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  1. I'm not watching 17min of video but scanning through, he literally has signs stating 'BINCA RETAIL' on the walls Therefore RETAIL rights should apply
  2. The name and logo imply trade sale to me
  3. I assume you will be buying RFL for all your cars in trade Good luck with your neighbours
  4. Don't forget car emojis and the big green ticks
  5. Huge demand in the Caribbean and ex colonies for EV and Hybird - keeps prices high Not that cheap when you factor in what it costs to land one here and register with all the fees
  6. Lots of used Prius coming through - I do wonder what the margin is after competing with worldwide buyers + shipping etc
  7. I know this, but I don't believe it !
  8. Yep, but they still sell at the same rate. More of a case of CAP dictating the market I suspect
  9. I'd argue that they were always fetching more than they are worth, but all Land Rover models have suffered huge drops this year despite demand being constant. Especially Disco 4 - last year 2010/2011 models retailed for £17-19k and booked at mid teens. Look at them now ! Is it just me ?
  10. Not all, but more than other vendors in terms of % as confirmed by many other in the hall They absolutely refused to take back one which I had to refurb the turbo for. Got £200
  11. A disproportionate amount of Alphabet cars are knackered
  12. Loads of cat b on the road. Just hard to insure
  13. Also a lot of quick knocks way below Cap Clean