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  1. If you want to do it then do it, because if you wait for a good time it will never come.
  2. So will stock become cheaper?
  3. Great Mark if you can please, thanks.
  4. Hi, can anyone help with service history for a BMW 1 Series CK15 LFJ, Thanks in advance.
  5. You will spend more time fixing than selling but if that's what you want to do that's fine, but my aim is to do less fixing and more selling.
  6. Ashley at uk global as mentioned above has just worked hard for me and got me 3.6k with no no claims due to a recent incident, I can highly recommend trying him, if you do try him mention my name (Rowland) please.
  7. How much have you been quoted Mercftw?
  8. Yes I noticed WBAC are operating again but kicking them in the *****cks
  9. He's a grafter, good luck to him I say.
  10. Get your head down and get stuck in and never give up, the only way is up from here. Welcome by the way.
  11. Hi and welcome. Next year will be your best year
  12. I've been on a few auctions some stuff is cheap but then I've seen grade 1 stuff doing book or more.