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  1. Could you get Ling on at the same time?
  2. There is no employers contributions of NI. And it’s a little more tax efficient.
  3. The 8HO the O needs to be a 0 (Zero) The M part is a revision number (from memory) perhaps a later registered car on that model? The earlier ones should be ok, but will require coding via vag com.
  4. We are on a trading estate near a rubbish tip. The rubbish tip have a large clowder of cats... these cats love rats
  5. Thank you very muc LawJaw. This is a good help for many dealers on here.
  6. I was just thinking this. BCA could help out a little. I do hop they could at least waive them, and also ease the storage fees. I cant see transporter companies running on time at the moment.
  7. We got the phone call and an email. This is a great PR stunt over the Autotrader.
  8. under 6k seem to still be holding ok. and just no bidders at all, either online or in the hall.
  9. At the block, anything above 15k is 2 grand behind, and not selling by the looks of things.
  10. Have you tested the battery to see if it is ok? Is the alternator charging the battery? Do you have the engine running whilst operating the roof/windows?
  11. Pay yer money and take yer chances, just a quick scoot over the engine bay usually does the trick. No need for a deep cleanse, and knowledge on where tot to go crazy with the lance is a valuable asset.
  12. A good one? I presume you know about the grenade that Nissan fitted to this engine bay?