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  1. https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-news/samuel-jackson-stay-the-fk-at-home-kimmel-976312/ Do not watch if you are easily offended!
  2. AD’s method looks even more attractive.
  3. So when lockdown is over who fancies taking a px on a test drive?
  4. Dream on. 1719 days https://www.cargurus.co.uk/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.action?zip=NR28 0JU&showNegotiable=true&sortDir=DESC&sourceContext=carGurusHomePageModel&distance=660&sortType=AGE_IN_DAYS#listing=120501830 or https://www.cargurus.co.uk/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.action?zip=NR28 0JU&showNegotiable=true&sortDir=ASC&sourceContext=carGurusHomePageModel&distance=660&sortType=DEAL_SCORE#listing=121122560 Not taxed since August 2015 or Mot’d May 16.
  5. If only. Anyway. What good is cash? No one will touch it for fear of infection!! It's all contactless from now on.
  6. Due to being self employed and making over £50,000 I will get nothing. Where is my petition!!!
  7. See. He’s been gone a couple of weeks and I forgot how to spell his name.
  8. Ling. Do you have a shy, timid, non confrontational cousin call Arthur who lives down Exeter way?
  9. Can we put them forward 6 months????
  10. Definitely register it in your name. With it being in trade it would be very easy to get a logbook for it. Have you posted anything on social media? The police might be able to advise of an appropriate page.
  11. Here’s a couple of stories I heard for those of you hoping it’s going to be over in a few weeks. A lovely lady called Edwina called me a couple of weeks ago. I’ve known her all my life as her and her husband were my parents best friends. She tells me her grand daughter is returning from travelling and once she has finished self isolating for 14 days she wants to buy her a car and could I help. This was pre “lockdown” so I said no problem give me a call when you are ready. She called Wednesday, I couldn’t take it so she left a message, saying that after 5 days of self isolation her grand daughter had decided she was okay and was travelling form Norfolk to Wales, I assume by public transport, to see her boyfriend. I would be grateful for any suggestions on how I can tell someone who I would do anything for that there is no way in hell I want to sell her self entitled little brat, although she is 30, of a grand daughter who is prepared to put her needs above the health of others a car! Second story. My painter was telling me one of the other guys on the estate said that his step son, who’s at uni up In Newcastle, suspects he may have the bug. So he is driving down to be with his mum, who thinks it is a good idea! So as long as there are those around who feel the rules don’t apply to them we ain’t going no where. Having written all this I see on Sky news app. Government says Lockdown depends on behaviour, but experts say it should last until June
  12. Well done. What do the Government know. Telling us to close. I bet we all appreciate you and your staff won’t be claiming to be furloughed. Just as well you didn’t post this on a public forum. Whoops!
  13. Didn’t Honest John recently go into administration? Says it all.