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  1. Worldwide pandemic? Causing supply chain problems? Perhaps your car hasn't been built yet? Have you spoke with KIA/Hyundai or dare is say it.......... SSSANNGYLONGDELIVERYTIMES
  2. HAS IT HAD THE DSG OIL CHANGED EVERY DAY OR EVERY 10 MILES? It says in the advert that all tyres have 7mm on them, what brand of tyre are they?
  3. Hey @New year revolutions...... .... did you not notice........@boringdave aka JasonDoyleMotors.... etc..... changed his name to @LINGSzCARS
  4. Is this any different to someone else coming on offering driving licenses or counterfeit money? It looks like spam to me...... I think Rory is right.... its just to boost her google rankings.
  5. Im not an expert on those barges. But both codes relate to a reciever/module programming issue. I thought SDD guided you through the faults? For what its worth, i only buy genuine sensors now. Does it need a wake up tool when programming them in?
  6. What model and year is it? what are the trouble codes and exact descriptions in SDD please?
  7. How do you ignore members again Justin?
  8. Could you get Ling on at the same time?
  9. There is no employers contributions of NI. And it’s a little more tax efficient.
  10. The 8HO the O needs to be a 0 (Zero) The M part is a revision number (from memory) perhaps a later registered car on that model? The earlier ones should be ok, but will require coding via vag com.
  11. Thank you very muc LawJaw. This is a good help for many dealers on here.