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  1. This is way over the top, and if your in the trade you should realise this too! Everyone is too quick to jump on the "reject" bandwagon! If its a serious knock then the insurance company with deal with it accordingly, if its repairable then im sure the work will be done to a good standard. Give the dealership and the insurance company a chance!
  2. I agree with Arfur, the write up is fine, I would just re-photo the cars in more of a consistent way with better lighting
  3. Cheers! Ill give it a miss I think, on paper it sounded good but in reality its not the ideal T5 to move on. Thanks for the advice!
  4. I think its called fresco green? But its also £510 road tax so im not sure if that would restrict the market for it slightly? Cheers for the advice!
  5. Your photo's are really not selling the cars, you need to be more uniform with the photos you take. Have you got somewhere better to take the photos with better back drop? Photos outside units will look slightly "back street" to some prospective customers Your homepage looks very bland and not very alluring, I would certainly change the revolving banners. Have a look at other dealer websites to get some inspiration. The "about us" section on the homepage isn't really selling you either, again i would recommend visiting other dealers websites to get some inspiration and re-write it carefully. Good luck!
  6. Hi all, I mainly deal in the premium car market, but I've been offered a T5 2006 VW Transporter 2.5tdi Kombi T32 with only 69,000 miles with full dealer service history for £7,500 no vat. Needs a small amount of prep but no more the £500 I think. Looks to be a good spec with A/C, 6 seats, side windows, rear heater etc. Looking around the prices seem to be all over the place on the used market, and its not really a vehicle you can book easily. For any of you who dabble with these, would you say its worth a punt? Cheers!
  7. I used to work for Isuzu and they will initially wriggle out of it, as will most manufacturers. But Isuzu sell on their reputation and in most cases will come to some sort of agreement. All you need to do is bypass the dealer and ring Isuzu customer services direct or raise a case online at I hope this helps!
  8. Speechless....£465 over 18 months on a £3,000 car...... On another note you should not be selling the car as its not yours to sell. Your best bet is to talk to logbook loans, but whatever way you do it I expect that it will cost you money one way or another.
  9. I second this, call his bluff! I guarantee he will back off then.