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  1. Morning All, I do try to smile though it all but we were informed this morning the ALL DVSA testing will be suspended until further notice. Kind Regards ; Richard Hennessey and Peter Hearn, Directors of Operations, DVSA Unsure what we are meant to do with that info lol lol.
  2. It has helped my cheaper end of the business. Sold a car to a woman yesterday who "Didn't want to get public transport due to the risk...."
  3. I also had the same problem there as well. I thought it was BCA! Opps. Thanks very much for help
  4. An impossible question. 2 months and I tend to look over everything from adverts, new pictures, better detailing etc etc. I aim for 1 month. This week I've done 4 cars, 3 in stock 48 hours 1 in stock 3 months Got 2 cars currently been in stock 4 months so you can never tell.
  5. But the law actually states something very different. I once chucked them on ebay for £1 and see where they went but apparent come backs from ebay is okay and no longer an auction format! etc. Nightmare
  6. Yes the response has been somewhat overwhelming.... maybe to cheap. But at £995 are exceptions twice that of a £530 car?
  7. SOLD FOR £530, knocked me down £20 as missing the spare wheel. One down, 2 to go....
  8. I know, I know totally agree. 1st chap just turned up... trader...
  9. That is what worries me as I like to think I do everything by the book and actually like to go above and beyond to help people... Totally agree. I know I can jsut throw their money back at them if they start moaning but I do question the line of its a cheap car so expectations should be that in line with the price, age and miles etc etc. Also watched a great program on the FPace Jaguar being built. The main guy being interviewed from Jaguar stated, " people are buying a luxury car and have the expectations of it lasting 10 years". If that is how long they expect new cars to last, how the hell are we meant to gauge it at the bottom USED end hehe.
  10. Good Morning all. A bit of a strange one you will laugh about / or at me! I've avoided taking part exchanges on the cheaper end of the market for almost 20 years. Anything that arrived I traded or scrapped. ( Local mechanic being my best trader!) Last week I got 3 cheapies in for cheapies! So decided to clean them up and shove them on facebook. They drove to me and I gave them a valet and checked all levels. All have 6 months plus MOT and tidy. I've put them up at just above cost to get the spaces back. But, I'm actually dreading comebacks and complaints from them. Reading some posts it puts the fear of god in me. Example. 308 sold for £2k, 206 taken in px. Gave £500. Valeted and levels checked. Quick test drive, advertised £550 with known issues ( handbrake high and rear wiper not working). Up to 30 replies from people wanting to come down within 24 hours. How would anyone go on selling this? It is so cheap as I just want the space and £500 back + valet + petrol back. Would most just avoid this end? Or pick sensible people to sell to? Or just scrap them and move on? Interested to know other peoples take on the cheaper end!! Everything else I advertise on AT comes with 12 months mot, serviced and PDI inc all chips and scuffs + alloys sorted.
  11. Sold 50% stock (4 No out of 8 cars) which is a great start. However margins tighter and buying stuff over Cap/Glass doesn't sit well with me so holding back a little
  12. What real workshop invoice states a storage fee? Plus it is a terrible fake anyway. Tell him your solicitors will be in contact and to go away
  13. My 35th birthday present to myself... DB9 Volante. 3,000 miles over 3.5 years, 20k bath in the end. (Sold it last year thank goodness, they have continued to drop) Never again... until the next time. Replaced it with a baby so I don't mind at all.
  14. Hi, I've used them for the last 10 years without any issues. Never made a claim but for a small part time business they work a treat. They are also willing to haggle and each time becoming the cheapest even if you shop around. I update and manage my MID myself and once I'd saved the link, its a couple of clicks. Previously used RoadRunner but I found bollington more helpful and accessible.