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  1. At the moment, you do! But, on a more serious note, The one that gives you the money first Get in on the market and find out!
  2. Wikipedia? Youtube? Parkers? Owners Forums? Reviews? The internet is your friend for general stuff.... Unless there is something specific that you want to know? Or get it MOT'd & PDi'd and get it on the net. If a customer wants to know anything, they'll ask.
  3. D&M

    Mr Bob

    A customer who wants his hand held. I'm guessing the car he bought was the cheapest one he could find, and I'm betting he spent less than £1k. Buy Cheap, Buy Twice. Recently, a couple of customers have left us to buy 'cheaper' - only to be on the phone a short while later asking for advice. Nope! You made your bed, you lie in it. I think Mr Bob should post to the CAG or Mumsnet.
  4. Do you like the Fiesta more than your Audi? Yes = Buy the Fiesta. No = Keep your Audi. This is a forum for car dealers, not car reviewers. Our favorite cars are the ones that are sold.
  5. We had a problem with an old 206CC a while back and I found a guy online who could refurb the com2000 unit at a pretty reasonable price. I'll try and find him again and forward you the details if you need them.
  6. We've only been to Blackbushe once. That was enough! Could not believe how many people were there, sprinting between halls.... Staff were rude and miserable, and they lost the keys to the section we bought from so we had to wait over 3 hours for them to find them.
  7. We've got one at the moment. Really lovely Volvo S40 Sport. Incredible History, really a proper car. Phones up and start complaining that they want a full refund because they can't find the locking wheel nut. Refuse to accept that it is in the car, as we show all our customers that it is present and where it is when going through our PDI, and the PDI is signed to say they've recieved it. Suprise suprise, the same day he starts complaining a Volvo S40 Sport has come up for sale for £600 (ours was £2.5k). This one has 70k more, No History and doesn't drive as it needs a new clutch. He was saying that he'd rather have a diesel than our petrol, but there are just no diesel Sport ones around. We've had 20 Facebook messages, 30odd texts and 3 phone calls going on and on about this bloody wheel nut. Sent him an F-Off letter, and haven't heard anything since.... Yet....
  8. Just looking at that invoice. What a joke! Seen more genuine 9 bob notes. Hope you call his bluff and catch him out. Buyers are getting worse and worse. Glad you've done everything right and have legal backing.
  9. We had LED bulbs years ago... The bulbs had about 70 tiny LEDs and they were rubbish. No brighter than sidelights. Those CREE (I think) type ones are supposed to be pretty good - but can't speak from first hand experiance. +1 for Osram Nightbreakers though.
  10. D&M

    Fiat Panda

    We've had a couple and sold them both quite quickly, both older shape. Everyone who was buying other stuff did say that the Panda was ugly. Poor little thing! Wouldn't rush to buy more, but wouldn't be scared at sensible money. I got my mum a 2004 one 5 years or so ago. She is due an upgrade but will not part with it. Loves the little thing! Probably only had 1 service in that time, but hasn't put a foot wrong.
  11. Just an update to close the thread. Convinience unit dried out, cleaned up all the contacts... Reconnected, and its all working as it should do. Thanks all for the tips!
  12. The rubber bung is missing, already taken care of! In the paperwork it had a new battery fitted 4 mouths ago! Who ever fitted it caught the pollen filter housing. So only 2 bolts out of 3 was holding the housing down The dirt collected between the wing and pollen filter housing was allowing water to pool and get inside through the housing. Taken the convinience module out yesterday. That was wet with corroded connections - hopefully a thorough dry out and a generous amount of contact cleaner will see it right!
  13. Right, so... Battery tray is clear, traced the leak to a poorly fitted/slightly broken pollen filter housing. Repaired and tested and no more leak! Sucked out as much water as we could with a wet vac, probably took about 2l out. However, now the bloody thing keeps putting the hazard lights on by itself.... No flashing, just all lit up solid. Turn the engine on, and they'll turn off for a few minutes then back on. Had to take the hazard light switch out of the dash to make sure they stay off overnight. Bloody thing.
  14. So you think he bought a VW then .... On his credit card.... Has the cambelt been done?