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  1. They are the cocaine capital of the UK! Their air is polluted with more than diesel particles.
  2. 9 from 14 and 2 today (my first day at work since 24th October)
  3. Mark, I was thinking of setting up with Autosales / Sage but they've been too slow to respond. Are you happy with VT / Sage? What other limitations do you see other than the servicing invoices?
  4. Yes definitely. I would aim at a grand off but will settle for £500 if they play hardball and threaten to close my account.
  5. Yes I do and my website address is the same as my trading name so it makes sense.
  6. After 15 years of selling cars from online adverts the idea of not answering my phone to strange numbers is a novelty to me :-) If I try to return a missed call and get no answer I follow up with a text message. I wish there was also a way to know which car they were calling about. On all my photos I have my web address covering the number plate so when I include it in the text message it rings a bell for people.
  7. Call whisperer is critical for measuring the AT response and I for the life of me can’t see a downside in using it. There is no problem with a made up number being displayed, every big reputable company out there has multiple phone numbers, punters will not even know the difference
  8. £88 for up to 20 cars, always have a couple of sales from them, seeing what everyone else pays I’ll keep them :-)
  9. David itself is also critically acclaimed, just different kind of acclaim. My favourite story of Mr Horgan's is about an Aston Martin guy that needed a £500 (or £1000?) Fiesta to leave at train station each day.
  10. And the secret dance? And told the 3rd and 12th characters of the secret password :-)
  11. And when there is a shilling or two for me down the line :-)
  12. Imagine how many customers have my number on speed dial and how much time I spend on the phones Casper :-)
  13. On a Merc it could even be a faulty speed sensor which gives wrong speed to the Servotronic which in turn stiffens the steering. Star has built-in tests which test sensor output values and can help diagnose it even without fault codes.
  14. More likely it has a Servotronic (speed sensitive power steering) which is malfunctioning. Star might show a code.
  15. For a car dealer I cannot recommend my Snap On Ethos highly enough. Bought in 2013, updated through 2015 and has served me superbly for the £900 odd that I spent. Probably still worth £3-400. I also have a new Launch with a bluetooth connector and the old Snap On is still faster and some functions are much easier. Obviously that's no good to anyone that also does repairs or coding.
  16. I am put off by stock that generates too many ad views or too much interest before sale, especially if that takes a long time. If I can have 1 ad view and 1 sale within 20 days I will be happier than 1000 ad views, 20 emails, 5 calls, 3 viewings and 1 sale in 15 days. Typically though the stock with the most ad views sells fastest.
  17. Bank transfer is definitely not fraud free, payments can be recalled back and with some added security checks can take 2 days to process. Still my second choice after finance though.
  18. And likewise Chris. Good to see you here! The old gang slowly reunites.
  19. My buyers certainly get told that we can't discount just because they have cash. I don't actively avoid it but would prefer a bank transfer.
  20. I wish you were there in 2001 when I bought my first Citroen Xantia 1.8i. The private seller didn't try to stop me in any way. I have many memories with that car. Some good ones as well.
  21. Card machine is an absolute must to take deposits over the phone and deposits on the day. Every now and then you will also get a customer that doesn’t do online banking or has a low transfer limit (£1000 a day) in which case take the lot on a debit card instead of spending an hour driving them to their bank and bank. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish when looking at card providers.