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  1. I am based in Northern Ireland and UsedcarsNI over here have also reduced packages by 50%. For a month anyway. Hopefully until it all settles
  2. Thanks for all the advice and an update. Got some flash spray with bicarbonate of soda out of Tesco. Sprayed on thick left for 5 mins and a gentle scrub with a microfibre cloth and the make up melted away. I then shampooed seats with a wet vac. hopefully it dries out well.
  3. Looking a little advise please. have taken a fiesta in as a trade and both front seats are covered in ground in makeup which is proving hard to remove. Have used a George with fabric cleaner but it is difficult for it to break the makeup down. Was going to try maybe TFR or would this be to much for the fabric? Any recommendations please? Also it’s a zetec S so the fabric is softer than the normal fiestas thanks
  4. Had a TTS in gold/beige and the V5 said silver. The Audi paint colour was called Sahara Silver. Check the manufacturers colour name. Think some VAG Cars are white but listed as silver also.
  5. Auto Finesse Tripple is great stuff.
  6. I have tried both manual listing and removing VRM but still gets price markers.... has this worked completely for anyone?
  7. Had this before on a white 2013 focus. Came to auction as a cat b. Should have been scrapped. After a few checks it’s turns out the owner had a private Reg. They wrote off a white 2013 focus, then bought the exact same model, colour and year and transferred the Reg to it. Reg was still flagged to the wrote off previous car. Once HPI notified with chassis numbers all cleared up within 24 hours.
  8. Had a magenta titanium 3 door 1.4 for ages as well. Very low miles, started at 4995 gradually reduced to 3850 over 5 months, not a sniff. Fresh mot, new photos and back up to 4995, sold in a week! Magenta red and Squeeze green are both hard work. Both colours I think were an extra £400 option.
  9. It might not be in trade yet with the DVA as it has no V5. If this is the case it’s a ball ache as the DVA might have to wait 21 days for the previous keeper not to respond to their request regarding they have sold it if you want it in your name. Apply to tax it in your name on a V62 if it’s in trade. Over here most folk are fine buying with no V5. We can’t do new keepers online, all new keepers must go to the post office to get tax with insurance etc.. phone Swansea for clarity though as it seems to change every month. Same tax office but different rules for NI cars. Once it’s in new keepers name and they have new V5, I believe you have to send a letter in to Swansea to get English plate. Same the other way if we want a NI number on a previous plate from the mainland. Have not done it in a while so rules may have changed.
  10. Very similar, though wife does the VAT every quarter and accountant runs his eye over it. Doesn’t charge the £100 quarter for this.
  11. Had something very similar with Autotrader recently, some idiot left me a negative review who I never met or done business with. Autotrader refused to remove it and obviously backed this idiot above me a paying customer. I removed all adverts and served my 30 days cancellation notice. I welcome genuine negative reviews as once responded to can be seen as a positive. But not some keyboard warrior with nothing else to do.
  12. For all that it is I would just touch them in yourself with a proper colour match touch up kit, £10 ish. That’s really nothing for the age and miles Same silver colour should do bumper and alloys.
  13. Had to replace a door mirror indicator unit on a CLK recently, push in two clips behind mirror with a flathead and they slide out. Mercedes had them on the shelf and cheaper than the local breakers.
  14. She brought it to two mechanics who diagnosed plugs and MAF, so very minor. Have asked for a report from both mechanics with a diagnostic print out, she has said they won’t as they don’t want involved. I don’t think car has been to any mechanic and her top gear watching car expert boyfriend has diagnosed this. I have offered to collect and repair twice which is refusing. First time driver! £2900 . 2010 ka with fresh MOT 84000 miles