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  1. 2 minutes ago, MarkTVS said:

    Not always Nick, in our workshop we can update the dsr online but we can’t flash it through to the I drive 

    Yes I should've made it clear that this is for the main dealer servicing. I also have the ability to record servicing there but not on idrive. Nice little portal this BMW AOS

  2. On 6/16/2020 at 8:54 PM, Row said:

    Hi, can anyone help with service history for a BMW 1 Series CK15 LFJ, Thanks in advance.

    Only just saw this. 

    On these cars the history information is stored on the idrive. From main menu go to Vehicle Information, then Vehicle status and on the top it should say Service History. 

  3. My page has almost 2000 organic likes with little page activity and I haven't bought any. What grew the numbers fastest was boosted (paid) posts with nice photos of supercars and some sort of a game, question etc to engage viewers and make them tag other people. Like a close up post of a Lamborghini wheel asking them to guess what car this is etc... Targeting your boost to a specific area gives you more valuable local likes. Hard work. 

  4. A 3 year old high spec BMW i3 that I had in stock for 6 or 7 months in 2018 when the market wasn't quite ready for them yet. I must've shown that car to no less than five middle aged (and above!) couples and with that new technology every viewing was over an hour, some took two! I was very very happy to see it go. But getting rid wasn't the best part. 

    I sold it to a very nice young bloke, he had just sold a rope access business for strong money. By then I had very small profit in the BMW but got a fantastic ML350 in part exchange against it at £18K which sold very quickly for considerably more to a finance customer. He in turn traded in an old 2005-6 BMW 330Ci Auto for which he wanted £1400 and I obliged. 

    It sold quickly as well. That customer in turn part-exed a simlar age Audi TT for a grand. Yep, it sold quickly for a fair but more and I got a nice black Beetle Convertible in part ex. Yes, you guessed it, it sold quickly for £3489, I didn't expect the level of interest that car got. That's where the part ex chain ended. 

    Just imagine if one of the five middle aged cash-paying no-finance couples had bought the i3. 

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  5. What is the approx value of the car. Trade value? 

    Also what is your insurance excess? 


    IF taxed and it looks like it is I would add it to MID as it's a legal requirement. You just have to have it on the MID if it's taxed. 

    I would notify the police and get a crime ref number for the insurer. I would then notify the insurer and (depending on the car value and excess amount!) make a claim. This is all to protect YOU if the car gets involved in an accident or another crime. Notifying the insurers is important if you put the car on the MID and notifying the police is a must. I don't see any harm in cancelling the road tax DD. 

  6. Open. 6 calls / emails during the week. 

    1 Came loved the car, left a deposit, then changed their mind in light of "everything"

    1 made an appointment then called to cancel in light of "everything"

    1 turned up AND was instantly approved by the finance company but could not find a way to pay the £3000 negative equity on their part-ex so no deal

    1 more made an appointment then called to cancel in light of what "Boris just said"

    1 call from Zuto on a car that was sold 10 days ago in another deal through them. Offered a similar to their customer. Fingers crossed.

    1 is on the way right now on Sat late afternoon. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, David Horgan said:

    All were 1k lower than quoted on average . 

    In fairness to WBAC looking at the cars of the general public they are in worse and worse condition and the mint ones that have really been looked after are owned by anoracs that think their chariot should be worth at least 40% more than anything else similar on the market. 

  8. 17 minutes ago, CRW said:

    But offset by the fact that another car sold on the same day, before I had even washed it and generating around an £1800 profit.

    We all have those of course but they are easier to forget. Comes, goes and so do the money. The 24 month landmark on the other hand is etched in our mind forever and we write on forums about it. 

    By the way I also agree that superbly prepped car that is in demand and not easy to replace shouldn't be cut loose just because the calendar on the wall says so. 

  9. 1 hour ago, CRW said:

    I'm a one man band with a 20 car site on a main A road, so don't feel the need to haemorrhage money on advertising. Yes, I could spend more on advertising, but AT doesn't work down here.

    I think the reason for that Focus staying in stock 24 times longer than most other similar cars in the market is somewhere in the above sentence.