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  1. Love it ... proper engineering
  2. Not new news ... order books closed months ago on the gte.. vw putting new range of hybrid and electric cars out soon called ID
  3. Lol yes the buyers are wankers... all we do is condem the too expensive ones when they have the used car workshop check and reblock them. PLC for you
  4. I would prefer to spend my time making money not getting tied up in legal stuff
  5. I'm currently at a large aPLC .. if we didn't do the add ons and the finance we would be out if business ...
  6. When I start up again one of the first things I will be sorting is Lawgistics.
  7. Black ups apparently a must have for the trendy young girls down London or fiat 500 .. our last one went darn south
  8. Currenty working at maindealer ... i could share some tales
  9. Any domain name experts on here? Would a car manufacturer be all over me if i use their name e.g. ... or Above are examples I don't own those domains. Thanks for any input
  10. Try ACR .. it's free but I have the pro upgrade with no adverts .. not expensive
  11. 2 stand out in my memory ... collected a AMG SL55 from Holland by ferry to Harwich then drove it home to North Wales ... wow awesome and about 15 years ago drove a mates Cobra with a small block chevy again awesome
  12. Been away from trade for a while and seems to be a swing by main dealers to CAP ? What do you use to price ? Any ideas on cost of the guides nowadays and all seems to be on smart phones or desktops no paper guides anymore ?
  13. vinegar and old newspaper with a bit of p**s in the bucket
  14. Thank you for your Google Review - we take all customers opinions very seriously as this is our livelihood and the means for us to pay our bills and feed our children however we note you are NOT a customer so we really cant attach that much importance to a blasé and off the cuff remark such as you have left us. If you were ever a customer of ours you would realise that we DEFINATELY are not the cheapest dealer in town and that's something we never desire to be ! We prefer to sell the highest quality of cars to our ever expanding customer base, some of which have bought over 6 cars from us as well as referring their family and friends. Unfortunately in life quality does cost a bit more as you found out yourself from your recent experience at B & Q. Who wants to buy something because its the cheapest ? - Not me I prefer to buy from a reputable supplier where I know if anything goes wrong there will be the support (our cars all come with 6 months warranty) and they wont be out of business because they were the cheapest. Customers buy from us because we offer - over to you now
  15. yes but very very boring. Car sales so much easier .. buy a car from auction .. give it a quick bath and whack 3 grand across it .. sell it immediately .. easy peasy then I woke up
  16. Last had a pitch back in late 90's which was good for a while but place was demolished so started a window cleaning business which we sold off last year. Now thinking about getting back into the trade. Reading a few pages of posts I see auto trader no longer flavour of the month ?? what have they done ? Do a lot of you guys use ebay motors pro instead ?