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  1. CarGurus tend to remember the old advert and keep its details - not helpful for a price increase! Not sure if it remembers details for a set amount of time, when we've taken cars off, they have always been back on in less than a week. Might come up as a fresh listing if its off longer. Can't comment on AT. Hope this helps
  2. Would you take bag of pasta and box of paracetamol?
  3. We hear that time and time again too... Usually followed by an attempted 'haggle' - You're telling me its the best you've seen, why the heck should it be cheaper! Always nice to hear though... You do think, shame you didn't just come here first. Would have saved yourself hours of driving and a tank of fuel trying to hunt out a 'bargain'
  4. May not be relevant, but we had an A6 not so long ago - the comfort module was wet and giving us funny symptoms. Sure enough, under the carpet was soaked - took about 10l of water out. Carpet was dry, but you could hear the water sloshing! On the A6, it was under the carpet where the passengers feet would be. Black box about the size of an A5 sheet of paper and an inch thick. We took ours out of its plastic casing (full of water too!) and cleaned all the circuit board with a toothbrush and contact cleaner and left it in the airing cupboard overnight to dry properly. Lucky enough, that sorted all our issues. Hopefully yours will be as easy as that.
  5. Try Fusion. Neat for tyres and external trim, 50:50 for interior dressing.
  6. Speeding is normally only 3 points - as a new driver, you've got 6 to use up before you're back at the bus stop Car speedos are normally read a couple on MPH over, and cameras normally have a tolerance. Fingers crossed.
  7. Don't worry too much until the notice drops through the door. I think they normally inform within a fortnight. If the car is registered to trade, it might take longer. I couldn't tell you whether you'll be offered a course or not, I think that depends on different factors whether a course would be appropriate or not. Cross your fingers, and hope you're under. Learn from it too - trade insurance is expensive enough without any points!
  8. You've posted the owners name and address in one of the photos of the invoice - so I'd get that gone. The pics aren't really in the right order and a couple are a little blurry, and the front tyres are really muddy. We have all the exterior pics first, then interior, then any special features, then paperwork. You look like you are in quite a confined space, if you can't get back a little further I'd consider a different location. You're camera has picked out all the dust in the interior, so the inside looks a bit grubby. Also, the way the seats are set makes the car look like its going to be very uncomfortable. Doesn't look like there is any space in the front, but loads of legroom in the back. Not a bad effort, few tweaks here and there. Are you happy, have you looked through from a potential customers point of view?
  9. At the moment, you do! But, on a more serious note, The one that gives you the money first Get in on the market and find out!
  10. Wikipedia? Youtube? Parkers? Owners Forums? Reviews? The internet is your friend for general stuff.... Unless there is something specific that you want to know? Or get it MOT'd & PDi'd and get it on the net. If a customer wants to know anything, they'll ask.
  11. D&M

    Mr Bob

    A customer who wants his hand held. I'm guessing the car he bought was the cheapest one he could find, and I'm betting he spent less than £1k. Buy Cheap, Buy Twice. Recently, a couple of customers have left us to buy 'cheaper' - only to be on the phone a short while later asking for advice. Nope! You made your bed, you lie in it. I think Mr Bob should post to the CAG or Mumsnet.
  12. Do you like the Fiesta more than your Audi? Yes = Buy the Fiesta. No = Keep your Audi. This is a forum for car dealers, not car reviewers. Our favorite cars are the ones that are sold.
  13. We had a problem with an old 206CC a while back and I found a guy online who could refurb the com2000 unit at a pretty reasonable price. I'll try and find him again and forward you the details if you need them.