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  1. Even with that I save £9 with retail check being free.
  2. In your case: look in the V5 or in the car. In mine: load it on AT from the reg, do a free Experian data check and copy from there.
  3. there are sites for every brand yes This is for Bmw or Mini only
  4. Did you click on the link at the bottom of my reply?
  5. Same here. But by £9. The £83 monthly cost of my Retail check must've been £9 higher than the package price increase so with the check now free I have a package discount.
  6. 1) Step away from the car when taking photos, the proportions looks better from a little distance with some added zoom. Image order needs to keep buyers engaged so you can mixed them up and you can add some finance logos, HPI logos etc for good measure. 2) Remove close up interior photos where the displays look dirty. 3) Clean the front tyres just before taking the pictures 4) Remove some BLOCK CAPITALS from your advert text and structure it a bit better. First a bit about yourself, the business, then the car basics, then the spec and options, then history, MOT etc and finally a long section about what you offer and why they should buy from you and not someone else. In the case of this car mention a careful mature owner as it is a good plus point. Add more wording and options in the advert text as it will give you a better price indicator. 5) Zuto. Your adverts show a finance APR of 19.6% compared to 7-8% of your competition so consider paying AT the £30 or so a month for your own finance example to be displayed there. 6) NEW CAMBELT+FULL SUZUKI HISTRY I get what you mean about the space but you can reword better to FULL SUZUKI SH or even SUZUKI FSH or FSH by SUZUKI to fit everything in. 7) Reply to your reviews. Thank you for your purchase, thank you for part exchanging, thank you for letting us take care of your finance, Thank you for recommending us etc 8) Round prices. Yes they increase views but sometimes put you way down in search results so maybe experiment with exact prices a bit to see what works better: £6991 looks like it's been more carefully thought and calculated than £7000 for example. 9) Work to improve your AT HIGH price indicators without having to lower your asking price. You have a black MINI Coupe £6500 that looks to me like it has Chili pack. If you were to select Cooper (Chili) as the derivative your HIGH Price will be Good or Great with all options added. 10) I'll stop here but maybe elaborate a bit on your 3 months warranty, is it parts and labour, is it free, can it be extended for longer at a price etc... Actually I just spec checked that MINI, it does have Chili pack and a whole host of other options, the £6500 price now looks like a real bargain:
  7. In Bulgaria we have rakia. 45-49 degrees, really strong. But all Bulgarians love scotch. Any scotch.
  8. I am Bulgarian. I’ve had worse. Much worse.
  9. So, I’ve had a Friday evening drink and don’t mind sharing what the AT markers mean for my current adverts: My mileages are now rounded DOWN to the nearest thousand. The spec lists often list the same option twice and all my cars now come with both Metallic and Pearlescent paint. All my Mercs come with leather interior although the manufacturer calls it Artico. I will often select options which I am not 100% sure the car has. Stuff like Storage package, Mirror package etc. Full Dealership history is often selected. Most garages these days are dealerships aren’t they?? This often gives me favourable markers. How does it help the consumer though? I don’t think it does. In fact it might mislead them a little. But AT insists it is in the consumer’s best interests so we have to oblige.
  10. No, because they don't have a BLACK marker that says EXORBITANT :-)
  11. I do. I put whatever I want in that box to help me and other dealers in the fight against the markers.
  12. That value varies a lot, from Cap Clean to cap bottom but AT’s algorithms also take into account the “price paid’ when dealers fill in that box in stock management. You need to manipulate the indicators to your maximum advantage.
  13. Instructions are: apply with damp cloth, leave to dry to a haze. Buff off. So do one panel at a time?
  14. Just ordered some to try it. I have 5 new black cars in stock so good timing.
  15. Koch Chemie detailing spray. Spray and buff it and it leaves a mirror finish. 10 minutes per car.
  16. My courtesy car add on on my insurance was £30 for last year. Don’t have a dedicated one but usually tax a p/x or just a cheaper stock car that sits longer. As soon as I send a stock car as courtesy the phones start ringing on it :-)
  17. Nope. If they were BS the figures would be high.
  18. Why wouldn't she. She's put her website in her profile, her full name is on the website, you type that name into Facebook and it returns a legitimate profile for the same person with that photo as a profile picture. She seems legit to me. Unlike many others on this forum.
  19. From the second to last paragraph of her intro I can see she is a social media consultant. I also almost didn’t read it as she lost me on Gold Metro :-)
  20. What is the actual reg? XXX seems too good :-)
  21. Ouch. Just missed the cut. First ask your customer if they like the car and want to keep it for some “cashback”. You made a genuine mistake, you knew 16 reg was compliant and hope your cust will understand. If no then begin negotiating. In his email does it specifically say ULEZ or another word?
  22. Of course there are compliant Range Rovers! Just need to be Euro 6 certified which means around 16 reg. How old was yours??