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  1. Result Grant. You must be relieved. That’ll take a bit of the worry off!
  2. My landlord just text me giving his sincere thanks for my payment as usual. Not everyone has done the same apparently. I’m surprised so many can’t pay already. He said that if we remain closed next month, we’ll have to have a deal or payment holiday. Bless.
  3. ? Ha. You want to throw fruit at me?
  4. Ha. Is that not just something that’s been on continuously? I was meaning if you take something off for day, six weeks and then relist it- does it link up/carry on from previous listing? I’m sure the CG rep mumbled something about this but I’ve forgotten.
  5. I think I heard CG say 10 weeks but I could have dreamt it.
  6. Don’t know if this has been covered, and not being on AT for years/so maybe it’s been suspended (ha) -but for those that are still advertising with them and CG, is now not a good time to take off any old stock? When does it reset so that a new listing for the same car will not show previous Days in Stock number? Anyone know?
  7. Come back AD! Unfortunately, Admin won’t allow and AD wouldn’t come back anyway I suspect. . He is on the Trade 2 Trade Facebook page at least.
  8. Awesome. Thought so. I bet TV enjoyed it too.
  9. Nope. Not PAYE. Don’t qualify as most in my position don’t. So. ‘Were’ you on Dragons Den? Loved that episode if it was you. They looked scared
  10. All credit to you that. For what it’s worth, as a Ltd Company Director, I will get no help (maybe the rates grant but we’ll see). Whilst all these petitions are (mostly) noble, I doubt anything will come of them, so I wouldn’t let it get to you too much, but that’s just me. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve become all Casper all of a sudden (credit to him)
  11. Easy tiger. I only said Hi. :0p Let it go. It’s a nice bunch on here. Must be as worrying a time for you as the rest of us. Have you had to furlough staff?
  12. Nice to meet you Ling. Maybe let’s all take a breath and be nice to each other. Good to have you on board.
  13. Thanks BATB. Was she on Dragon’s Den? What a character if so. I wouldn’t argue with her or spill her drink. :0)
  14. Yeah. Many of us know Ian. He has provided his name and phone number many times. Whilst he may perhaps look for the wind up on (most) occasions and takes some getting to know- he’s a good guy I think really -much as he tries to make out he’s a c*** ;0) (#lovetv) Ling: dunno anything about you however, but don’t bite. What are you up to now? Are you in the game?
  15. Have you been watching the new series? So funny!