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  1. Lakeside


    I noticed that too, although we won a car online just before the lockdown from BCA Walsall, we was told the car would now be locked in and we wouldn’t be able to collect until after the lockdown is lifted. No storage fees will incur but we was told the car still needed to be paid for within the time frame.
  2. It’s going to be a vicious circle for a while, it’s ok hoping that we all keep selling but I think sourcing stock Is going to be a problem for the time being to.
  3. Initial quote usually is high on WBAC to get you interested. Start adding a couple of chips and scratches and the value soon halves.
  4. Correct I believe. The 1.8 in the 6 was basically a heavily reworked k-series, they actually seam to have cured the head gasket problems and made it a decent engine but then dropped it.
  5. I didn’t even know it was £1495! I thought it was still at £1000
  6. I’ve heard good things about the ZS and GS. I got stung with an MG 6 though, they came well specced but everything had the quality of a Poundland Xmas cracker toy. 70k miles, dash lit up like an Xmas tree, blew a turbo, gearbox whine, electric windows packed up. All in all it was utter crap. I’ve heard the MG 3’s go through timing chains quicker than oil changes too.
  7. Midlands, mostly buying from bca measham/Walsall
  8. Not to bad, I’m finding buying really easy too which has shocked me for a January to be honest. Usually in previous years I’m massively out priced at the block.
  9. Has live data actually been checked or is your garage just playing parts darts? And 02 sensor fault code can relate to a lot of other things. Cat could be knackered for a start.
  10. I can see yellow slip changing in the near future, or even v5’s in general. i was watching one of these police documentaries not long back and the officer on there was saying how old fashioned the way we register cars/owners is these days. He was saying cars registered in trade or fake details causes them so many problems when checking for insurance and tracing drivers etc.
  11. Genuinely interested people will work around you, people that want to view it “NOW!” and no other time is possible are usually messers.
  12. Strange how what works for some doesn’t work for others. I binned eBay earlier this year as interest seriously dried up and tried AT on a PAYG basis. For me AT was worse, even priced keenly the phone still wasn’t ringing so back to eBay I went and I’ve had the best two months I’ve had all year.
  13. Flood damaged cars are nearly always Cat B. It’s due to the fact water seaps in everywhere and may not cause issues until months down the line when corrosion starts in ecu’s etc. It’s not worth the hassle and come backs for insurance companies.
  14. Seams like for once I’m busier than everyone else for a change. Selling plenty but I can’t buy, being seriously out priced at the block for over two weeks now.