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  1. Yes, to many people, hence the high prices
  2. Best one we had, fair play to the guy, asked us for a valuation on p/x so we just sent him WBAC value and said we’d match it. He got offended and sent us back the WBAC valuation of the car we was selling ,which was less than half of retail, and said that was all he wanted to pay for ours then.
  3. Yea happening a lot, But as said it always has, I’ve noticed on pricey days they expect to get top money for everything including grade 5’s. Same cars selling a week later for under cap below. If they’ve had a profitable day not sure why they won’t just let lower grade stuff sell cheaper rather than dragging it out.
  4. Guessing this idea will be scrapped now for the time being with the 6 people rule?
  5. I agree with this, feels like we’re all in the same boat now. Before, when watching online, if something was going through the hall cheap it actually put me off bidding as I’d often wonder why nobody in the hall was interested. Stupid as it sounds I feel like I have more confidence bidding online now that I used to.
  6. I was thinking about this too, bca measham is one of our local sites, huge place but very little being sold from there online at the min. All seams to be coming from Walsall. We’re spoilt for choice for bca sites in the midlands so can’t see them keeping them all open personally.
  7. Surely they only have until next month to make a future decision though? Doubt they’ll pay wages of all the drivers, auctioneers, canteen staff etc currently on furlough.
  8. I know this has been mentioned before over the last few months but I was thinking yesterday with furlough ending next month and a lot of auction staff still off work are physical auctions gone for good? Bca seam in no rush to reopen and having recently launched their collection booking app I can’t see it happening anytime soon.
  9. No they’ve mixed all dealership disposals into “dealer sale” now. It should still say who the vendor is on the vehicle description, Pendragon, Bristol street, Trade centre etc. The one you need to watch is “flash sale” as I’ve seen a few multi vendor cars end up in there without being disclosed as multivendor.
  10. They must of changed that as it was only in my name for about a week.
  11. They dont, long story short I bought private just after lockdown when auction prices were through the roof. Seller was being funny about me filling in the trade section of the V5 for some reason so I just put it in my name. WBAC offered me £500 more than I paid for it so off it went to them for a quick flip.
  12. WBAC are not doing that. I traded a van into them a few weeks back, it was going through bca two days later.
  13. Really wouldn’t let it worry you, the way things are at the min it’s probably been driven straight from the dealership, through the auction gates and into the photo booth.
  14. Been ok with assured reports but bought three over the last couple of weeks sold with two keys and only turned up with one.