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  1. As Umesh said, I phoned them and was told franchise only for now!, I suppose when they want more business then they may open it up to indies.
  2. The vat man is like the bookmaker, they always win.
  3. How much is "Big" NacMan?
  4. Where did you order it from please Nick.
  5. Isn't that exactly how it was prior to the current system.
  6. You need a good mobile diagnostic man, he will be able to do it no problem, don't take it to Ford.
  7. It may be speed restricted especially if it is ex council or similar.
  8. Row


    Where's the problem, You bought it !
  9. Same here for RESPONSE (YESTERDAY)
  10. About 100pm for an AT website is normal, if you want a cheaper website try Cardealer5
  11. Have a good one everyone and all the best for next year.
  12. I have tried it Michael and the weird mileage was visible to the customer on the live ad !