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  1. Thanks Umesh. All is good here Thank you. Hope all is OK with you. When things are a bit more back to "normal" I will give you a call. Take care Thanks Ian. The 300CE is a real minter considering the mileage and how old it is. I should probably up the price. It gets so many ad views daily and plenty of enquiries. Nothing firm yet, but it should sell pretty quickly when someone can actually come and view it. Never done well with manual Mercedes, but it came in PX at a good price, so lets see. I will take a trade bid from up north if I cannot shift it With regard to the CFO - Yep, not far off. I just try to hide the cock ups and the losses Thanks Casper. Very kind. I hope you and your family are also well.
  2. Thank you - Not sure I would go that far though Thank you for the kind words. Very much appreciated Simon
  3. Absolutely Mark. £50 is ridiculously good value when you consider all of the content currently being created. And you can get the magazine in digital format right now as well.
  4. A 2nd vote for Ashley at UK Global, however Aston Lark came up trumps for me this year with AXA, and I was also on the NIG deal last year.
  5. Robins and Day used to put all their trade stuff through Full Auction, so there used to be quite a lot of stock up for grabs on there. However they signed a deal with Aston Barclay as they grew and pretty much killed FA overnight. Not been the same since!
  6. +1 Its great value for money and good support when needed.
  7. Wondering where I have gone wrong.....
  8. Agreed about lack of permission, but you need to check if Lookers did indeed insure it through Cooper Solutions. There will be a record on their system. Not sure where that leaves you if no permission given and no MOT ?
  9. Nick Have you cancelled AT Vehicle Check ?
  10. If you use Motonovo, they cover the cost of iVendi.
  11. Coastal, Your circumstances sound very similar to mine. I made the leap a year ago, and to be honest I haven't regretted it. It has been tough, don't get me wrong, but you have a good chance of succeeding as you have a background in the industry. £60k sounds a good starting pot to me. Start small and build it up. Keep your overheads as low as possible. Wish you all the very best., And I agree with this 100%
  12. I use Vehicle Trader by BBSOL. I pay £200 per year. If you want Sage 50 essentials it is another £220 a year. Great value IMHO Does all the invoicing stuff as above and integrates with Sage. Does none of the feed stuff but my website back office does all that.
  13. I got access within 24 hours..... But I knew the secret handshake
  14. Ben, I am pretty certain that BCA will put Silver account holders on a gold "trial" As long as you buy 6 cars in the 6 month "trial" you will be at Gold level. You will need to maintain the buying levels etc Also, welcome Firefighter Wash. You will get excellent advice on here. Great community !
  15. Yes Nick. I believe so. I think the minimum is 5 checks.
  16. I am sure it is 12 months notice for cancellation. Well mine is but only had the account for a year. Maybe less for those who have held accounts longer ?
  17. I like the idea of the AT vehicle checks and will definitely save me money, but I think the HPI cancellation notice period is 12 months!
  18. I sell all my non retail PX through Full Auction. No sellers fees at the moment and I have always made reserve even though the volume of cars listed is quite low. There are a fair few regulars on there.