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  1. Yeah, looks like it. No one was available to take my enquiry - so am waiting for an email or call back. As I said earlier, it’s like pulling teeth getting EV et al info. def an opportunity for someone switched on and customer focussed.
  2. This I agree with. For me with 30-40 cars, it's not possible (especially with current stock turn or lack of) or at least, very difficult. I have always done as the OP, and had an MOT, Pdi etc done after sale so the customer gets the full benefit. However, AD is right, the bastards are more often than not, looking online at the MOT history and having a mild breakdown over pathetic advisories. I'm sure this stops some even calling or emailing about the junk. So...I have been trying to MOT a few when they arrive before advertising. Especially on the ones I think have a good chance of selling relatively quickly. The last four I have done, have already sold. So, once again- living in the past isn't the way forward. Adapt or die once again. :0)
  3. Gumtree is hopeless. Def wait for the announcement if I were you.
  4. Thanks Contracts. Much appreciated. I have approached a few companies today, but pulling teeth would be easier. Inline with thinking of selling a few more EV’s (I’ve sold one i3) in the future- an on-site charging point is, I think, good idea Those taxi people are outrageous for doing that btw! No shame. Did they just think it was free?
  5. I guess if you have something people want, and can’t get elsewhere, then you don’t have to prostitute yourself. Also, not needing the money helps There’s a place near us that sells used Teslas. I understand he gets them from their owners (sometimes on SOR) as Tesla won’t even take them back in chop. Now I’m no oil painting, but that truck is Fugly!
  6. I’ve used Auto Imaging when needs must, and none of my customers have ever said anything or noticed. I think your fence pics are fine though, so I wouldn’t think they are slowing you down too much. Or at all.
  7. Hi - I also prefer the images with the fence, but if you can't find a better location, you can use the services of companies like Auto Imaging who will drop in a nice background for you. It's quite reasonable price wise and the results are good.
  8. Have any of you fine people with sites/public access, thought about having an EV Charging Station installed? I have had this thought, as may be a good use of a space or two and a bit of future-proofing-but can't seem to find much help or info on the subject. I called the local council, who had absolutely no idea. Would like to know likely costs and returns - if any. As well as any ideas or potential pitfalls.
  9. Hi Keiren, I’ll bite. If you’re upfront about the issues, and spell it out in the advert and document it at sale, getting the punter to sign to say they are aware and understand and that you won’t entertain any comebacks etc, then you’re still officially ***ked if they kick up a fuss. After all, we are the ‘professional’ motor trader and they are the poor old had-over innocent customer. However, that’s the worst case scenario. Most people are normal and if you’re up front with them, you will normally be fine. From time to time however.... On the whole, I would try not to sweat every detail. Just get on with it and treat as you would like to be treated etc. Better off selling well prepared cars with a new mot and all that Good luck.
  10. Feel for you bro -as the kids apparently say- dreaded vat, similar doom-can’t sell free ice cream in the desert at the mo. Can I trump you a Qashqai auto gearbox crapping itself 5 months and 3 and a half weeks later? As Screenman is saying. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Do you want to be around to see it is the pertinent question? Where’s that dark cupboard....
  11. Only advice I can add (apart from don't do it!) is do it on the side as long as you can. I'd gladly give up my site if someone wanted to pay me to go (unlikely nowadays) I understand your grief with staff, but this business comes with its own set of unusual hassle and doom, that I guarantee you're not prepared for. Have you thought about either renting some sales space to someone else (local trader) or getting some cars on sale or return if you must?
  12. Ha. Yes. I only have Bookface for work. Apparently we should be on Instagram too now so I’m told! Can’t cope with that much change /really have no idea what it is. Anybody using it with success?
  13. Whats Ap on the website went live this morning. Does this make me modern? ;0)
  14. Count me in. Can’t understand the attraction. I will watch the WCup if I have to.
  15. Thanks Umesh, - everyone. I'm doing it. Soon as I can build up the enthusiasm.
  16. He’s 70 (the one who would have to have this responsibility) and doesn’t even know how to use his old style push button mobile if he’s honest. Especially not a ‘stupid glass phone’ as he calls them. I’ll just have to take another one for the team. I’ll just answer on the Mac/pc though if that’s a possibility. My mate Scrappy Phil might have one
  17. Goat. Fair point, we’ll made mate (s) can I call you later? What time do you have your tea? I’ll ring then. Or I can wait until you’re driving ;0)
  18. Cheers, Yes, you’re right for sure- still hate it though ;o) So, does it then show the mobile number mate? What about having the Ap? on a desktop? Does that need a mobile number to work/install? Troubke is, I’ll end up carrying two mobiles around like a drug dealer.
  19. So, as many regulars will know, I REALLY hate punters that text, rather than call or email. I'm happy to agree I'm a dinosaur before we start that 'customers that text debate'. It annoys me so much, that whenever I've received a text, I will simply call the number from the work landline (or voip). I've ended up asking for the (work) mobile number to be removed from the website etc and the work mobile is off and on permanent divert to the landline number. Weirdly, I don't mind an email, or if they must, a Bookface message. I think it's because it comes through on the laptop or computer, rather than my phone. (as an aside: My number one pet hate is people Whatsapping me, especially people I know, who have an iPhone and know full well that I also do! One of my salesman will even text me an iMessage and then separately WhatsApp me a picture at the same time- WHEN HE'S GOT AN IPHONE AND HE'S AT WORK, CONNECTED TO THE WIFI!) Anyway, that's better, rant over and on with my question: I've had quite a few punters call up and then later ask to WhatsApp us some pictures or request the same WA to them. I have politely declined as I don't want them then to decide to converse only by text or WhatsAp- so instead have kept to email for videos. I'm vaguely aware of WhatsAp for business, but don't understand it. Can I set up a separate Whats Ap account to my (hated) private one and have it enabled on the Mac and PCs/ work mobile? I don't under any circumstances want my mobile number on show or if possible, even the work WhatsApp mobile number displayed. Should I get back in my ancient cave or is it possible? I see a few like @umesh have it enabled on their website. How does that work/where do the incoming messages display?
  20. Yes- as much as I still like ebay- I would agree, it's weird how the interest has dwindled.
  21. Sorry to hear that mate - just what you need on a Monday morning. Best or worst job in the world. They're VW engines and boxes no?
  22. Oh good- I miss the AT threads. ;0) As much as I hate Autoraper -and I do- I agree: Motors is pretty much a damp squib. It sort of pays for itself. Life goes on just fine without AT though.