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  1. 11 hours ago, Casper said:

    Different times now unfortunately as the others have said tradevet is well respected here and I personally have no reason to doubt the man .. he is also semi retired like he says in the podcast . 

    Yes Casper- for sure, he's telling no lies.  

    I remember the trade from the late 70's and up to the mid to late 90's it was easy (but the old bastards used to moan about all sorts of things 'killing the game')  Still was fun and there were proper characters and shenanigans I can tell you.  However, stories for the private room perhaps...

    Speaking of charachters, anyone read the article on our friend Ling?

  2. 5 minutes ago, Dave2302 said:

    Yep, during the C19 start of shutdown, like a twat I sent my SLK's V5 off to change the Engine cc and Engine # ..........

    How fuckin stoopid was I, not heard a dickie bird, can't contact them, and now I want to use the bloody Car when the suns out I can't tax it unless I drive 120 mile round trip to main post office in Inverness and pay the fee to get a new V5, which will have the old Engine details / cc on it :(

    Or I just leave the Trade Plates on it cos I'm still road testing it looking for that mysterious intermittent fault :lol:

    To add to this, since March I bought an E Class Wagon for Mel, took the pp off her C Class, put it on the E Class when the V5 arrived, and both Cars are now all legit on the MOT and Tax and MID databases, so obviously buying and selling is deemed essential by DVLA, but lost V5 and changes to V5 is not :(

    One day in the 22nd Century some form of normality may return, Covid spread will be returning in the next few weeks, judging by the number of twats who are now arriving in NW Highlands on a daily basis, despite them not supposed to actually be here ;) All the talk of politicians and police on the telly is absolute bollocks, they are policing fuck all :(

    Bonkers, absolutely nuts the lot of it, UK officialdom couldn't organise a fuck in a brothel 


    can you ask this question in the private room mate or message me. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Bmx Bandits said:

    Wow Autotrader have an operating profit margin of 70%, they’ve given you two free months over 15 years  (while you’ve given them - circa £360,000.00 I’d imagine) and oh and some plastic steering wheel covers and you think they are fantastic?! 

    I find it hard to believe that every one of your enquirers has come purely from Autotrader. Do you not have a forecourt, website or advertise anywhere else? I’m opening up again on the 1st June and list about a quarter of my stock on Autotrader, less then 10 percent of my booked appointments have come from Autotrader. 

    I am really pleased you’ve made click and collect/delivery work that well for you and it’s not that Autotrader doesn’t work, its just that you have to be cost effective and there’s are many other ways to drive customers to your stock.

    For sure you could and can survive just fine without them. Loads of us have done it. 

    Car Gurus did drop the ball indeed and screwed themselves. 

  4. 4 hours ago, umesh said:

    Not all all guys, I saw it early on on social media and thought it was worth sharing for those who might not have spotted it :)


    The IMDA has its forum ... you'll be dissapointed to hear that AT is rarely discussed and what i've said myself is always open and up front, I don't have an agenda against AT or any other platforms. I say things as they are! 

    Wasn't promoting simply posting what their PR dept has posted.

    Cancelled - retracted- cancelled- retracted whilst the free offer during lockdown was happening and did take 3/4 reservations from AT in that time, it was a no brainer to keep the cars on there with the free advertising. 

    Umesh is a good guy, and I can vouch for the fact he does not promote or spout on about  Autoraper more than anyone else, on the IMDA forum or on here from what I see.

    I was pleased to see he’d dumped the robbers, then not pleased, then pleased, then..... :0) Hopefully he’ll see sense and cancel again.  ‘Vive la revolution!’ 

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Casper said:

    Its scary really i have health concerns inc asthma .and it does worry me 

    At risk, elderly etc will not be going out I’m sure Casper. You’re much better off staying at home. I have no health issues but am still stopping home of course. For now.  

    The less at risk will be let out first. Same with schools and certain businesses. Home delivery will be encouraged. My sister lives in Holland and this is what’s happening there. I’m afraid the at risk and elderly will be locked in for a good while I think, and even then, they and many will be nervous/very cautious about going out or starting to return to normal. 

    Just my humble opinion. 

  6. Biggest one for me is BE NICE. Nice, normal, polite people get much further with us (buying or even when a car has issues). 

    A buyer is as much selected by us the seller as them selecting our car. If they don’t pass the test, they won’t get anywhere and we don’t have to sell to them as much as they don’t have to buy from us. 

    Cash is not a help to us, neither is no PX or no finance deal, so it won’t secure a better deal. 

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  7. 51 minutes ago, Casper said:

    Just something i wondered about that was all .. how are your doing is all good ?

    Casper. You must get the award for the nicest virtual person ever! Surely we’ve earned the right to see you (even mildly) go off on one by now! ;o)

    Thanks for asking though. I’m fine thanks. Not sure this early retirement is quite for me. The missus has discovered we have a (small) front, rear and side garden, now that no one is being paid to look after it. I spent two six hour days sweeping and cleaning the driveway and brushing sand in the gaps. I have washed all three personal vehicles a few times already - A first for a long time since the local Albanians have gone into hibernation too. I’ve even been in the loft and garage  

    It’s fine for now whilst there’s still a few quid in the bank/under the mattress. Ask me again in six months time however. 

    I am glad the kids already left home- otherwise it would be much worse. 

  8. Every time I'm just about to click ‘ignore’ -Ling says something that makes me laugh. 
    ‘Touché’  Brilliant. I’m sure James is well and truly on the phone to the burns unit as we speak! 

    Of course, he has the nuclear ignore button. When will he press it is the question. 

    Did you know she was on Have I Got News For You? :D 

    I’m in- a while longer....

  9. 7 minutes ago, TangoVictor32 said:

    The catch and risk is the bit you highlighted in yellow. 

    How many people allow self test drive? Will you let your punter self drive a pricey motor? And they disappear? 

    Or they do come back and say its making a noise. You will walk up and say what noise... I can't hear it... Social distancing  can and is ignored very easily... 

    Your local environmental health / trading standards team can come and tell you to close... And issue a fine. 

    My friend... Delivery rules are simple. Knock on the door. Leave the parcel... 'howdy your delivery is on the floor. Ciao' 

    Cars is a different ball game. Hill billy 'ere mate it's making a squeaky noise' you walk up 'i can't hear it'. 

    You will ignore or be complacent to social distancing. 

    Also the virus is said to be live on surfaces for a long time. You will pass a key or touch the door handle or steering wheel and so will your punter. Whereas amazon box has probably not been touched for ages or handled with gloves. 

    I am only saying my 2pence but who am I. It's everyones individual decisions and their lives. 

    I am enjoying my time off... Go shopping at 745pm and the shops are dead. 

    I am lucky to live in an area where people are respectable and cross the road if they see you to maintain good distance. 

    Interesting as always TV2. I wasn’t condoning any of my posts open questions, but, again playing Devil’s Advocate only:  no one is talking about being open. So the trading standards comment is moot. As is the Amazon delivery with gloves and your incorrect point about the package not being touched by many (I have been inside DHL warehouses/centres etc. and believe me the contact is high and involves many people working in close quarters. 

    A car could be delivered in the same way.  Sanitised wipes, masks, gloves. Sanitised key through letterbox or a 4 metre distance kept for example. 

    I would proffer the DAdvocate line that  the Amazon delivery van is a far more likely to be a virus spreader to multi households than one car on one truck to one house. 

    Just sayin’ as the kids say to open the debate further. Wonder what others think. 

  10. 12 minutes ago, trade vet said:

    I am a Facebook virgin and not allowed to join because ‘ she who must be obeyed ‘says I am liable to offend someone which causes us to lose our house.

    I was for many years. Click Dealer set up an alias profile for the work page, so no-one knows who I am. You could do the same TV. Worst that will happen is you’ll get booted off from some groups you join. For example, if you slag off Autoraper too much ;o) 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Cars said:

    Good point. There do seem to be a few business doing non-essential deliveries. I am not saying that is right, just highlighting the intended purpose of lockdown

    Hi Cars. I wasn’t finger pointing. Just open questioning for thoughts. :0)

    I ordered a part for the coffee machine at home (1st world problems). It came the next day with a mini chocolate bar included. I suppose because food items are more essential? I did laugh (and ate it immediately of course)

  12. 4 minutes ago, trade vet said:

    Hi Noa

    I have not read the small print about gov.lock down directions.I think technically you should be allowed to make a non contact delivery.However should you get pulled by a patrol car,I think they will still give you a ticket and turn you around.Keep on going and you are in bigger trouble with a bigger fine.Then the only way to get out of the fine is to challenge it in court by which time the police might have thought up other charges.I just watched the Ford UK CEO tell James Baggott that all Ford dealers are not delivering vehicles and lock down means lock down.

    My question suggested a recovery truck delivery TV. I agree you’d probably get stopped if driving it yourself to the punter. Especially out of the area.