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  1. Good luck with it all Wayne! Where abouts in Devon are you to? Im Woolacombe/Ilfracombe
  2. Drop me a PM The prices you are looking at are for Consumers, not the trade
  3. Absolutely, and if you have time to do that it's great, I could look at cars all day, however if you want this to be automated and done very thoroughly in seconds, with extra tools like days to sale, stocking deprecation, specification and conditional difference, you know where to come Apologies EPV, We cant give all of our secrets away on an open forum, competitors are already trying to copy us! Yes for sure, like you say, auto trader lists 480k, think of all the dealers on this forum alone that only advertise a % on AT, or none at all, and all the main dealer approved used stock that isn't listed....
  4. We track the same vehicle across multiple sites so we see multiple prices (and price changes). Feel free to try out the tool for free at and see what you think of the values. We currently see around 650k cars on sale - we reckon there are a total (depending of seasonality) of 800k at any one time on the market so we have solid coverage of the retail market.
  5. EPV - Whichever ones we are allowed to, just like google Superlease - The market, as in the cars currently and historically being sold, what better way to work out the value of something, than look at what they are actually selling for/advertised for The most important bit, how much you should make on the car in both £££ and a % of value, aka, your Gross profit
  6. No need to hide behind "algorithms" We use the market, cars currently and historically advertised to work our Live Retail, Live Trade (both deadlined every 24hrs), Gross profit corridor in £££'s & %, Average days to sell & Stocking depreciation. No manual intervention, no editorial, just transparent market trends. Put simply, we know what the car should be selling retail for by looking at the rest of the market for that car/model/spec, then work back from that to work out acquisition cost etc. Mobile and tablet friendly, so perfect for auctions and part x's on the go.
  7. We, at Cazana do a retail back, real time, valuations lookup service, optimised for mobile and tablet use for the Auction houses and part exchanges, and is getting fantastic feedback from dealers. Please get in touch if you would like a free trial
  8. Seems the hard data confirms what you are all feeling:
  9. Found it very useful, met some great guys and girls for the first time, had some interesting and constructive chats and overall people spent the time to engage with us and sign up. It certainly could have been busier, but Tuesday was better than Monday, I think quality over quantity is the way I would summarise it.
  10. Whats the Story Here? I deal with Gary and he always seemed a nice guy with very interesting stock, did I miss something he did over the weekend?
  11. A good site with some useful info! Their check with finance is £19.95 for 4 or £9.95 each, the £1.99 one doesn't include finance info
  12. I was at the Dealer summit yesterday and saw their announcement/presentation, it was very good and its clear they have the right intentions at heart. They just seem like a good bunch of guys/dealers trying to help out their peers, they announced that as they now have a good number of suppliers, they can offer the first years membership for free now. Im sure this will come out in an announcement email soon.
  13. Best of luck with the IMDA, I think its going to be a great tool for dealers!
  14. Love the leopard print in the back What do we reckon it will go for?
  15. The only people I can think of that can help are Nene overland