises and thats if they have even see it all. If they know nothing about the car, maybe email them a copy of inv. Good luck anyway.
  15. Nice spot. I’m a fucking twat. Next time I’ll make sure to check the dates.