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  1. It’s a joke, since they combined it all there are lots of problems. Ebay used to go live in about 10 minutes!
  2. I was told the same, but on checking eBay it’s definitely not there.
  3. Is anyone else having a problem with the new Ebay portal? I published an advert yesterday ( Saturday), at around 12pm. It’s still not live on eBay, or motors and not showing on my eBay showroom. I’m a bit short of stock so getting cars on ASAP is vital.
  4. That’s over 4000 units a week. How many trucks and drivers needed for that?? Nearly 600 handovers a day..... Very ambitious.
  5. No never been asked would not extend as it’s the law- so no need to.
  6. Going to have to just disagree. I don’t have a web site and I do ok. Would be interested to see how many of your customers actually go on the web site before buying. Obviously in my case it’s none! Let’s return to the point of the post though- it was to point out issues with the new platform, so anyone going on it knows what they are getting. Which in my opinion is inadequate.
  7. Thank-you. The reason I do well is because of the quality of adverts- which I am now unable to achieve- that’s the point. Nothing to with having a web site or not.
  8. Don't need a web site, plus the adverts on eBay etc would still not be right. This is an attempt to help fellow members, and to hopefully, gain some support in my dealings with eBay. It was not intended to start a discussion on whether I , or anyone else needs or has a website- that would be a separate post. I think you miss the point Rory RSC???
  9. Firstly let me apologise for the length of this post! The post is aimed at those who use or intend to use the new eBay motors package, and who care about how their adverts look! Ebay (now with Gumtree) are my only advertising platforms. I stock on average 10 cars and sell 13 per month on average. (Not this month!!!!!). Here is a note of my issues with the new advertising platform, which appears to have been poorly though through. (This is an extract from the letter I have just sent to eBay). 1. As an advertiser it is important, I know where my leads come from. Leads from this platform are not distinguished between. So, I am paying extra for, let’s say, Motors, but I won’t know if I get any enquiries from them! (I sent myself an enquiry from Motors). 2. Watchers on eBay are an excellent indicator, of desirability, and advert quality. I now have no access to this information. I use watcher information to make decisions on price, and to amend my adverts. 3. On Motors, there are icons at the bottom of the main advert picture. One of these relates to HPI. I have an advert where this icon says “HPI warning”. This will put potential customers off, as they will assume the car is CAT d or alike. In fact, in this case the car has merely had a plate change. “HPI advisory” would perhaps be better wording for things like plate changes, and HPI warning for CAT d etc?? 4. On Motors, specification for the vehicle appears to self-populate. Is it possible to alter or add to this section? For example, I have a Honda civic type R with 19” wheels, my advert says 18” wheels. It appears from the advert that I don’t know my job, and this will put buyers off, particularly those who buy this type of car. Also, the car has Sat Nav which is an optional extra-can I add this? 5. On Motors, some dealers have added information about themselves, this displays on the description section below the line that says, “read the review about this car”. Can I add this, and how will it appear on Gumtree and eBay? 6. My adverts say, “visit dealer website”, I don’t have a website, can it be removed, or can it link to my eBay showroom? 7. When creating titles and subtitles (attention grabbers), the text is not limited, making it very difficult to judge the sentence size. This was previously limited on Motorspro, making it very easy to create attention grabbers. (These are an essential part of a good advert). I have added a car today13/02/2020, to try and determine where the information displays on each platform. Once created I then added a few lines of specification. 1. When I added the additional specification, it displays twice on both eBay and Gumtree adverts-duplicating all specification. (YC61PLX-BMW 118d M SPORT).(search BMW 1 series £10000-£10000, there are no photos, and that's not the price!!!!, its just a test). 2. On eBay the description box populates with specification. This box is better used (in my opinion) for Reasons to Buy this car, e.g. One owner, service history, £30 tax, condition, etc plus, reasons to buy from Me, HPI clear, test drives, debit card payment etc, plus information about my business-how long I’ve trading etc. 3. On eBay, the Description box, which I feel should be used as above, becomes a jumbled mess and one very long paragraph, which customers will not read! (see link below). Furthermore, I have noticed the following points 1. The invoice does not work correctly on the new system. It automatically deducts VAT from the sale, while this is correct for a vat qualifying car, it is not correct for a margin car. I can’t see where to denote this. This is my only shop window and it really has to be right; I feel the advert should be roughly as follows 1. Basic Description of the car (e.g. 2009 Honda Civic Type R GT,….) with attention grabber 2. Secondary attention grabber 3. Photos 4. Basic specification and info on the car-spec listed clearly, with space to make the text inviting and easy to read 5. Reasons to buy-e.g. One owner, service history etc 6. What we offer- e.g. HPI clear, test drives available, debit cards etc 7. Business info e.g. been established 35 years, buy from main dealer etc It is impossible to split 5,6,7 on the new platform so that they are easily read and are distinctive points. Furthermore, to get specification onto the advert, this would add to the description text (duplicated) and make the description a jumble of too much information- presented in one paragraph. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ This for me is a major issue-the text presents as one paragraph, including spec and anything else you want to put in. It is not possible to space the text to make presentable and something customers would read. I have spoken to the eBay team in some length about these issues, they are listening but nothing has happened yet. I have asked to revert back to the old platform while they sort (and even pay the new price)-they flatly refuse and say "you are in a contract" and we will enforce it! The reason for the post- to help you guys before you change over, so you know what you will get, and , hopefully, to gain support in my plight for those who have already switched and are not aware of these issues, Or to get help to overcome the issues, if any of you have found a way to present the adverts well.
  10. Paying all your VAT and tax accrued.....
  11. Strangely not always true. In the past I have bought from e-bay and traded the cars on to dealers! others I have bought and then retailed for good profits. so it can happen - takes a bit of work.
  12. If you sell 10 cars a month, between £1000 and £3000- let’s say £2000 per car. That’s £20000 per month or £240,000 per year. You must have hit the VAT threshold? need to register now even if you keep it part time.
  13. As far I can tell this is not a valid reason to reject a car- whether cat s or not. Plus it’s over 30 days. Would be a big no from me, and I’m the same as Mark 101, anything for an easy life....
  14. January prices insane, are you saying prices are ok now!!! If they go up any more the auctions will be retailing them to us...
  15. They will never listen, you forget they know best!!!!