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  1. Doh! I did manage to get a load of extra featured listings for the (crap) gumtree side of the platform. Every little helps.
  2. Yes- they are announcing their offer by Monday at the latest apparently.
  3. Ha. Yes. For sure! Started out at 250 quid though. Spent over a grand on prep. Did sell the junk though. Nice little old days earner in the end.
  4. They got a small facelift around then. I got caught out the other week when I ordered a grille trim for a 58 plate Roomster. Turns out it was a different size to the one I needed, although it looks very similar. I've still got the wrong later new but if anyone wants one.
  5. Ha. Yeah. Loons. Bet they disinfect the post.
  6. Just got woken up from my day dream, by a (wrong number) call. "Er, Hello.....we were due to bring our car to you on Friday to have the wing repaired (there's a bodyshop behind us) of the Corona virus, we're going to cancel I'm afraid as we're very're not going to go out at all...." I chuckled and told them we weren't them and gave them the number. However, first I couldn't help myself and I heard these words come out of my mouth...'Don't be so silly. Really?
  7. Good advice. I don't disagree, however, this business has always been a risk and about taking them. I for one am certainly starting to notice this bollocks affecting things and people's attitude and confidence. For sure- we 'ain't seen nothing yet'. I'm in 'cautious/low-power mode' for sure. Might finally be some reasonably priced stock about is an upside!
  8. Perfectly fine. Well done. Yes maybe room for slight improvements as mentioned but I wouldn’t sweat it. Different location for the pics if possible, with less background clutter going on yes. There’s one typo ‘histry’. People click through to the website more than focus on the ad anyway. Well done on the whole from me.
  9. Is it not under manufacturer warranty still? They do look like they’re made of cheese, but I know nothing about them. Are they based on some other brand’s old tech?
  10. Ugh. Fair point, well made. :0(
  11. Hi James - it's your ball and we must play by your rules of course and I know most do. Please reconsider your decision and perhaps impose a suspension? This fine forum needs balance and, I for one will miss the person in question's input - whether I agreed with him or not. Quite often not, but still...
  12. You do not need Autoraper. They're not the be all and end all that they once (perhaps) were. Blockbuster video. You should have spent your evening not letting the shysters get you angry. You have zero chance of changing anything. I wish I was wrong, but I’m not. To quote AD from years ago on here: ‘Mr Customer does not want a cheap parachute’. Those that do, you do not want as your customer. So what if you have a high price marker? Use it to your advantage or better still, vote with your feet and save the dough/put it elsewhere. Or just do as suggested above and just pick and choose what you do advertise with Dick Turpin.
  13. BCS. I admire your passion, but you’re much better off putting your energy into your business. Bollocks to Autoraper. You’ll survive without the robbers- just like plenty of us have already. Put your passion, energy, and focus and (some) of your budget into other platforms and, importantly, SEO work, Facebook etc. Look at diversification so you have a few bases covered stock wise. You can’t argue with a fool, and AT are the biggest morons out there- but they are laughing all the way to the bank of course. This will continue whilst so many keep supporting the bastards without being able to rip off the Band Aid. Lastly, as above: AT do not consider you/us as their customers. There’s no point deluding yourself that they do.
  14. It's inadequate, but OK for the money (just) but as Mark says, dig around and you can find the info you need. Could be a better customer experience but we’ll survive. Bit like your customers experience with the lack of (even a free, like I suggested) website for your business ;op.
  15. You can use your ebay or even Facebook showroom as your website if you didn't want to take the plunge. I used to do this many years ago. Just chose a domain name, buy it and then set it up so it forwards to the Showroom's full web address that you copy and paste from the address bar. Getting people to your website is a different matter, but at least it's somewhat more useful than not having one.
  16. Same here. I’m not the right demographic There’s loads of Germany’s (ahem) finest if that’s your poison. Still, the more people that join, hopefully the more stuff gets offered.
  17. Good people and the admins don’t take any crap (there was some rat screen shotting and stitching up a member yesterday -sound familiar? They kicked them off immediately.) You've gotta be quick to nab a purchase, but good for selling. It’s going to be upgraded to an Ap soon by the sounds and a paid subscription, so time will tell how that goes. Well I hope.
  18. Had a Courteousy Car for years. Nothing special, but never had any issues. However, I don't advertise the fact and only lend it out to people I like or pass the Moron Test.


    Hi. Trade do not and (are not required to) register cars in their name. Instead the yellow- trade notification- section is completed or it's done online by the previous keeper. Please also note that a V5 is not proof of ownership. It even says so on the back. Applying for a new one is not much bother. What are your concerns? Is it a garage you're buying from?
  20. When I started out years ago, my old man and the other old salty dogs were always telling me that 'people get out of motors for a reason' and it's rare they just fancy a change. If a car's in an auction and not on a forecourt then you need to be prepared for the occasional spanking. Obvious I know, but replies not far above always make me chuckle. If we're confessing the obvious, I've lurched a few dogs at WBAC. And a few of my missus' cars. Most memorable a 56 plate TT v6 DSG a few years ago as I hated the junk and they go wrong for fun like most of Germany's 'finest'. Nice car, but I was always shelling out on it with the usual issues. Anyway, sold it to WBAC. Happened to see it in BCA sale the next week. Two weeks later, the 'proud' new owner had tracked my missus down via facebook and was moaning about the speedo issue, lurchy gearbox etc. Could we help him track down the garages that may have done work on it and what had we done on it. I simply told him maybe don't buy from auctions next time as it's a big boys game. 'But it was cheap he said!'.
  21. I agree (as usual). I have a decent Cannon EOS type pricey job and unless you know how to use it, the pics and videos on my iPhone X produce much better results, so I've just been using that the last year. I did buy this the clip on polarising wide angle lens the other day though for fluppence and it looks to be a further improvement (although the weather hasn't been on my side)
  22. I just registered and received a £10 free credit. Can't be bad! Dunno if I'm just special. ;0) £2.70 plus vat per check
  23. Agree. It's 'barely' worth 200 a year (remembering there's buyer's fees too). I'm hoping the lack of sensibly priced stock is just a result of the usual January madness, but I fear I am deluding myself.
  24. Another two at the weekend and one today. Weird how it goes and I feel your screamer pain mate(s)- those ticking bombs come out of the woodwork sometime. Still, I prefer them when busy to when quiet. Can’t buy a wheel. Could do with half a dozen at least.
  25. Hi. If you were already with them previously, then it’s now £200 or so a year. Not a month. Give them a buzz to clarify. DA that is.