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  1. Yup low and behold, now on Bid-Now / Buy Now I'd be careful letting things go too cheap as I don't think we'll be able to re-stock as "cheaply" as some are suggesting. BCA will and always have felt like a industry carrier that controls the pricing, which in short is kinda correct. I've always felt they are backed by the higher powers to keep the market strong as letting cars go too cheap will have such a negative effect on new car sales. That could just be the conspiracy tin foil hat side of me though HaHa!
  2. Still high provs though.. Thought I sneaked a couple, got excited, got told vendor is holding out for reserve, got depressed haha! No change here.
  3. Spot on. Don't ignore the communication but put what David is pretty much telling you here into writing to her and start your own complaints procedure file. Don't forget to send it recorded delivery.
  4. Car Gurus has been our best performer since November. Finally overtaken AT in our area
  5. Ask for them to review the account log, IP and MAC address including active times. They can tell you what computer it was. You can also ask for a copy of the log. Just out of interest what car is it? IS it something you can move on quickly if priced right? PM me the reg and mileage if you want
  6. Can't go wrong with Turtle Wax products. Used it for 18 or so years.
  7. Thanks guys for all the feedback, much appreciated. Will be putting it up on the FB group to see if there is any trade interest in it
  8. So you sell a car to WBAC, They transport it to BCA, They sell it on to a dealer, Great story... Unless your gripe was that the dealer is selling it for a lot more than what WBAC gave you hence the little quip of it's unlikely they repaired the faults. Well, it's most likely they have/will as it's not in any dealers interest to sell a car with a known problem as we are only going to get it back to repair them at a later date, then lend out a courtesy vehicle while it's being done. Kind of a no brainer to fix issues no? Nevertheless, thanks for popping by to tell us of your job.
  9. Ooooh Nice 1! Never thought of looking on Facebook!
  10. Hey guys, Got a customer on one of our cars and he has a Y (2001) Carrera 4, 911 (996), 3.4 Manual with 107k on the clock. It falls outside our retail criteria so offered it around to our local prestige car specialist who didn't get overly excited as he said they just sit there not selling. I found that quite strange so thought if anyone has any appealing appetite for these to send me a pm. Thanks in advance!
  11. Haha not the first tie I've heard that happen. IMO it can only go downhill now AT are involved. They tried it with their own platform and f**cked that up so now they are trying to get involved in DA??? Sounds like a buyout coming along. Not bought off there for years myself.
  12. Bedford is a f/ing nightmare now! Sat there waiting for an hour and a half because they lost the sodding car, then it had 0 miles and the gate were as helpful as the "I'm here to Help!" jackets they were wearing. Luckily one of the guys in the new "car collection" room was really helpful and got me enough diesel to make it to the petrol station. From now on getting everything from Bedford collected by Movex or delivered by BCA. I was fuming! Always been a pricey auction. As others have mentioned though one or two slip through every now and then from Blackbush though and always Grade 1-2. (Touch wood, fingers crossed for future) Never thought I'd see the day Enfield and Pwood made more over CAP than Chelmsford! Haven't bought 5 in a day from Blackbushe in about 2 years haha! I'd be overly chuffed if I got that many!
  13. Motorcheck for reports and AutoTrader for prices. Been working for us for about 12 months now. Or just use AutoTrader but they will probably do another price rise in April again. I think HPi are learning the hard way of putting in a sneaky 12 month cancellation period. Was dealing with them for about 15 years prior to that.
  14. Hahah too true. Not worth the hassle and I'm more than happy to let others pick those customers up. End up costing you money and untold amount of grief. Yes we boost carousel posts... IE multiple cars in one boost, usually a varied range. It'll be hit and miss accoring to your stock portfolio but you'll soon learn after a £100 boost on 4 posts in a fortnight which ones work.