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  1. What is the approx value of the car. Trade value? Also what is your insurance excess? IF taxed and it looks like it is I would add it to MID as it's a legal requirement. You just have to have it on the MID if it's taxed. I would notify the police and get a crime ref number for the insurer. I would then notify the insurer and (depending on the car value and excess amount!) make a claim. This is all to protect YOU if the car gets involved in an accident or another crime. Notifying the insurers is important if you put the car on the MID and notifying the police is a must. I don't see any harm in cancelling the road tax DD.
  2. Open. 6 calls / emails during the week. 1 Came loved the car, left a deposit, then changed their mind in light of "everything" 1 made an appointment then called to cancel in light of "everything" 1 turned up AND was instantly approved by the finance company but could not find a way to pay the £3000 negative equity on their part-ex so no deal 1 more made an appointment then called to cancel in light of what "Boris just said" 1 call from Zuto on a car that was sold 10 days ago in another deal through them. Offered a similar to their customer. Fingers crossed. 1 is on the way right now on Sat late afternoon.
  3. April is. March is deferred.
  4. In fairness to WBAC looking at the cars of the general public they are in worse and worse condition and the mint ones that have really been looked after are owned by anoracs that think their chariot should be worth at least 40% more than anything else similar on the market.
  5. Now it’s Cap Retail plus the cost of the prep plus the profit margin plus the haggling margin plus the equivalent of an admin fee but fully incorporated in the price :-)
  6. We all have those of course but they are easier to forget. Comes, goes and so do the money. The 24 month landmark on the other hand is etched in our mind forever and we write on forums about it. By the way I also agree that superbly prepped car that is in demand and not easy to replace shouldn't be cut loose just because the calendar on the wall says so.
  7. I think the reason for that Focus staying in stock 24 times longer than most other similar cars in the market is somewhere in the above sentence.
  8. Child lock advisory means the tester is unable to test the rear doors opening from inside which is part of the test. Most testers will disable the lock, test and reenable it but advisory is also possible. Better than him disabling the lock and then not activating it again. Imagine the complaints.
  9. For those types of car at a market price (not bargain) expect 70-120 days in stock.
  10. Even with that I save £9 with retail check being free.
  11. In your case: look in the V5 or in the car. In mine: load it on AT from the reg, do a free Experian data check and copy from there.
  12. there are sites for every brand yes This is for Bmw or Mini only
  13. Did you click on the link at the bottom of my reply?
  14. Same here. But by £9. The £83 monthly cost of my Retail check must've been £9 higher than the package price increase so with the check now free I have a package discount.