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  1. Bridge Motors in Frogmore. That's who we use for run of the mill stuff. Moosh, one of the owners us a good guy.
  2. I bought a car for a film shoot 2 weeks ago which has been sorned since 2016. It has a nice dateless plate on it that I want but is there a way for it to come to me rather than the previous keeper as it's been 'in the trade' since March 2016. Obviously I can tax and register it in my name but i'd rather not if possible.
  3. Check the rear sensors one by one with the system turned on. If one has failed, they all fail. They should all make a faint clicking noise if they're working. Easiest way to work out if an actual sensor has failed. Costs nothing!
  4. It's still going to have the current keepers details on it.
  5. I can't believe some of you do it without full payment upfront. At the very least we take £5k before clicking on any bid buttons.
  6. We do it all the time. Get the info from the customer, find one, take payment and then deliver it. I've got two to do right now.
  7. Ha, I know the difference but don't understand why the fee suddenly becomes VAT Q.
  8. Bought a few but never really noticed. Why does a VAT Q car make the buyers fee etc all inc VAT? Just bought a car and am going to save £135 on fees whereas a non VAT Q car there is no VAT that I can reclaim on the fees.
  9. Just updating to say I got new insurance. For an unbelievable premium considering the figures etc. Went with premiere insurance so thank you very much for the recommendation.
  10. You can't. At least you can't now. They won't release the vehicle until any Vat and duty has been paid.
  11. Can't help with the particular car but did he say how a US spec Z3 came over here? Very odd car to import! The yanks didn't even like them so barely sold any.
  12. Ha. Don't think I'm old but definitely wise when it comes to cars. We own another business that is based purely on supercars so it's not like I don't know anything about them. I would hope the risk wouldn't be me, more so the customers. I'll ring a few of the suggestions tomorrow and see what they say. Thanks.
  13. We are trying to change our business model haha. Surely 28 isn't really a risky age? Ive been around cars of high value for years so not like I'm inexperienced.
  14. I know there's a good range of traders on here so looking for some suggestions if possible. Our current limit is 50k per car but we need 100k maybe even higher. Our current insurer isn't willing to do it due to my age (28) and I remember a when I started out how hard it was to find a company willing to do upto 50k due to the bulk being performance cars. Anyone know of any insurers that may be able to offer a policy? Trading for 3 years, no claims at all and cars are kept in a nice area with decent security.
  15. Been around for years but always have to try and keep it quiet. Don't want customers knowing how long we've had a car for.
  16. Yeh I know lol. You almost got the stars lined up. A black line is much quicker haha..
  17. I have no idea what they're playing at. They've just rang me to tell me it went through today and it sold for £19400 yet they rang me last week asking for £1500 as it sold for £19k. What the hell is going on?
  18. Why do they insist on dicking around with adverts all the time. First it was all the info in one paragraph, then it was split into two and now all the spec etc is in a completely different drop down menu so now it looks like you haven't bothered to write a decent advert!
  19. I'd say 5 owners in 10 years to be completely average. We've had 2 year old cars with 3/4 owners before. Completely depends on the car for us.
  20. According to BCA (they've just rang me) there wasn't a single bid on it on the 29th and it sold today for £19k so they're saying I owe them £1500.
  21. I remember my first screamer. Was still living at my parents house. Awkward!
  22. I was chatting to a trader that I give some of our part exchanges to and he uses bcas funding. He said he had to sign a personal guarantee to secure the credit and didn't seem to phase him. Is that a standard thing? I don't think I'd be able to sleep at night if I was borrowing a few hundred grand and my house was on the line. Could get away from you so quickly. Do you guys have this?? If so, does it not worry you?
  23. It's always been 48 hours after you collect or it's been delivered. Their useless transport debt can take a week for us to deliver a car 80 miles away. I certainly wouldn't be buying from a distance if that was the case.