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  1. Email him back saying, sorry just taken a deposit on it.
  2. i think furloughing you keep them on the payroll, goverment pays the employer the 80% they pay that to the employee, they then cant go to work for anyone else and they cant come back to work for you until the goverment allow it.
  3. Arnold clark close on wed for 3 weeks minimum just announced
  4. The investor pack reveals Cazoo will lose more than £70m in the next three years as it attempts to ramp up sales. 217k not a chance by 2025 lol
  5. 3 Car Gurus leads this morning, 2 clearly made up names not real enquires. 1 did respond, they are 250 miles away from us, wanted to know if we would deliver the car... and if we would knock £1000 the price saying that we have sold 10 from cargurus over the last month or so.
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    Fiat Panda

    We just sold a 2010 4x4, 97k £2795 existing customer lovely people turned up looked around and said we will have it. always been good news for us have pandas
  7. https://www.cap-hpi.com/ try this.
  8. Bit confused, you are not a trader you own a building company how does this person know you own a business and and why does he assume you are in the car trade ? Surely you've just sold a private car to him. although you delivering it 100 miles to him would make that suspicious to anyone if you are just a private seller ?
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    Anyone checked out their website yet, Looks ok haven't seemed to have sold many cars since its launch and vague on the history and owners of the cars. Be interesting to see how they develop.
  10. We get that phone call a lot, what time are you open until..... reads as whats the latest we can show up
  11. I mean that is literally just picking any word and putting next to another random word lol not one bit of sense
  12. We don't have much success with facebook or whatsapp, infact it just seems to be rude people who message us with no intention of buying. Example today we have a nice cheap ml350, message says whats mine worth..... no problem any chance you could bring it in for us too see it ? answer, no I cant im 200 miles away, ok well I can give you a rough value subject to agreeing a deal and viewing yours when you come to collect the car ? answer, I wouldn't travel 200 miles to collect so you will need to deliver it, thank you for your enquiry mr customers but that wont work for us. all vehicles need to be collected on site, Answer. well no deal then, whats mine worth then.... does it matter lol
  13. https://www.hursleyhillgarage.co.uk/used/rover/75/v8-connoissuer-se/bristol/avon/14579752/#top-image I Mean shockingly bad pictures its as if they are trying to be sales prevention team.
  14. Have noticed a lot of the cargurus leads are just ignorant customers. We had an email enquiry about 2 weeks ago, sent her a couple of email responses never heard back. She just turns up yesterday when we were mega busy was annoyed at having to wait 30 mins for me to be free, she said she came to look at the landrover, we said I am really sorry it was sold a few days ago. she said well I sent an email in !! I said yes I did respond to it twice you must have received it ?? oh yes I did but I have been busy and didn't respond just thought I would show up having travelled 40 miles to view the car. so she didn't respond back to our email, never rang to say she was on her way to check if the car was here and then got into a huff lol
  15. No cctv sorry But prob the funniest thing I have seen for years
  16. So did I Shocker of a day but well now it was all worth it
  17. Just had one of those middle aged couples in miserable as hell never buying a car today or soon it seems but wants to discuss every detail about every car we have. Anyway get them a brew and go to sit down for a chat, as she is about to sit on the chair for whatever reason he decided he wants that chair and pulls it closer to him and sits down.... almighty comedy timing she sits on thin air smashes to the floor and chucks the tea all over her lap. Funny enough after that they didn't fancy a chat about the car and she gave him a right ear bashing and left in a huff. cheered me up a bit and had to hold in the laughter until they left.
  18. try using the word facebook more, that might do the trick.
  19. Haha I wish we didn't, we do get them but with the new Jimny having a minimum 18 month waiting list around here we just laugh at them ask do the usual ring parkers and ask them to source you one.
  20. yes that's baffling to see sometimes you just think how on earth are you going to make any money on some stuff.
  21. we would retail that at £12,995 and it would sell within days Jimnys gold dust up here in the lakes
  22. Yes suppose you are right. volume with them and £1 profit is better than none in their eyes.
  23. Not a trick as such, but word has got around about our local Arnold clark dealer being an easy touch for offloading part exchanges with issues. They never drive them or seem to start the car or check electrics, they just look at the bodywork and ask the mileage. and because they change salesmen so often it just keeps repeating. they must lose a lot in the auctions.