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  1. James01


    When I used to have a facility I had to sign a personal guarantee. I guess unless your company has assets in bricks and mortar what’s to stop you just walking away when times get tough leaving the facility provider to take the hit.
  2. Some are never happy lol. I think it’s a good gesture. It helps us out when we need it and very welcome. As said before no one has a gun to your head forcing you to advertise with them.
  3. Had 2 appointments today and one had one already cancelled due to the current situation. Apart from that still getting some enquires in but am holding fire on buying stock atm unless stuff can be nicked.
  4. The advice you have been given is spot on I think. I certainly wouldn’t just roll over and hand the customers money back. At the end of the day if you put up a bit of a fight your going to be no worse off.
  5. Sill has a dent in it and wants a full refund, what are wrong with these people! If he missed it prior to sale then it’s his responsibility for not checking the car properly. stinks of buyers remorse.
  6. We have had a super year and have sold enough to cover our overheads already for this month which is always nice and hopefully get a few more away also. December will be about restocking with some good quality cars ready to go again next year. Im closing down for 2 weeks over Christmas for a well deserved ski break.
  7. Hi guys, my policy is up for renewal soon, can anyone recommend a good broker so I can compare? many thanks
  8. It’s all about keeping overheads in check. As said so many times it’s about what you keep not what you turn over. I think a lot of people who on the surface do well are being found out now the going is getting hard.
  9. I was just thinking the same thing. It’s either a big mix up or both transactions would have likely been moody. The person would not have bought the first car legitimately with his card and details and then bought a second one using stolen card unless they are extremely stupid. A local dealer to us nearly got taken for £40k on a bmw M4 with the same trick. Luckily the police recovered the car!
  10. I am a one man band and also have a 3000 sq ft unit, FYI I can squeeze in 20 at a push you will do well to fit in any more. I stock 25-28 cars and do not have any employees but I have everything on site here mechanic, tyre fitter, parts stores so I do not need a driver to help run about which is a nice position to be in. I get everything delivered through Movex as it is cheaper than paying someone to go and do it for me. That said as Rory has said I spend a lot of time taking cars to get cleaned. I polish, prep and everything else that’s involved. I will be looking to take someone on soon as it’s just not worth my time doing this now as I am getting busier and busier. It may cost me a bit more money but nothing that can’t easily be made up, it’s just trying to find the right person which is a challenge. Out of curiosity do people tend to employ older or younger people? I have had semi retired drivers in the past but are younger people who can be trained the way to go?
  11. Thanks for the help guys, hopefully should be relatively straight forward.
  12. Hi guys, after a bit of help, I am taking a vehicle in part exchange from Jersey so need to re register it as a UK vehicle. I have never had to do this before, is it an easy enough process for those who have done it before? Anything I should be aware of? thanks
  13. Why don’t you wait until you sell it and just apply for one in the new owners name? Can tax it at the same time in the post office aswell.