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  1. As said by most people i dont have a leg to stand on. I didnt do this intentionally knowing that the car had a fault. I dont even know if the car has a fault infact as the buyer is claiming. I will be in touch with the buyer to ask for proof of a diagnostic report to confirm the car actually has a fault and look to resolve this. i was under the impression that it was a car that i was using privately as a run around for a short period and hence just wanted to sell it cheap hence put it up as a private sale on the auction as i knew there probably isnt much life left in the car so whoever is buying a 175,000 mile car will buy it with the risks associated with the mileage. I have never otherwise sold a vehicle like this privately and as the car was only £500 i wouldnt have sold it from my premises where most cars are £5-7k upwards. |It quite alarming him claiming £2000 to repair the head gasket for a £500 car. I didnt sign for it. My mum did but it wasn't addressed to anyone. Just had my address with no name whatsoever.
  2. I genuinely would never sell a car if to my attention has a problem and that to from my home doorstep. The buyer clearly knew its my personal car that ive have been driving. With all my cars that i sell from my business premises we always stick on a 6 month warranty as standard with WMS for the customers peace of mind. Usually all over our cars we sell are well under 10 years old and under 100,000 miles. The issue with the BMW i sold was that first it was over 15 years old and had done 175,000 miles and there is no way WMS would let me stick a suitable warranty product on that car hence the reason why i sold it on an ebay auction and i made it very clear to the person buying it that there is no warranty whatsoever with this car and never provided any of my company paperwork to him. The letter he sent me was via special delivery and he is using the sale of goods act 1979 instead of the consumer rights act 2015 which would generally be the case buying from a trader. He hasnt addressed it to anyone, just my home address as he doesnt know my company details.
  3. I bought a BMW 2003 320d in october 2017 from another trader so never filled out the logbook as it was bought into my trade as the previous trader had sent of the yellow slip which his details tot he dvla. I was using the car for personal use as a run around and after 5 months of use i decided to sell the car as i no longer needed it. Due to high mileage and age which was over 15 years old i decided to put it up on ebay as an auction so sold it from my private ebay account not disclosing anywhere in the advert that i am a dealer nor implying any warranty on the car. The winning bidder came and bought the car. He inspected the car, took it for a test drive and was happy with it. He drove the car home which was over 150 miles from where he came. Now after about 5 weeks of purchasing the car he sent me a letter stating the car has a severe head gasket problem and will cost £2000 to repair at BMW and wants me to pay for the costs or take the car back. The car was still running strong despite high mileage and i'm surprised the head gasket would have failed. He just sent me a letter stating under the sale of goods act 1979 i sold him a car which didnt match the description as in the advert i wrote car has no problems. The buyer only got to find out i am a vehicle trader when we we chatting whilst completing the paperwork and it told him my full time profession is a vehicle trader but this is my personal vehicle hence selling it sold as seen hence why i am selling from home and now my business premises. Over the time i owner the car it perfectly fine so i'm asking other fellow traders where do i stand? I sold it as a private sale, from my home address and didnt give any company invoice neither any warranty. Just filled out a AA car sellers contract which clearly states the vehicle is sold as seen, tried an approved by the purchaser. Should i bother replying back to his letter?