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  1. Sounds like accountants running the company
  2. I meant, sign of the times with people having to much time to surf and waste. I have enough jobs without you adding to them : )
  3. Isn't it just a sign of the times? At the moment, all I've had is messers and dreamers no matter what I'm selling. They seem to come in waves, possibly sat bored, planning on wasting time over the long bank holiday weekend. Roll on next couple of weeks
  4. best of luck, it can be a lot of fun but stock value is high at the moment and suggestions are... some are going to get caught holding the baby so to speak very soon when the economy crashes. However for now, it is busy so make hay, have fun and expect your first screemer/i bought the wrong car/ the key fob battery has gone...! All the best : )
  5. Sorry to hear this. But Multi vendor.... No check... Porsche... Three red flags. I always take auction stuff on the chin. The good out weigh the bad. Always learning in the job! Nightmare for you but if your buying 100 cars plus and you would have mad maybe 3/4k margin in it so its a 2k loss maybe? That is how I'd look at it, sort it and move on!! But sorry again, hope you sort it. I wouldnt waste and time with BCA if there were no checks etc. Just wasting your energy and life...
  6. Morning All, I do try to smile though it all but we were informed this morning the ALL DVSA testing will be suspended until further notice. Kind Regards ; Richard Hennessey and Peter Hearn, Directors of Operations, DVSA Unsure what we are meant to do with that info lol lol.
  7. It has helped my cheaper end of the business. Sold a car to a woman yesterday who "Didn't want to get public transport due to the risk...."
  8. I also had the same problem there as well. I thought it was BCA! Opps. Thanks very much for help
  9. An impossible question. 2 months and I tend to look over everything from adverts, new pictures, better detailing etc etc. I aim for 1 month. This week I've done 4 cars, 3 in stock 48 hours 1 in stock 3 months Got 2 cars currently been in stock 4 months so you can never tell.
  10. But the law actually states something very different. I once chucked them on ebay for £1 and see where they went but apparent come backs from ebay is okay and no longer an auction format! etc. Nightmare
  11. Yes the response has been somewhat overwhelming.... maybe to cheap. But at £995 are exceptions twice that of a £530 car?
  12. SOLD FOR £530, knocked me down £20 as missing the spare wheel. One down, 2 to go....
  13. I know, I know totally agree. 1st chap just turned up... trader...
  14. That is what worries me as I like to think I do everything by the book and actually like to go above and beyond to help people... Totally agree. I know I can jsut throw their money back at them if they start moaning but I do question the line of its a cheap car so expectations should be that in line with the price, age and miles etc etc. Also watched a great program on the FPace Jaguar being built. The main guy being interviewed from Jaguar stated, " people are buying a luxury car and have the expectations of it lasting 10 years". If that is how long they expect new cars to last, how the hell are we meant to gauge it at the bottom USED end hehe.