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  1. This will be the problem. Yes people will still want cars but with people cutting costs and losing jobs it will be the banger selling Facebook doorsteppers that will thrive.
  2. Prices seamed to steady out a bit towards the end of last week. I managed to nick 3 well under cap on Friday.
  3. I know I’m in the minority here but I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. If you have underlying health conditions fair enough but if your fit and healthy you really have been sucked into the scaremongering media hype. Official nhs statistics, that anyone can view online show that 27,000 people have died in hospital with COVID in their system but not as the sole cause of death. Less than 1300 people have died of COVID without any known underlying health conditions. In 2018 (latest the figures go up to) just shy of 30000 people died in the uk of influenza/pneumonia (seasonal flu) Do you panic every winter that you may catch seasonal flu from a customer?
  4. They probably haven’t had a choice but to offer online bidding to everyone at the min. With them being closed to physical auction they’ll be losing all custom from the part time dealers selling a couple month and only have a blue/silver card.
  5. We’ll just have to see how things are in a few weeks. It’s ok filling yourself with overpriced stock but if the public aren’t buying they’ll be collecting dust.
  6. Best one I seen last week whilst having the live auction on in the background.... 2004 Suzuki Alto at Enfield I think it was. On the register three times. Cat D once and Cat C twice, don’t think it had an MOT. Cap clean was £350, guessing that’s without taking write off into consideration? Sold for £775+fees seriously who on earth is going to make any money out of that? It’s worth scrap value.
  7. Agreed but at least the high prices could be justified if I could actually see/here the cars in person. Must be some burnt fingers out there at the min. I was wondering where we’d stand with that at the min though. As usually with a live physical auction if the car came in smoking or knocking the auctioneer would usually announce it for online bidders. But obviously not now, so would you have a right to complain if you turned up to collect and it had a serious engine fault?
  8. Glad it’s not only me that’s noticed. Prices are beyond a joke and there’s definitely some big risk takers out there, as you say paying way over cap clean for even UKCGR stuff that’s bound to be scrap. I think a lot of dealers are sourcing elsewhere as I’m even struggling to buy private. Rang about a few private ads this week that have literally been listed within an hour to be told they’ve already sold.
  10. I’ve just renewed mine and it actually came down for a change. Only downside is they’ve changed my password for the mid update app and I can’t get hold of anyone to find out what it is.
  11. They can only reopen if the can adhere to the rules. I still can’t see how they can with so many people in a small space. They won’t want to limit numbers as it may lose buyers. Only option I can see is they limit it to the account holder only. No private buyers and no bringing your mate or your cousins.
  12. They were, just ignored it. They’ve sold a fair few too according to their website.
  13. There’s pitches near me that have never shut, been open all through lockdown but for viewing on appointment only.
  14. Pointless them reopening yet anyway, they’ve not got enough stock coming in to warrant having full daily auctions running again. Although WBAC have reopened some branches this week so bca will be getting some stock starting to roll in now.
  15. Bca has seamed pricey to me considering the current situation. Although I’m not sure how many are actually “selling” as I’ve seen a few coming back through over and over again.