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  1. What a moron. If he found some others up at more money, would he be beating your door down to throw some extra dosh at you?
  2. Agree with comments above. Does everything (except one petrol) being diesel limit your options somewhat maybe?
  3. Sold plenty this way and never had an issue. As above re: videos, paperwork and payment. (A transfer can be recalled on the same day, but it's very unusual. Can also more likely get held up in fraud checks is all.) We final sign them up at theirs upon delivery. DSR only counts if it’s something you do regularly, and even then, most people are normal but you get screamers no matter how you do it occasionally. Qualify them to see if they pass the moron test or not obviously.
  4. Yup. I don’t disagree BHM. I was/am well aware there was officially no going back. Luckily, I’m soon out of contract so not tied in for much longer. Gumtree are pretty inept and am now on my third account manager in 9 months. They never reply to emails, so I have a strong case as to why I stopped it. The motors rep is usually pretty switched on and helpful, so I think she’ll make me an offer I can’t refuse. Can’t say I’m bothered to be honest if not.
  5. I had a similar experience @Rich Michaels with eBay/gumtree. I said I’d try it but would want to go back to eBay only. Anyway, at the time, the guy I was speaking to said ‘I’ll have to turn the call recording off a minute’. He then went on to say that if, you put a cancellation in, they let you revert to eBay MP in the end. However, that was before this Motors tie-up and I‘ve still not heard from either the Motors rep or Gumtree/eBay- despite chasing them by email a few times now. So, I’ve cancelled the DD. Ball now in their court.
  6. The owner is seriously rich (founder of Trip Advisor) They’re a big thing in the states.
  7. Goes in waves this platform. I'm convinced they have us all on a carousel as you'll all of a sudden see your stock popping up on your internet travels. I notice a surge of interest then. After 'your turn' you're back to their 'organic' feeds/leads from punters searching. Also, they're fairly high up on google rankings (try searching 'used cars near me') AT are below them. Motors, Gumtree, AA Cars, Exchange and Mart are all on the first page.
  8. A Bot or just special/ v bored/lonely? Surely you realise a forum for professional and experienced motor traders have no need for this (however well meaning) basic info.
  9. 72 + 8 "Bonus" F.Me. Ouch! Different world. 134 grand a year to AT. Wow. I’m sure I was ‘only’ paying 4 grand a month to the robbers for 50 plus. Was a few years ago mind. It must work for you I suppose. Or at least has until recently. Or perceived to have been. Yeah, I’d be seriously questioning how to spend a fair bit of that elsewhere- but then you seem to be of the same conclusion.
  10. Ha. Love it. ‘Free from your lies, you’re so....self satisfied....’ :0)
  11. You can have the best shiny site in the world. Getting people to see it is of course the issue. Car Gurus ‘may’ be on to an idea/ something different where they get your car to pop up on people’s browsers via (I guess) cookies. Of course, the problem there is they can’t get everyone’s cars on all the time and otherwise rely on people searching and clicking through? Still early days there. Find and Fund now there’s a white elephant Far as I could see they never spent the money correctly. Should have pushed the google rankings with the money as not sure the TV advertising hit the mark. Shame A streamlined/cheaper SEO would be good, but I don’t know anything about the ins and outs of all that or indeed any of it. . I guess the standard economy’s of scale don’t work there.
  12. Hi JXB - it's a topic done to death on here if you search through. I haven't used the robbers for years, but many swear by them (and at them).
  13. Legacy customers (if you are/were on the old DA when it changed to Autoraper) it’s going up to £199 a year from January. New customers pay that a month is how it was explained to me. Lots more cars than usual on Full Auction, so maybe the rumours of defection are correct.
  14. Most annoying is the texted codes. I’d forgotten about them.
  15. VW Down. (Smart Car/Dumb Car) I hate all the German crap. Also, the trouble with reviews when new, is they obviously have little bearing on what the junk is like as a used car in our world of 4 years plus. IMO, these are not built to last. Give me an i10 or a Picanto any day.
  16. Brill. Cheers. Ha. I didn’t even know they had such a department.
  17. Cheers Mark. I’m surprised Click Dealer don’t feed it. Maybe they do. I’ve asked the question. Otherwise I’ll do as you suggest.
  18. Stupid Sunday old person question: do you have to load individually on Market Place or is there a way of feeding it from wherever? We have a FB page that performs OK/is growing and we have regular car postings on the page via Click Dealer.
  19. I have a low mileage Fiat Coupe Turbo (in portafino blue with sunroof). I’ve not started it for two years through laziness. . I daren’t now I suppose. Have the red key, but as with all Fiats I’ve ever had in the old days, I never needed it, but god do I remember punters bitching about them. ‘No red key?’ It was as if you’d covered the interior all of a sudden with doo-do. Nowadays of course it’s the cambelt and god-forbid the lack of locking wheel nut key
  20. Welcome to our world old chap! I think you’re fine personally and should tell him to do his worse. You are not a motor trader, nor do you know anything about cars, or usually sell them. You could otherwise, in writing give a without prejudice offer to him in full and final settlement (to which he needs to reply in writing in agreement before shelling out). Small claims court action will take a year if that’s the route he wants to go. He should have bought a car from a retail establishment at full retail money if he wanted /expected guarantees and protection. Sounds like he could pop his clogs anyway at any time ;o). In all seriousness though, sounds like a load of old bluster to me from him. He’s trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear with your money and good nature. Good luck. Keep us posted. I too would be interested for our esteemed college @trade vet ‘s take.
  21. Spat my cereal out. SWAT. Brill. Wonder what it could stand for in this instance? Serious Woeful Awful Tat? :0) (At our local LR Dealership- they have two full time employees. Their only job is to go fetch broken junk from the punters houses/work and take them to the workshop.)
  22. Indeed. Plus they don't give a fcuk of course. I would think the best angle of attack is for everyone to hound their reps and daily call the office numbers to complain. That and a high profile survey. I think IMDA have done one @umesh what's the stance on this? Any plans to present to them or any feedback so far? I've used this analogy before and it remains true however, that organising independent car dealers is like herding cats. Of course, leaving the robbers and voting with your feet is the best angle of attack- if only for a short period. I think I'm right in saying that although the notice period is a month, that there's nothing to stop you joining right back up again?