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  1. To be fair it is but one of a selection and we have been quiet for a couple of weeks. That just happens to be the one that I'd like to see gone the most. We sold one today anyway. We'll eat tonight.
  2. This thing has become an ornament. It's the cheapest, cleanest and lowest mileage car of its type within thirty miles and still, it sits there mocking me. We have a really low mileage Yaris that was owned by an old person and still has the original plastic sheeting on the door sills. Not one call on it worth bothering with.
  3. I tried it at the block today and found it wasn't working. I'm using a Windows phone on 4g, maybe that is the problem? The homepage was covered by another window that was translucent but blocked me from using the site. The homepage was also really wide. It's probably because I'm using a Windows phone.
  4. He's claiming peak car. which sounds like peak oil to me. The British population has expanded significantly over the last few decades. There are more potential punters out there.
  5. I like how the page auto loads when you get to the bottom, but how well does it work on phones or non-fibre internet?
  6. Thanks for that s and b. I'll look into it in the morning.
  7. A quick call to Fiat and it turns out a replacement key costs the same as a Hugo Boss watch. Not that I'd buy a Hugo Boss watch but It looks better value than a shitty Fiat key. The car works without the key anyway so I'm trying to flog it to a neighbour who's lad has fallen in love with its alloy wheels and side skirts.
  8. This weeks problem is a Punto with no remote fob. My fault for not checking but BCA declared on the sheet that the car had no spare key. It did, in fact, have a spare key and they had decided it was the main key... It's no point complaining to BCA because they have this in their T&C's. 7. “AS SEEN” VEHICLES A. Unless the auctioneer makes an announcement to the effect that the vehicle was or was treated as a total loss the contract of sale shall contain a term that a vehicle has not been treated by an insurance company as a total loss. Save for that term a vehicle sold “as seen” is sold and purchased for what it is and with its faults (if any) and, save for that term, the contract of sale shall not contain any condition, warranty or other term (whether express or implied and whether implied by statute, common law, custom or otherwise) as to the age, description, suitability, fitness for pupose, satisfactory quality or roadworthiness of the vehicle. All such conditions, warranties and other terms are hereby excluded. You live and learn.
  9. I was tempted to buy a mint V6 XType in champagne for pennies recently but I backed out. I'll know better next time.
  10. Volkswagen carpets are made for that treatment
  11. Thanks everybody for the welcome. Sorry for the tardiness of my reply but Sunday is the family day. The job has changed a great deal. For a start BCA was ADT and there was a lot of smaller auctions that I spent too many evenings competing with privates at. Most of those seem to have disappeared, which is a shame. I was also travelling up to Scotland to buy twice a week and now Arnold Clark brings them down to me at an increased price of course. And they are still rusting underneath prematurely... Autotrader was affordable and Ebay wasn't a thing that we dealt with at all. Actually, I am wondering whether the net is playing a part in creating monsters out of customers? At the time most of our business was walks on or repeat business which meant much less time wasting waiting for appointments. Plus we shut at a certain time and if they weren't there by then, tough luck. I am keeping to that particular mantra. My time is more valuable to me than theirs. Finally. The first car I sold was a 1986 Montego 1.6 in lovely beige. The updated model had come out and was two-tone with a grey bottom half. So I painted the entire bottom of the car with spray cans. Did a bloody good job too! The biggest change from then to now? Don't take a spray can to your stock.
  12. First off hello to everybody on the forum. I've been reading for a couple of weeks and learned a lot. It has also opened up an opportunity for us. Thanks, MrC. My Mum saw Margaret Thatcher on the news in 1983 and was inspired to start her own car sales business. After threatening my dad with divorce if he didn't give up his car sales job she ended up making a few quid. My brother an I worked as mechanics, valeters, salesman and buyers until 2003 when we buggered off to Germany to work for the US Army has mechanics. Between then and now we have worked in Germany, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. We are now starting up again. We have ten in stock which is our limit because of space but we are working on it. (again thanks, Mr C). We have plates and insurance but most importantly we have a good mechanic and valeter sorted. We are looking to expand year on year and are looking for contacts across the northwest. The job has changed so much that we are really starting from scratch but apart from unreliable customers, we are doing well.