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  1. you need some kind of image.... a coming soon image will suffice
  2. You are the sort of mechanic I like to deal with.
  3. Anyone advertising on hey car? seen it a lot on google ads....
  4. Lol! Yeah engine fell out in on the summer of 2011! that info is from auto trader
  5. Ok I’m confused with this too. Just bought this Audi TT for £4900 plus fees and delivery from BCA. Everything was going way over book. This capped at £5300. Grade 4 no condition report. No mechanical report. Just said engine smoking / rough running on the screen. this car in my eyes is mechanically perfect, the bodywork is grade 1/2 - it drives like a dream, it has 11 stamps..... yes 11..... and only 2 owners. bridgestone tyres all round with 5mm tread on all of them and been meticulously looked after. thank you very much, Best Buy of the the day by miles.
  6. Has anyone got that feeling that they are reading from a script when you start shouting at them?
  7. So found out today after a heated arguement regarding price markers that all their trade and retail prices are worked out by dealer auction and Aston Barclay lol. I asked them why they are Not using BCA prices And they couldn’t answer me. i also asked them if anyone had been to an auction recently from auto trader and by going on their prices we will be running on £200 per car after prep lol so basically they are basing their pricing from 2 of the worst places ever.... absolute clowns
  8. Blue motor finance are starting their own stocking loans soon. Within the next few months I believe.
  9. We have just gone from spending £450 on the lowest package, and upped it to £1300 on the sponsored listing packages. We sold 9 from gurus in jan from 38 in stock.
  10. I try to not sell anything higher than fair. Which is yellow. I have sold a couple on high price but they are normally with really stunning alloys or white in colour as white seems To command much more money in Essex. Especially in Audi TTs or a nice c class. It can’t drive prices down if cap prices are expensive! You’ll be selling stuff for what you pay for it otherwise. Auto trader prices are about £700 too cheap at the minute. Rediculous Price gap between cap and auto trader
  11. What’s your postcode? I will see if I can find the issue lol
  12. I have put quite a lot of warranties through handler, but we have come away from them now. Useless company. We have had payouts however but they are shite
  13. i sell a fair few c classes. i have sold a few c200's with no probs. even manual ones have sold well. as long as they look decent and are not basic they sell well.
  14. i bought 5 from blackbushe on monday, decent but bought a coupe that needed paint, but i like those ones.