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  1. Yes Casper- for sure, he's telling no lies. I remember the trade from the late 70's and up to the mid to late 90's it was easy (but the old bastards used to moan about all sorts of things 'killing the game') Still was fun and there were proper characters and shenanigans I can tell you. However, stories for the private room perhaps... Speaking of charachters, anyone read the article on our friend Ling?
  2. Well done TV. I enjoyed that and related to many of the memories from the ‘easy as shelling peas’ years.
  3. can you ask this question in the private room mate or message me.
  4. For sure you could and can survive just fine without them. Loads of us have done it. Car Gurus did drop the ball indeed and screwed themselves.
  5. Need a code for a Nissan Juke. Dealers not open. Any of you fine people able to get me the code? Thanks in advance.
  6. Umesh is a good guy, and I can vouch for the fact he does not promote or spout on about Autoraper more than anyone else, on the IMDA forum or on here from what I see. I was pleased to see he’d dumped the robbers, then not pleased, then pleased, then..... :0) Hopefully he’ll see sense and cancel again. ‘Vive la revolution!’
  7. All of the local Polish/Russian/Alanian car washes are back open today I notice.
  8. Me too. First one I’ve watched. Thanks James-MB what a great guy to be able to call a friend (and how tidy is your flat(?)btw? !)
  9. Welcome back oh wise one! Hope you and Mel are well!
  10. At risk, elderly etc will not be going out I’m sure Casper. You’re much better off staying at home. I have no health issues but am still stopping home of course. For now. The less at risk will be let out first. Same with schools and certain businesses. Home delivery will be encouraged. My sister lives in Holland and this is what’s happening there. I’m afraid the at risk and elderly will be locked in for a good while I think, and even then, they and many will be nervous/very cautious about going out or starting to return to normal. Just my humble opinion.
  11. I have a live one wanting delivery (Luton). Was umming and ahhing as she’s not a key worker or anything. Gonna do it now, but via paying a recovery truck bloke. As Rory implied above-getting stopped driving it there is still a major possibility.
  12. Biggest one for me is BE NICE. Nice, normal, polite people get much further with us (buying or even when a car has issues). A buyer is as much selected by us the seller as them selecting our car. If they don’t pass the test, they won’t get anywhere and we don’t have to sell to them as much as they don’t have to buy from us. Cash is not a help to us, neither is no PX or no finance deal, so it won’t secure a better deal.
  13. Casper. You must get the award for the nicest virtual person ever! Surely we’ve earned the right to see you (even mildly) go off on one by now! ;o) Thanks for asking though. I’m fine thanks. Not sure this early retirement is quite for me. The missus has discovered we have a (small) front, rear and side garden, now that no one is being paid to look after it. I spent two six hour days sweeping and cleaning the driveway and brushing sand in the gaps. I have washed all three personal vehicles a few times already - A first for a long time since the local Albanians have gone into hibernation too. I’ve even been in the loft and garage It’s fine for now whilst there’s still a few quid in the bank/under the mattress. Ask me again in six months time however. I am glad the kids already left home- otherwise it would be much worse.
  14. Not sure I’m correct but think personal. Having said that, you don’t have to be yourself on Facebook as I say. You can set yourself up as Casper TF Ghost maybe. :0)
  15. Every time I'm just about to click ‘ignore’ -Ling says something that makes me laugh. ‘Touché’ Brilliant. I’m sure James is well and truly on the phone to the burns unit as we speak! Of course, he has the nuclear ignore button. When will he press it is the question. Did you know she was on Have I Got News For You? I’m in- a while longer....
  16. Interesting as always TV2. I wasn’t condoning any of my posts open questions, but, again playing Devil’s Advocate only: no one is talking about being open. So the trading standards comment is moot. As is the Amazon delivery with gloves and your incorrect point about the package not being touched by many (I have been inside DHL warehouses/centres etc. and believe me the contact is high and involves many people working in close quarters. A car could be delivered in the same way. Sanitised wipes, masks, gloves. Sanitised key through letterbox or a 4 metre distance kept for example. I would proffer the DAdvocate line that the Amazon delivery van is a far more likely to be a virus spreader to multi households than one car on one truck to one house. Just sayin’ as the kids say to open the debate further. Wonder what others think.
  17. I was for many years. Click Dealer set up an alias profile for the work page, so no-one knows who I am. You could do the same TV. Worst that will happen is you’ll get booted off from some groups you join. For example, if you slag off Autoraper too much ;o)
  18. Hi Cars. I wasn’t finger pointing. Just open questioning for thoughts. :0) I ordered a part for the coffee machine at home (1st world problems). It came the next day with a mini chocolate bar included. I suppose because food items are more essential? I did laugh (and ate it immediately of course)
  19. Amazon are still delivering crap (she’d tell you otherwise) to ‘Her Indoors.’ What’s essential about nail polish? Why are they allowed to deliver? One van delivering to multi households of course. Is that safer than one car on one truck?
  20. My question suggested a recovery truck delivery TV. I agree you’d probably get stopped if driving it yourself to the punter. Especially out of the area.