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  1. Thought so, as they say if it seems too good to be true it often is.
  2. Been there got the t shirt. Not worth the bother, out it and put it down to experience. Move on. Some you win, some you lose.
  3. Just taken a Corolla in p/x and the headlights were the worst I’d seen, nearly yellow in fact and advisory on MOT. Tell me if anyone has tried this, I’m sure you have , and in a few days I will be back to square one. Well ten minutes elbow grease and a bottle of metallic t cut and these lights are shining like new. Always heard about the kits you can get for 30 quid and so on but at the moment they look new. Will they last ?
  4. I just don’t know how anyone is selling, even online. I haven’t had a call since lockdown and I wouldn’t want to buy. I have a lovely tan though and 14 unsold cars. I usually deal with the MD and auctions but this is near impossible
  5. So why are you advertising as a private seller,? Plastic wannabe trader
  6. I have just taken in px a Audi A3 2.0 TDi 2006 /55 reg. As soon as it came in the old boy in the cottage over the road from my site fell in love with it. He hasn't got a lot of money and is one of life's good guys. I just want rid for what it owes me. I am happy for him to buy this but wouldn't want him to have a problem car with big Bill's. Not dealing with many Audis I would like to sell him something I can trust. It's full history and very clean ,just worries me about dpf and turbos. He is 80 and been buying off me for 25 years. Normally fiestas, escorts, and easy repaired Astras. Your thoughts please as I would normally send this to the block.
  7. Can I ask what other traders are paying? I’ve been trading for 25 years and every year seems to be getting more expensive. Yes I know everything goes up but this year it has nearly doubled. No claims or convictions , it’s getting beyond belief. It’s not as though I’ve claimed or stock dozens of cars. I’m a one man band now after scaling down over the last few years but insurance just continues to rise. This year I’ve seen the biggest increase. What’s the norm?
  8. You don’t have any what I call , bread and butter vehicles. Thought the CRVs would be good movers. Your aiming at a particular customer.Say I wanted a CRV I wouldn’t be put off because of a lousy photo. if you had a fleet of Clio’s, corsa’s , Polos, Fiestas etc your phone would be melting. I’ve sold two Polos , a Golf, a Clio and a Fiesta since last Tuesday out of 10 cars. The V50 , S40 , Honda Accord and the A4 are still here. What’s that tell you?
  9. Pip

    Fiat Panda

    No I won’t anymore. Puntos I found are ok
  10. What’s people’s success like with selling Pandas ? I have had a decent spec one at my site for 3 months. Not as much as a enquiry. 62 plate done 60000, 2 owners with fsh. Normally not my sort of car and everyone tells me how ugly they are. I like the small engine low road tax stuff so I thought I can’t go wrong at £20 a year tax. Sold a few corsa’s yaris’s Honda jazz and three Mazda 2s but still can’t shift this Panda lol. It’s honestly mint as well and priced below retail now.
  11. I’ve had my fair share of luck selling cars and a few not so lucky over the years. Just out of curiosity what is your biggest loss? I haven’t lost for a long time but had two this week. They say it comes in threes. I had a wiring loom completely burn out on a newish Clio on Monday. Then today chain has jumped on BMW 3 series on a 13 plate with 55k on clock. Going to have a lovely Monday stripping that down. Just hoping I can still squeeze some profit out of these two. Just wondering with a fmdsh will bmw help towards this? Last serviced in December 500 miles ago.
  12. I’m a little confused. You sell 10 a month which is 120 a year. Your telling me you haven’t passed the k80 vat threshold. 120 cars at £800 each is k96 sorry if all the Xmas drink has made me thick. Seriously mate, I would sort things out and keep all records. Even purchase receipts and sales receipts. If you have a prang trade insurance wants to see everything. I’ve had it this year. Don’t mess with the VAT man. They aren’t daft.
  13. Crikey I’m jealous. So you are making 60 large ones a year profit selling from home and buying privately? I’m doing something wrong. I take it you are Vat registered and pay tax on this lol. I don’t think you need advice from me. I think I need advice from you. I know a guy at the block who was doubling up on everything he bought . Old shitters I wouldn’t touch. He told a good story. He don’t sell cars anymore though. 15 months was enough, his a Tesco delivery guy now.
  14. Looking for advice as I’ve never come across this before. My friend wants me to look at a Irish plated car . NI plate. I don’t often get involved sellling to friends and family but happy to go looking with them at the block. My mate has found this Qashqui diesel with NI plate, 1 owner from new registered in this country up the North. The Mot history states first registered December 2011, but dvla, hpi and other sites say February 2011. Therefore making it a 60 plate instead of a 61. The vendor has no history and my mate tells me the car is immaculate with great spec and drives fantastic. I wouldn’t touch it not knowing if it ever had a service but I feel he thinks I’m just trying to get out of going with him to view. Your thoughts please.
  15. I have a few diesels which are sticking around but I have petrols as well not selling. Ticking over as normal but are diesels still worth buying?
  16. Having only dealing in mainly Jap cars and the odd Vauxhall or Ford I have taken in a Fiat 500 Lounge 65 plate in salmon pink with 30k and immaculate. I haven’t had a call or even opened the door. Is it the colour? Am I too expensive or is it just the time of year? What would you expect to get for this little gem?
  17. How long has Parcel force delivered letters? I’ve only ever heard of Royal Mail for letters and small parcels, Parcel force for the big stuff.
  18. After having an accident this year of no fault of my own I can honestly say I am so glad I was as white as snow with my insurance company. They came to my house to question me as if I was a criminal. They checked all purchase receipts sales receipts and what I earn, where I buy from etc etc. If I had been just a little dishonest the claim would had been cancelled then I dread to think what might of happened. Think yourself lucky you have been found out now rather than after an accident or incident and then they cancel your policy. You could of been a lot more worse off than £300. You answered the question wrong. It don’t matter if it was over 5 years ago, that wasn’t the question. They asked if you had ever been a director. Not if you had been a director in the last 5 years. Lucky escape if you ask me.
  19. Been the same for years. What's the problem? Set your limit and stick to it.
  20. I haven’t had a Zafira for quite a while but took one in chop today. I use to do very well on these years ago. The older shape 99T up to 54 plates were good news. This is a 1.8 Petrol 2011 with 51k . Don’t think they are so desirable now after the heater recall scare
  21. Yes it sold. Could of sold it 6 times over.
  22. Strange experience today, When your phone don’t stop ringing and you think what is so special about this car? Have I under priced this? Where do you see this.? Mazda 6 TS saloon on an 09, 64000 miles full Mazda history, 2 owners, 6 speed very nice condition, proper straight car. 12 months ticket as of today. The phone has exploded. I can understand it when I have something special, but really? A Mazda 6 saloon.
  23. Strange experience today, When your phone don’t stop ringing and you think what is so special about this car? Have I under priced this? Where do you see this.? Mazda 6 TS saloon on an 09, 64000 miles full Mazda history, 2 owners, 6 speed very nice condition, proper straight car. 12 months ticket as of today. The phone has exploded. I can understand it when I have something special, but really? A Mazda 6 saloon.
  24. During the eighties and nineties I had many 318s,320s and 325s without any issues. I always liked these especially the autos as they sold well. I stopped buying them until recently and they are no where near the same quality. I have had a few lately and every one has had or got an oil leak. The latest being a 15 plate with 33000 miles fbmwsh. I thought this is nice to have one leak free, to start it up this morning and have smoke pouring from under the bonnet where oil is dropping on manifold. What’s people’s thoughts as I was going to use this as a smoker but think I’ll stick to my faithfull Mazda 6.
  25. Wondering how many people are aware that garages are still failing some older cars with EML on. Talking to my MOT tester the other day and he wasn’t aware that diesel cars registered before 1st July 2008 and petrol cars registered before 1st July 2003 are except from this test. I’m still seeing cars failing that shouldn’t be tested for this because of their age. How many people have had a car fail when it shouldn’t of? I had a customer only this week with a car I sold her years ago have this happen. MOT stations need to be made aware of this.