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  1. Yes I noticed WBAC are operating again but kicking them in the *****cks
  2. He's a grafter, good luck to him I say.
  3. Get your head down and get stuck in and never give up, the only way is up from here. Welcome by the way.
  4. Hi and welcome. Next year will be your best year
  5. I've been on a few auctions some stuff is cheap but then I've seen grade 1 stuff doing book or more.
  6. The car wash near me has just opened, he says he has had an email from the council saying he can but no valleting and no opening the doors to do the door jorms!
  7. I agree, I think online only could be the way to go if they just get there appraisals improved, after all it's not rocket science.
  8. I've sent you a pm Nik thanks
  9. Thanks Halfpenny I will try them tomorrow.
  10. Can anyone help please, I have a customer with a 2014 BMW 5 series touring showing a "Chassis function restricted" message on the dash and I could do with a workshop in the area to check it out for me so I don't get raped by a main dealer, I'm 200 mile away so I could do with a recommended workshop near my customer in Ealing W5 4TP, Thanks.
  11. Lindsay's can't help they have to send a request to Vauxhall apparently FFS
  12. I will try to call them in the morning thanks.
  13. These are the main numbers of the unit Bosch 45 311 6246 GM 95 324 154 7 612 830 179 CMO 179D2685440
  14. Nothing on Ebay for the Antara
  15. Hi, can anyone help with the radio pin code for a 2013 Vauxhall Antara radio, the I'd card is not in the book pack, Thanks