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  1. If you tax by DD and keep cancelling the DD when you sell, DVLA will eventually block your bank details and you won't be able to tax again using the same details. Best of luck with the new venture!
  2. Think of it as a discount avoider. No, I can't knock £50 off the price - it's got a full tank of fuel!
  3. Hi All, We're heading up from Devon to Leeds, very flexible. Happy to go off route to collect/deliver. Anytime from Monday 21st Sept to 12th October. Will be travelling up with an empty single car transporter, and can have a trade plate driver too. So potentially 2 cars to be moved. If anyone along that route sees anything they fancy in the South West Auctions, feel free to get in touch. Thanks!
  4. Thanks all for your replies - sorry its taken so long to get back. We're going down the easier (and cheaper!) route of getting a second hand box fitted. After a fair bit of searching, and not finding any gearboxes with the same part number it seems that any 6 Speed Fiat gearbox from a 1368 16v engine will work with the MiTo, so Grande Punto/Punto Evo/500/Panda 100HP etc. The part number seems to have no effect on the actual fitment of the box, just depends on which version as Fiat made so many updates to it, so as long as it comes out of a same age or newer car, it'll be grand. Thanks again
  5. Hi All, We've got a little MiTo in at the moment - its the 1.4 16v 95BHP Non Turbo model. The gearbox needs repair/replacement as its very noisy and can't be put into gear unless you're releasing the clutch to make it pop in. Sticks in reverse too! Easiest option would be a 2nd hand box from a breaker, but wondering if anyone here could recommend a gearbox guy to try. Thanks!
  6. If they could be bothered to actually look through the photos, they'd see a picture of the MOT certificate with the reg clearly visible. When we used to advertise on eBay, we'd put the reg number in the listing and still get asked for it. Can't win sometimes! At least it starts a conversation to follow up on - although I don't know what relevance a split wiper blade back in 2008 has any relevance on the cars current condition. Important to some.
  7. We do cover the reg number - only due to (probably unfounded) worry about cloning. Better safe than sorry in our opinion. Although we don't cover plates on px to clear, can't be dealing with enquiries like that on sub £500 bangers!
  8. Don't normally buy VAG because of the endless messages, but saw an old Audi A4 and bought it... Countless 'Whats the reg so I can check the MOT History?' to disappear into thin air - Don't know why, its got a clean sheet from last week and only ever failed on bulbs and tyres. Why do we do it to ourselves?!
  9. D&M

    BMW spec

    Thanks for the tip with BMW AOS - That's a really helpful site Thanks Nick
  10. Depends if you realised you were buying then, or thought you were bidding for a test drive This is what happens when you're so confident you'll fail the credit check that you go though the paperwork to keep to salesman happy!
  11. We're the opposite - full tank of fuel means the owner liked and trusted the car... Nobody is going to fill up a car that they think is gonna break down! We haven't been caught out for years, not whilst we've been trading but when buying our own cars - bought an E36 318tds years ago. Less than 1/4 tank and you'd be cranking for at least 30 seconds before it'd start.. Pinholes in the lift pipe. Another one was a P38 Range Rover - again less than 1/4 tank and a left turn and the engine would cut out and take an age of cranking to get it going. Good old days...
  12. Have you tried turning the ignition on and pressing the buttons on the key? Or, do you have the owners manual? There might be a process in there for re-syncing the key remote?
  13. Had a little chuckle at my own stupidity earlier today - thought I'd share! Honda Civic Mk8 - We've had a few of them, always do pretty well out of them and the buyers are sensible. Almost every single one we've had is has had the boot floor missing. I've been writing that it is missing on our PDIs and explaining to customers that its missing, and at the same time wondering how on earth all these different people have managed to lose this pretty big piece of carpet lined plastic. Today, whilst valeting our latest one - again missing the boot floor, I lift up the boot liner to vacuum out the underneath and notice that there is a little tag to hook it up onto the parcel shelf so it stays upright - but it doesn't quite reach the tag. When you pull it high enough to hook it up, the back end is the exact same height as the rest of the boot. Then it twigs - the boot floor is height adjustable! Duh! All these customers I've been telling that it is missing, and writing on PDIs is because I'm stupid! I always wondered why the boot floor was carpeted, and underneath is another piece of carpeting. Now I know.
  14. We've got a Honda GX160 with a Karcher (can't remember the numbers!) Pump. Motor starts first pull every time, and the pump is really powerful. Both made in the mid '90s, and still going strong! Bought 2nd hand and we've had them 2 years ourselves. Had a little Karcher and a Bosch electric pressure washer, and didn't think too much of them - noisy and didn't last more than a year or so each.
  15. CarGurus tend to remember the old advert and keep its details - not helpful for a price increase! Not sure if it remembers details for a set amount of time, when we've taken cars off, they have always been back on in less than a week. Might come up as a fresh listing if its off longer. Can't comment on AT. Hope this helps