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  1. Read today that theyre changing the search so it wont be low to high on price anymore. - Newsletter - Daily&utm_source=adestra&utm_term=Auto Trader updates search algorithm to focus on consumer relevance&gutid=194963
  2. CarGurus buying Piston Heads and Ebay buying Motors who is next?
  3. Have a business plan it keeps you honest if nothing else. If you are any good at the job you are doing today you can always get a job back in the trade if it doesnt work out. Dont leave your current job until you have all if not everything in place and then go for it. Best of luck.
  4. Retail back to work out what I can afford to pay. Autotrader for checking Retail prices unless its a young vehicle then I check the Manufacturer used sites. I dont bother with any other guides any more.
  5. Does anyone have any success selling add ons on used cars? A guy I buy from says he does it to boost profits. I am thinking of offering paint protection but not sure punters would buy that on a used car... Which one sells best? Is there anything else we should be offering? Any advice appreciated...
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    FINDmugdealersANDFUNDMYCARwebsiteforme.COM The only winners so far have been the advertising agencies and the TV and Radio stations that have burned up all their cash. Does anyone know exactly how big the audience is that they deem to have and are looking to grow?
  7. Its easier for punters to ask for a deal these days because its behind a keyboard or a text message. It depends when they start asking though. I find if its the first thing they want to know then it very rarely results in a sale, If they ask questions about the car first and about us and then the price I usually find they are more serious about buying the car. Because I work hard to find my retail prices I dont do deals anymore though I just do gestures fo the right customers. The space cadets get thanked for their efforts.
  8. Slow start but the last 2 weeks has been manic on track for a strong month hoping for a good result this bank holiday though its usually feast or famine this time of year.
  10. How much is it after the free trial please?
  11. Are you saying 600-800k unique vehicles in the market at any one time? That seems like a lot. The most I’ve ever seen on Autotrader is about 480k and there probably not all unique. Which sites are you getting all this data from then? Free trial or not I think these are fair questions as you’ll want paying at some point right?
  12. Ok thanks that makes sense, when you say the market what exactly do you mean though please? Sorry to be a pain but as I would expect all of these valuation providers seem to be the most accurate etc.
  13. Heard a guy at the auction mention this the other week. Can you explain how you work out your valuations please because he couldnt? Thanks
  14. Ok I have had a look at your site now.... Is this a wind up?
  15. Kenny, How much traffic does your site get? Thanks SuperLease
  16. Had a good run first 4mths of the year but I tell you what these last 8 weeks have been the worst I have known it for getting hold of decent stock. What is everyone esle doing please because I am pretty sure I am on every trade website/auction there is?
  17. How are you meant to know though if a used car that youre selling has or has not had supermarket fuel in it? When / if he turns up tomorrow I might offer to replace the fuel filter and then if he decides to not use SM fuel thereafter at least he will have peace of mind.
  18. From what I remember the fuel was actually contaminated.
  19. All suppliers use the same base fuel and that base fuel must meet certain standards. The differencen thereafter is the additives they choose to mix it with and of course you pay a premium for thia fuel because certain additives enhance the performance and economy but there is no evidence or proof that the base fuel actually damages the engine.
  20. Guy rings up on a diesel we've got for sale. C: "Do you know if it has ever had supermarket diesel in the tank?" Me: "I wouldnt know for certain sorry why do you ask?" C: "My friend is a mechanic and he said not to buy any car that has had supermarket fuel put into it" Me: "Why not?" C: "Its cheap because it ruins your engine" Me: "They sell cheap milk as well does your friend know if thats bad for you too?" C: "I dont know I wouldnt think so hes a mechanic not a doctor?" Me: "Do you think if the milk was bad for you because it was cheap that they would be allowed to keep on selling it?" C: "No I suppose not" Me: "Makes you think doesnt it?" C: "Erm yes I see what you mean" Me: "Good luck finding a used one that you can be sure has never had any cheap nasty supermaket fuel in it" C: "Ok thanks, could I come and look at it anyway" Me: "Only if you feel safe and you dont bring your friend with you" C: "Be down at 10am tomorrow if thats ok?" Me: "No problem I might be a couple of minutes late, I need to stop off at asda for some milk on the way in. You'll be wanting a nice cup of coffee when you get here wont you?" C: "LOL"
  21. I despair with some customers I really do. This job would be a whole lot easier without them :-) As far as I am aware you are not expected to retain any part exchanges on the off chance the deal has to be undone within the first 30 days that would just be business suicide and even if you still have the px you are not obliged to return it as part refund. Let the main dealer repair it, buy it back off the customer with no faults and then sell both cars retail. In my experience the sooner you nip these types of issues in the bud the better. Best of luck
  22. Just posted on a different thread on here about the exact same topic. "Ive called and spoke with my rep this morning and my bill is going up by roughly 5 or 6 percent. I dont use anthing else other than AT for used cars so its not really that big of a deal for me. Dont get me wrong I would be happier if it wasnt going up but that is never ever going to happen. If I was on other sites then I suppose I would have to reconsider but all the others that I have ever tried just dont cut it. Interestingly I recieved two emails this week notifying me that my Mobile Phone contracts are going up by about 4% too. I am with two differnet providers EE and O2 and tbh O2 is poor by comparison so guess what I have cancelled my O2 contracts. Will I increase my spend with EE? Probably because it works better for me. Its not rocket science just run your bsuiness how you see fit and if you dont feel that youre getting a decent roi or value for money then can it off. If you dont then more fool you I say" Hats off to those that have found a way to run a succesful business without the need to use Autotrader but for those that carry on using them but constantly whine on about it I just dont understand it.