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  1. Mediation sounded quite short, I would have thought an hour isn't enough time. Did you have any legal representation with you at the time? Its a shame you couldn't come to a conclusion, as going to court will cost more, and if your chances don't look good, is it really worth it?
  2. to the OP, get legal advice first, and if you have a chance take a good solicitor with you during mediation. I had to do mediation (separate issue with a builder) and my solicitor was invaluable. Get proper legal advice.
  3. I use this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Glosstock-Ltd-CarPET-Hair-Remover/dp/B001CG85E4?th=1 It will take time to clean unfortunately
  4. I would also make sure the right person gets the refund.
  5. A program which is HMRC compliant is needed, or some sort of conversion software, if you use MS Excel or similar.
  6. Andy, just go with the agent and recover your goods. The Landlord or whoever cannot take them. Its a commercial building so the Landlord has to serve a notice then he can send recovery agents/bailiffs
  7. Looks good Arfur, keep up the good work
  8. Make the appointment with him, you'll soon realise if he is a time waster if the silly comments start coming. If he/she is a time waster then sack them off.
  9. I emailed our accountant about this for my other business that I run. He has said it will come into operation form April 2019 (not sure if that's just for my business or everyone). He has said that the software has to be HMRC compliant, but its not clear what that will be. He will be advising me later on this year, because there may be that an Excel spreadsheet plus some sort of conversation software that may work.
  10. Why not get a job (part time preferably) working in a dealership or an independent for a year or so and learn the ropes? See if you can 'buy' some of their PX's or buy some cheap cars, and sell on, make some contacts, learn how to prep etc?
  11. Get someone else to sort it. Don't use unreliable people, it never works out!
  12. Yeah it sounds like it. I hate people like that.. Still it turned out OK for you.
  13. Was the Cortina in 90 day blue? The Alpine is nice looking car, so was the bird, well until she got offed