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  1. Good man for standing your ground and getting shut..
  2. Agreed, avoid apps were possible... too much "data collection" with some of them..
  3. Can only agree here, the headlines of big savings are the stuff of moist dreams especially if it means less outgoings for better service (more sales)... but it'll always be motivated stock profile, regions and billies you target with the stock.. horses and courses.. But, I does make an interesting read and is certainly a business cost to be researched with each sale as those stats come in handy year end/renewal time.. Discussing this thread offline, it became obvious all I spoke too remember AT on the newsagent shelf.. so its therefore there "go to" for cars for sale.. change to a young audience.. What is AT weekly mag?? its all on their phone ... Comes back to stock profile = likely billy profile = where the car is best placed to sell! I know fk all about marketing or e commerce (would love to know more) so learning as I read all the threads and thoughts here... thanks for sharing!
  4. Was it BIN or bidding against hall? Did you nick it? Vendor, grade? Belle Vue... uck.. in person if I must... Last time I had an assured headache, they did cough (£900) but only after I had a qoute and agreed the work in writing. The fault I had (electric tailgate) was not present on the assured report, luckily!
  5. This would look good on an "about me" page... Wheeler Dealer extraordinaire and spotter of the following... "a subculture of morons cretins and imbeciles, absolute pond-life and they are getting worse" ... . Unless of course you have read the description, watched the vid and sent a depo.. then the price is right so ... Come on down....
  6. I'd agree, on sale days virtually no space for card holders! Have even seen spaces taken up by 10-15 empty car transporters.... Most inner city locations would be better selling the land for redevelopment and moving to a more suitable out of town location with more space / access etc.. Some locations are not fit for purposes anymore as the game and volumes have changed significantly... An old disused airfield (Bruntingthorpe) is an ideal choice... but I bet these are in high demand for housing development! I got this in an email last week... Land wanted..... FFS
  7. I'd say once you have found a good one, keep a hold of them and let them know you prefer to use them; may help get in and out sooner.... a good one will always be busy... prices are on the increase in general.. So I'd expect them to head north from time to time.. electricity / compliance / heating for spray booth / disposal of sh*te off the vehicles... its not all just about sanding and spraying.. if its done well, then it aint a topic of conversation you will be having with billy.. and lets face, some billies do not know how to converse.. full stop.
  8. Show it that 1/4in Snap on... that'll sort the tw*t once and for all...
  9. I'd agree here EPV, all things to all people is just not possible.. but I do feel adding something about ownership/being behind wheel etc will help.. its all in the mind and I have read here or somewhere, people shop with there eyes.. these days everything is online, I shop with my eyes.. so I guess that it how it goes and probably only going to get moreso.. I think with @Arfur Dealy doing the videos and lesson we have all learned there.. video / great images / spot on description with highlighted options should capture 70-80% of what they are looking for... Time will only tell..
  10. Spot on Nick, thanks I get this now, cheers for taking the time to clarify.. Mucho Grassyarse and all that
  11. Are you saying you add options into the vehicle description and it picks these up, or is it in addition to the choices AT give you in the boxes.. ? Bit unclear. Ta
  12. Boys and their toys.. Turn your mother in law over one a wet and cold one that will Dave
  13. Can/should this information be moved into the secret bunker?