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  1. BCA have always given me the lowest quote. Driven.
  2. And at the moment approx 80% plus of the population including 99% of the NI population...
  3. I personally think the downturn is already here, consumer confidence is destroyed, the value of the pound is destroyed, crime is through the roof, morale is rock bottom and all this before “we” have even exited. A small island in the North Atlantic will be great again after tearing itself from the rest of Europe. Yeah, right...
  4. I can’t believe the OP will think there is a recession looming and it is not because of Brexit. Everyone that voted Leave won but in doing so screwed a whole country (two actually when you count Eire). On a positive note Recession is actually great news for used car sales.
  5. Any Skoda, Dacia or Kia. Not because they are bad cars. Because of the penny wise pound foolish mentality of some people that buy them and also because they generally don't buy them on finance. Otherwise if a car is in great condition and has decent spec I don't have a DON'T BUY list.
  6. There is a blocked roof drain. Watch some youtube videos. Also checked the rear sills area for rust, that roof water sits there for years and tne metal under the pax seat corrodes from the inside :-)
  7. Yes and no. Diesel is still the best fuel for 80% of people BUT because of all the bad press and scaremongering they just don’t dare buy them. Because of the mileages that they cover they can’t use a petrol either so they just stay put and don’t change car unless they MUST. For small city cars diesel is becoming a No for me but for large highish spec 3.0 litre plus prestige models I’d stock diesel with no hesitation whatsoever.
  8. I know I know... People living in glass houses...
  9. I thought you were older Mark!
  10. Yes 1996-2000 in my home country. Arrived in the UK in Sept 2000 with little English, £230 in cash and a small bag with a few clothes and a Nokia 6110 phone (remember those?) Had a couple of jobs in London until 2005. Got in the trade in 2005 when I bought a car for £200 and sold it in a 7 day eBay auction for £800. At that point I honestly did not know the difference between brake pads and brake discs. I would never want to do anything else, have no regrets but can understand why today's motortrade in the UK isn't for everyone.
  11. Del I've just done in the Advanced room. If you are not in there I will send it to you in a PM.
  12. +1. I'll actually do a new post on unit stocking to address some common misconceptions that have been spread on this forum by people with limited knowledge and zero experience on the subject.
  13. In the thread title you mentioned Lovely cars videos. Ironically this is what my website is called.
  14. More people bought from me than from you this month. As long that trend continues in the near future I will take small satisfaction from that. I’ll take it from here.
  15. No. I did try, the views were low and it makes little difference. Haven’t done any in weeks. It’s all in the images for me. Brutally effective. Whatever it takes :-)
  16. Mine don’t. They just want a very nice car that looks very nice in a nice edited photo and sometimes video. The only brutal thing they ever really want is a divorce lawyer.
  17. That sounds like a shit job. How does it relate to ours?
  18. Not overnight, no (unless you were on a Thomas Cook holiday yesterday). But it will become a little worse, then much worse for a while. Every little helps...
  19. I tried this years ago. Everyone thought to moan about something to get something more out of the deal. The fact I was younger and foreign might've worked against me of course.
  20. And that's the scariest thought of all. Hence no one dares to do anything. Book flights, holidays, change car unless they have to.
  21. Offer them a tenner, cheque in the post, for their time to share a “genuinely positive five star experience, if they were happy with the service” of course. Emphasize on the word service rather than car.
  22. Pick up the fault? Should do but could simply say N49 Steering angle sensor. Internal fault
  23. I wouldn’t because the new one comes locked in the centre position with a removable pin. Used ones are often sold without being centered and secured properly. You can try a used one if they accept returns. You’ll know immediately if it works.