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  1. I bought a cheap "runabout" for myself at auction. Just something cheaper to run round in and easier to find somewhere to park than the car transporter I was running about in. A 1.6l petrol, 50k mile, one owner car with factory SATNAV in ok condition for what it is... A Fiat Stilo Dynamic. What a gem Anyway long story short I found a better solution and I made the very difficult decision to part with my 1.6l petrol, 50k mile, one owner car with factory SATNAV gem in ok condition. I advertised it for the bargain sum of £700, I noted in the description the fuel type and even included photographs of the car. Photos which the reg no. could be read. 1st enquiry, "can I have the reg no so I can get insurance quote?" The photos could not have been clearer 2nd enquiry, "is it Diesel?" Advert clearly states 1.6l Petrol 3rd enquiry, "how much r u after" Well I advertised it for £700, have a guess I thought. I said I would accept £600. He replied "thanks, its a nice car but a bit high for me". How much was he expecting off a car advertised for £700? I know I may have run slightly off topic, but what is wrong with these people?
  2. Thanks for the replies, Just keep using them then, got no choice really have we? Why you cant do it online and pay by card is beyond me in this day and age. Trade plates are the only time ever use a cheque book. Thanks again.
  3. Evening all, I'm Craig Found this forum a few weeks ago and have been flicking through some of the topics. It's good to see I'm not alone when trying to find good stock at sensible prices, having phone calls at all hours desperate to see a car the following day then don't show up and the "will you take £700" on a car advertised at £1295 types... yea course I will. Anyway, enough of that. I've got a question about trade plates I'm hoping somebody might be able to advise on. I sent off to renew them and have heard nothing back from DVLA. I phoned DVLA today to check they received the form as I've not had anything back and obviously I need the trade plates. I was told it could take up to 8 weeks and that I shouldn't use them until I get confirmation/receipt. Surely that can't be right? Any advice welcome. Thanks, CRAIG