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  1. I've actually got account with both RAC and AA (different family members but works out for me) , got to say AA is much better BTW, they both do come out regardless, but RAC refused to tow a car who's Mot ran out the day before, AA actually recovered a car which had no tax, might just be the person on the phone and the patrol guy. Recovering the untaxed car was literally this Monday gone.
  2. hi if you don't mind me asking how much did it cost for you to be put on the policy? Everyone i ask always want me to be 25+, guess i have to wait 2 years, I would have just said that I just purchased the vehicle and driving it back, or just simply test driving after having some mechanical work done to it. Just depends on what the situation is when you been pulled.
  3. C108515- Left headlight range control motor, open circuit/short circuit to positive thats what comes up, I've used Delphi diagnostics but i am thinking of getting it scanned via VCDS
  4. Hi all wonder if anyone can help me, Got a 2014 audi a3 with xenons coming with a fault headlight range control system fault. I've used a diagnostic scan which says its a short circuit in the headlight. I think it the adaptive headlight motor but not 100% sure wondering if anyone knows of any headlight repair companies out there, thank you
  5. i know the feeling of looking at an S3 on a daily basis. never will i buy a "toy" car again
  6. I'm pretty much exactly like yourself, i started about a year ago now, brought a car from auction to sell but it didn't move at all after a good 3 months finally sold with a £200 profit i was really put off. i then started looking at cheaper cars from local sellers buying them doing any work required and selling for a profit of between £600-£1000 per car, I've made mistakes along the way and live and learn from them. still paying for some of the mistakes to this day lol. I did this whilst studying at university with a part time job too. Now that I've graduated and started my training year working 39 hours a week I'm still doing this on the side. i genuinely do love and enjoy selling cars then my main career right now. This forum is actually fantastic can learn a lot from it and your a mechanic so that will 100% work in your favour too. Literally buy anything which is cheap from Facebook gumtree eBay, some advertise as spares but more than likely its really minor stuff, put a new MOT on it if needed a good clean and your good to go. after a bit you'll start to know what to focus on etc. start with sub £1000 then move up. At the end of the day profit margin is the same in most cars so rather have £500 in a car which will bring you £500 profit than £4500 which will also give you a £500 profit, hope that helps in a any way.
  7. thought ill ask this, been offered several vans as part ex's recently but have always passed up on them as I'm not always 100% sure what to take on and what to look for in this market. Have always been interested in this market though but find some vans with over 200k are going off for more than those with 100k on the clock. same year and milage. Most recent offer was a small 2011 peugeot bipper van 1.4 diesel, 115k, FHS, HPI clear, good condition, alloy wheel and roof rack been offered at £1300, completely clueless as to what its worth seeing very mixed prices on line. thanks
  8. they said they can't disclose any information regarding finances until the the spoken to the account holder IKR LOOOOOL IKR LOOOOOL
  9. Yeah, just spoke to the finance company there is outstanding finance on the vehicle, they taken my details and have let the recovery team to have a look into it, does this mean they will just take the car from me and I’ll be out of pocket?
  10. Wow my English is really bad today lol, I’m just stressing about this issue,
  11. Brought a car* sorry, I know I’ve messed up, I’m only a part time trader from home, I just checked if the car was cat c or D that’s about it, that came up clear so I purchased it, any idea how I find out which finance company to contact?
  12. Hi guys hope you can help, basically February I brought a vehicle off a private seller put it on trade and got it up for sale, I’ve done the basic HPI check which was all cleared, however now a customer come to purchase it and they flagged up it’s got outstanding finance on the car, not sure exactly what to do, please any help will be appreciated
  13. had a quick question, the price indicators on auto trader so "great price" is obviously the best, good price is OK so where does "priced low" come into the scale? thanks
  14. I’ve had this quite a bit, I trade from home so only have limited stock, and when I get offers of nearly 2k less than asking price it is really discouraging and makes me stress that I’ve priced the vehicle wrongly and I’ll potentially take a huge loss on the car, it is really annoying, or when the customer asks £1500 less than asking as two tyres are wearing low but still In legal limit,
  15. Thanks for getting back to guys, I have advertised myself on auto trader as a trade seller, wasn't aware that i needed to do that on eBay too. The S3 was more of a vehicle that i saw for the right price but also wanted to keep for a little while, never really sold a car for this much money before but now its time to sell the vehicle on. I knew the location wasnt the best so will be scouting for a better back drop this week and have new pictures up soon. whenever i do sell a vehicle i do say that i am a part time trader that trades from home. The price that i put the vehicle up for is fairly high but I'm not in a hurry to sell the vehicle either so can hold onto it. The tyres have been changed, and the way i described the vehicle is legit as honest as i could be its probably the most perfect condition vehicle i own consider my current car was brought from the showroom. ill change the back drop and also the wording for the modification. i am still under the tax barrier even though i am working part time too so won't need to look at registering a company etc just yet. anything else i should look at? thanks for your feedback guys