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  1. I remember one business local to us, their scam was getting friends and family to buy them at the docks for pittance and then selling them to the garage for more money avoiding the old vodka and tonic on the margin.
  2. Anyone got a few PHEV outlanders in stock? They were doing good money until yesterday.
  3. Hi James I just got sent that video this morning by a friend. I don't get how it could happen. I applied for a BBL via our bank (Natwest) This loan is a new account linked to our main account. Our main account is tied in with my own personal email. i got texts.emails for verification purposes. I wonder which bank it was via?
  4. Nah, I just had a nosey through the lists, im watching all sales thinking WTF? Im not buying a thing, ill put lads back on furlough for next month i reckon.
  5. Mind the book is no good on that, its no use at all. Its a roadster with 30k on it..... crap clean should have been way higher. Not over 4k though
  6. Ive bought it from our Valeting supplier, £8.40 for a litre bottle. His boxes of gloves are still a normal(ish) price of £5.99
  7. Even better still, employ a local chartered surveyor to carry out a schedule of condition.
  8. Worldwide pandemic? Causing supply chain problems? Perhaps your car hasn't been built yet? Have you spoke with KIA/Hyundai or dare is say it.......... SSSANNGYLONGDELIVERYTIMES
  9. HAS IT HAD THE DSG OIL CHANGED EVERY DAY OR EVERY 10 MILES? It says in the advert that all tyres have 7mm on them, what brand of tyre are they?
  10. Hey @New year revolutions...... .... did you not notice........@boringdave aka JasonDoyleMotors.... etc..... changed his name to @LINGSzCARS
  11. Is this any different to someone else coming on offering driving licenses or counterfeit money? It looks like spam to me...... I think Rory is right.... its just to boost her google rankings.
  12. Im not an expert on those barges. But both codes relate to a reciever/module programming issue. I thought SDD guided you through the faults? For what its worth, i only buy genuine sensors now. Does it need a wake up tool when programming them in?