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  1. Haha I’ve had this. Ours another owner on but can save about a grand on a car sometimes just because no v5
  2. No grants unfortunately in rates as we are not the rate payer
  3. We cancelled straight away. 50% off when it is illegal to trade.
  4. Nothing to pay ever until we are allowed to re open
  5. Hi mate thanks. We always pay our rent on time and normally the quickest payers on the site. Very very understanding landlords. I hope everyone is healthy and staying away from this virus. Health is wealth
  6. My landlord has given us free rent for the foreseeable future at £3500 p/m I hope you guys are getting some kind of relief from understanding landlords.... this virus is going to be here for a minimum of 6 months from a good source. i will sleep better tonight that’s for sure
  7. Jesus trade vet, you are the most depressing person ever
  8. We are fully open, but customers are few and far between.
  9. Thanks gents! How’s business. We have done a few bits. 9 for the month and a fair bit of finance. 50% down on last year though but not totally hopeless yet.
  10. Ok thank you. i shut the car down straight away and drove It back Slowly. Engine sounds sweet still luckily so will start with that. Any other ideas after that?
  11. 2.7 xf 2008 auto Just had a car come back after 21 days of being owned by the customer saying it’s not right. his had restricted performed light and Apparently smoke From the engine bay. ive just taken it out as it started fine and gave it a bit of welly. The car ran away with itself uncontrollably when I hit the kick Down in in 3rd - 2nd gear. Went up into the red line I pulled over and yes smoke from engine bay. what’s everyone’s thoughts?
  12. Does anyone know anyone personally that has had it or died from it?
  13. I Disagree. Sounds to me they are both great hoovers
  14. Totally disagree. I’m a gas engineer and the George’s don’t compare. I’ve used my titan for stuff you done even want to know about. All of my colleagues switched from George’s to titans My titan is 4 years old and still going strong.
  16. Titan from screwfix. Wipes the floor with all others for only £70.
  17. Our record was a lovely black scirocco 2.0 gt tdi lovely looking car. 342 days in stock. Didn’t make sense
  18. I just don’t know how they justify it. They drive the prices down and then tell us to pay more!
  19. This is why you MUST attend auctions. I have bought mint grade 4’s with no mech report on condition report that you simply would not buy online.
  20. Good for the brand, don’t expect to sell many cars
  21. you need some kind of image.... a coming soon image will suffice
  22. You are the sort of mechanic I like to deal with.