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  1. Dealer auction dont sent anyone out to do inspections / photos Ask them!
  2. Nope - its all about the hyphen.
  3. Ever since auctions started, auctioneers have started the bidding and run bids to reserve whether a car auction or something else. Its how the world turns and is covered in the terms as 'bidding on behalf of the vendor' and is only done up to reserve. If only genuine bids could be taken think how long it would take and how much time would be wasted with offers miles off what anyone would take on hundreds of cars. We might nick the odd one but it would be unworkable day after day. Everyone knows the rules and looks to make it work for them, both sides of the rostrum.
  4. Later model lease and manufacturer stock moving online at rapid rate. Dealer Px physical auctions will be around for a few years to come yet. I think the auctions would prefer it if it all stayed physical as that's where the higher fees come in
  5. That's strange. The Manheim product is 7 days cover vs 48 hours with BCA and AB. Sounds like something else might have been the reason
  6. I've learnt about SureCheck the hard way. Bought a 320 with timing chain issue and claimed but was told it was failed on the sheet for engine noise so was down to me. First i assumed they only pass the ones without any faults (naive, i know). Read the SureCheck brochure in detail and now understand it and use the QR code on the flash to read the full report that's available online which shows fails on the inspection. I find it better than BCA Assured. Get 7 days on it vs 2 with BCA. I've had a clutch done on a Gold cover Surecheck that was slipping when driving but all the rest of auction cover is static check. Im not paying £40 either - its less than that.