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  1. I dont go to many of the big boy auctions any more. Is stuff actually behind book at the moment?
  2. How do you sign up to marketplace if you are a dealer and not with motors?
  3. Ive had an excellent 2019 but ive gone quiet last week/ 10 days.
  4. I assume you are only reading it with a basic obd code reader. I would recommend you putting it on a better machine. If the light is on there will be a code somewhere although it could be in the instrument cluster or traction control modules.
  5. Having a steady month in Norfolk. Not as good as Jan or Feb ( record Feb ) but still doing well. Gone a little quiet this week but into double figures for the month.
  6. Go for it i say. Obviously with ST's and especially Porsches if it goes wrong you could be several grand in the hole but if you can afford it then why not?
  7. Not sure i could justify if i was just doing car sales. With a workshop its a no brainer. I was at an auction the other week in my 5k transit. A dealer offered me 6k cash for it there and then but i would have to walk/train it home. Declined because i dont think i would find another as good as mine for what i paid.
  8. Normally send a courtesy email 14 days after sale personally.
  9. I am still on the old Portal as of tonight
  10. lastyboy


    Still busy on diesels in rural Norfolk. BUT people from Norfolk are normally the last to accept new technology.
  11. Going really well. Only stock 10 to 12 ( only 6 in stock at the moment ) and in double figures already for the month. Got some nice stuff in prep as well.
  12. Agree with Dave here. We fit loads of LUK clutches and flywheels and have only had 1 problem over the past 5 years. It could be the flywheel isnt correct but personally i would also investigate other avenues.
  13. Ha ha, you know what i mean. Used to be able to tag a post so it says you liked it
  14. I cannot like posts which is very annoying. Any ideas?