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  1. offers around £9600 cap clean £9450 have put it on auto trader for £9850 had a few calls
  2. looks like ill be retailing it, look forward to all the dreamers and best price crew lol im in north east , ill retail it just not my thing retail,
  3. Are these cars hard work in a 3dr not had one for a year or more ? 2013 120d M sport 3dr white manual 53k full history Put it on cars to trade and not had a bid, all I've seen on here lately is people saying how had stock is to find . thanks
  4. that surprise me I'm only 20 min away from there and it would be the last auction I went to lol last time I was there nearly every car was scrap or had a story . glad I don't have to buy from auctions anymore not been for about 6 years now .
  5. sorry should of put to sell stock. I can buy plenty and have homes for most its just the odd couple a week to trade, autotrade mail used to be good for it years ago . mark
  6. I've always put odd ball stuff on eBay and done well.
  7. hi just wonder what sites people are using was on autotrade mail for about 8 years got rid about year ago as auto trader ruined it . I've tried cars to trade, autotrade x , both don't seem to be very good put a few cars on around cap clean no calls or emails, look at other adverts on there cars are fortune ? mark
  8. are the prices really that bad not been to a auction for years .
  9. if u have a car on list or loads of silly bits stuck to it lol I find the do well, put a nice clean car on all u get is best price .
  10. 90per cent of the calls I've had of scum tree before I cant understand them on phone lol and the txt are just ridiculous like a 3 year old wrote it lol
  11. I always find the odd ball cars do well on eBay auction .
  12. be more hassle than it worth if the start doing that I think it a daft idea
  13. definitely hate auctions full stop all the same
  14. only emails I get when I put cars on eBay is BEST PRICE
  15. been very busy I only retail the odd car trade most done 28 inc 7 retail normally only do average 15 a month . have had traders fighting over cars , bought 8 today recon ill do them all buy end of month .
  16. cars over 40 should have a extended mot lol
  17. I was resisted on there years ago and cars were a fortune then .